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    I'll be there on the 22nd, but I'll be late due to work @Fraejix @Darkness @AppsTv @Renolts @hrmla
  2. There* and same! (Provided I am not working, or sleep through my alarm, but I will plan my sleep schedule properly with this one and not be up all night the day before.)
  3. Alright thanks, couldn't remember the name of the person on twitter when you said it earlier.
  4. I didn't say I would, nor was I there I believe, but I can get footage from today's Battlefield 1 gamenight thing if you need some, I'm sure AppsTV will too, I got him Battlefield 1, and convinced him to download it, so he should be able to join us.
  5. I never said he was hacking, actually, I named the video "exploit" because I know of the glitch, I'd just like to report it because I see people overloading their GPU with benchmarking program when loading into the game to cause the glitch to happen, and I believe that this guy has been doing such things, perhaps others are too, and it should be stopped, it's an exploit.
  6. Reading this, it looked more like a roast fest, so I thought I'd join @Booyah How would one go about reporting this kind of stuff: @twigonalimb *Don't know Tero's tag
  7. until

    I'm in! 6pm central time? Central Standard Time is CST right? (I know I know, I don't know time zones yet... not my strong point.)
  8. Lots of strategy in this game, for example, I threw a nade at a guy not long ago, I decided to stream to youtube and see how well that recorded, and he cooked his before he threw it, he ended up killing me, and I didn't even hit him. It will be nice having more options and strategic gameplay, but at the moment most end game rounds are like this. (Skip to 13 minutes in)
  9. I haven't used it, but it sounds AMAZING.
  10. Perhaps a sniper and shotgun only tournament, with no scopes or chokes? Seems like a very unique thing, lot of skill involved, requires equal part luck, equal part skill for a nice tournament roundup
  11. Looks good, I'll use it!