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  1. I took up recruiting and starting up the war thunder game section, and I have been doing livestreams for kerbal space program so I haven't had the time, or motivation, so yeah, tired in general.
  2. Most aircraft can outrun them, just try and keep them off your back by flying with a buddy, I'm usually on 6:30pm Central time, just PM me when I'm in the battlegrounds room, and I'd be happy to fly any time!
  3. Really? At what tier?
  4. There are specific things that people don't understand about the game, such as the battle rating system, tier system, progression, what types of vehicles do what, and what terms mean what, and I intend to elaborate on some of these things to ease some of the newer members into the game, since there is a lot on lingo involved. General LINGO: -Fighters There are a couple types of fighter aircraft, they are the following: Dogfighters - They prefer to maneuver with their enemy and use their aircraft's superior roll rate, or turn time to outwit, and outmaneuver the enemy to shoot them down. Boom N Zoomers - these aircraft are not maneuverable, but they are fast. They use their speed to "boom" by the enemy, blasting them while they are at it, and then "zooming" away, by gaining distance, and climbing to avoid the enemy getting a line of sight on them (to avoid getting shot.). -Bombers Heavy bombers - These bombers are designed to destroy large bases, airfields, carriers, and other big, and very well armed targets from a very high altitude. Medium bombers - These bombers are meant for destroying light bases, and are mainly used for destroying things like heavy tanks, boats, destroyers, probably not a carrier, but it is possible with more than one run. Dive bombers - The lightest bombers, these carry small payloads, and are mainly designed to dive, drop the bomb, pull up, and destroy ground targets while remaining more maneuverable than a bigger bomber, to help avoid enemy fighters. -Attackers Attackers - Attackers are heavily armed aircraft designed to be capable of taking rockets, and other ordinance low to the ground, and are meant to "attack" light armored vehicles, or perhaps heavy tanks when you get the better bomb / rocket loadouts, they are like dive bombers that are not meant for diving. -Situational Awareness On your six! - People will use clock intervals for telling you where enemies are, this will help you determine where to maneuver, and how to avoid, or engage those possible threats. Your six is directly behind you. from the military designation of location where 12:00 is directly in front of you, 3:00 is to your right, 9:00 is to your left, etc. Hang on, we've got two Japanese Zeroes on our six! I'll try to shake them! I will have more stuff here at later dates, so if you want to know anything specific, just ask, and I'll add it to the list, as well as notify you in the comments! There is a lot to be added still.
  5. Awesome, what do you guys think of the Italian tech tree thus far?
  6. I found this youtuber, and he has quite a few good guides, not sure if this has been posted before, but it's quite useful, no specific video in general, but he has a lot of guides. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8OxLAr0vFtJrE_C-xXN6QA/videos
  7. I just go and grab the best guns I can find, personal preference really. Just make sure you get an assault rifle of some kind, I don't use grenades much, and I prefer a UMP-9 over a shotgun for end-game, but the M416 for example is more favorable for me than an UMP if it's fully upgraded, and I prefer the AKM to any other assault rifle for anything past point blank engagements.
  8. Indeed!
  9. 1- You must follow all of the marauder clan's rules, please read them before applying. https://www.marauderclan.com/rules/ https://www.marauderclan.com/forum/34-applications/ 2- You must follow my strict set of requirements if you wish to join squadron battles, which are: (one of the two, or both) -You must have a tier 4 fighter that is capable of carrying 4 to 8 rockets or more for ground attack. (nothing less, nothing more) -You must have a tier 4 tank, preferably a heavy and a anti aircraft, but almost any tier 4 tank will work. (nothing less, nothing more) 3- When in-game, I expect you guys to also be in teamspeak, or on my discord, depending on where you were recruited, eventually everyone will be on teamspeak. (This way, I know who is ready for squadron battles, or is open for a match, it would be useful to see how often you guys play without being at my computer, and it would aid me in making decisions about who will be my future officers and deputies (in-game) 4- No team-killing, talking down on others in-game, if I hear about this from another clan executive, you will be removed from the squadron in-game, this will be a case by case basis. If it is a minor issue, I will talk with you, if it's a bigger issue, I will speak with my superiors about having you removed from the clan. 5- You must partake in at least 1 training session per month in-game, I will recruit experienced, and inexperienced players, and we will train them however much they need to get them into shape for squadron battles, play with people of lower skill level than you to help them out. If helping inexperienced players is your thing, let me now, I will assign you to that role specifically. (these sessions will be held if members are online, and we decide to hold it, but at the moment there is no "dedicated" time and place kind of thing for it, I'd like to keep it flexible. If anyone has anything else to add, let me know, I will look over it, and add accordingly. (I will also be adding things to this as it grows, and I will eventually use it as my main set of points and rules listed in no particular order for my squadron)
  10. Just entered as Lane Lambertz!
  11. I don't see the need for the hate on this guy, I just had not known there were farther ranged shots until more recently, because like you said, of all the people posting about him, I couldn't find anything that showed a farther shot.
  12. He's got the longest known recorded kill as far as I know at the moment with a 1.27km kill (didn't move, or anything either to "glitch" it into being longer) Although, someone has a supposed 7km shot in the leaderboards. His name is "Golishon" -------------It's actually 6.86km.
  13. I was just saying what I had heard, I understand it's possible to get farther, but the "most famous" shot I've heard of was from a guy named grimmz or something at 820 - ish meters..