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  1. Religion in School

    1. Culture changes, and religion adapts. 2. Atheist does not mean what I used it for, all words change over time, and atheism is often confused with agnosticism. I've been debating this topic for years and have yet to find a reason to care about the semantics behind it because you know what I meant in the first place, and completely avoided the original topic. Do you see where I am going with this? -edit- I reread what I said and it sounds very blunt and somewhat rude, don't take it that way please. Religion is a hard topic to have a pleasant debate about, so just keep in mind I'm not trying to anger anyone with my opinion here.
  2. Religion in School

    The way it is: Religion is already taught in schools, its usually referred to as mythology. The two main modern religions are treated as no go zones (Christianity, and Islam). The way it should be: A second alternative history class for those who have passed all of the previous ones called "religious history". It teaches you what each religion believes in, you study the books of each of the major world religions, and you talk about previous religions. It goes over what caused them to end, and how new ones were started. Science classes should teach us the modern day theories and why the evidence behind them is overwhelming, evolution, climate change, etc. It should show us practically why they exist, what the models are there to predict, and why they are important without the interference of a religious opinion. Every one of us is an atheist to the 5000+ other religions of the world except for the one we may believe in. That makes all of us about equal except for one specific one, or none. Therefore, treat each others belief with respect, I believe Nissan is a good car company, but I don't go recruiting people to like Nissan, I simply drive one. Other people may prefer Ford or Chevy, but again, it's an opinion. To say that your religion is the only one that will get you to the after life is ridiculous because every religion is based on faith. You cannot provide a reason or logic as to why any religion makes us go to a specific place in the afterlife, so no one should be mad when someone else says that they don't believe them. This is a very expansive topic, I've made several points and I mean no harm to anyone who may be offended by them. They are my beliefs after all.

    I see what you mean, but I'm sure there are many more things we can help people with, I know I'm aiming more towards the ground all the time, rather than level with the horizon, or towards potential enemy positions, etc.

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  5. I was thinking that we could do a thing, where people record a match, whether they are spectating a clan member, or recording their own, and submit it to a dedicated thread for evaluation, where people look over the match, and look for repeated mistakes, and go over that players decisions throughout the match, and give them advice to improve upon their gameplay, and make them an overall better player with practice. To start, I recorded most of a match I did today in which I won, but I knew I was making quite a few mistakes that could have gotten me killed. (Solo fun game, last game I could do tonight before I had to start getting ready for school in the morning). (It starts after I've gotten out of a city, and have successfully killed 4 people whilst in the city for some loot, of which I should mention, 2 of them were teaming.) -provide helpful information that could potentially make the recorded match go smoother (hindsight!) Let me know what you guys think of this, I think it would be most efficient if we had people post under this thread, and then get reviews as people come by the thread, from anyone who knows something helpful, and we can discuss, etc.
  6. Sorry I missed a few, I'll be able to make this one.
  7. Monthly Game Section Reports

    I am looking at two new members for the war thunder clan, they may be interested in signing up, however a third member Booyah seems to have met has yet to respond to a message I sent him on here, and I haven't seen him in teamspeak, so I'm not sure whats up with that. Recruitments slow as most people in the game want a developed clan to join.
  8. I missed the last meeting, I had no internet, and I was at the fair today, I completely forgot. Do you guys need to talk to me about the meeting in person, or is a quick PM okay? I'll be on teamspeak for a while tonight if you need to talk to me.
  9. Are you tired of pubg?

    I took up recruiting and starting up the war thunder game section, and I have been doing livestreams for kerbal space program so I haven't had the time, or motivation, so yeah, tired in general.
  10. Can't download any applications until I put some cash on my debit card and pay for a subscription I forgot about. Other than that, where can I get the group chats / invitations / however I connect to the group chat?
  11. I set a date on my phone to set an alarm off an hour before the meeting
  12. Are we going to be reminded about this the day before / the day it's gonna happen? I only just remembered it now, so if someone could send me a reminder the morning of the meeting, that'd be great
  13. War Thunder General Chat

    Most aircraft can outrun them, just try and keep them off your back by flying with a buddy, I'm usually on 6:30pm Central time, just PM me when I'm in the battlegrounds room, and I'd be happy to fly any time!