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  1. In-Game Name: TwoTonRampage Server: NA Level/Rank: 4/unranked (Just started yesterday) Preferred Role: Support/ADC, played these mostly while I was in LOL but willing to try anything
  2. Starting a bit late in the season, but started a Necro at lunch today and been loving it. Only lvl 23 so if you don't mind a low level player I'd love the company sometime. Have no idea how you guys get to paragon so quick. BT: Varilas47#1660
  3. Forum ID Battle-Tag Server NA/EU/KR Paragon TwoTonRampage Varilas47#1660 NA 0 (just started season today)
  4. My wife and I are starting back up again and would definitely be interested in joining up with you. We don't have characters on Illidan yet, but leveling doesn't take near as long as it did in vanilla. So if you don't mind having a couple of low level guys in your guild for a bit I'd be up for it.
  5. @Trojan404 I'm certainly looking forward to ranked play, but I'm not rushing it. One of the big things I hate about QM is the lack of communication. I haven't played too many QM matches so maybe I've just got into some quiet groups, but half the time I feel like I'm playing with bots. Except that the bots will actually help you with the objectives. @Lazres Lots of info to digest there. I think my two week entry period should be coming to a close sometime this week, so hoping to get some basic coaching. Hoping to get into some clan game nights for HotS soon too. When I played LoL I was ADC and support. So I've been focusing on support/ranged assassins or specialists. On occasion I do tank with Anub or Artanis, but my weak area is being in the mix. Prefer to nuke from the back lines. Definitely have some good information from all of you on things to work on and practice so thanks again for taking time to help out here. One other question I had is do we have a dedicated HotS night? Didn't see anything on the calendar or in the forums so I'm guessing not yet.
  6. @ASDFChampion That's a very good point. Honestly it was probably taken out of context, and I could see that being more applicable to life lessons than games. I guess really what I was aiming for were things that you know now that would of been nice knowing when you first started. Like stutter stepping. I'd never heard of that till now, and after watching a video I definitely see the advantage of it. Also the idea of focusing on an aspect of a character. I enjoy playing Artanis , but landing his swap is bloody difficult at times. So thank you for that as well. Really that's what I was hoping to accomplish here was just some general advice on things that new players may not know about. Like the stutter step. That looks like something that the earlier you start working on the better.
  7. There was a quote I saw the other day that said " Wise people learn from their mistakes, super wise people learn from others mistakes." I'm a firm believer in not being afraid to fail as long as I learn something from the experience, but there is something to be said from learning from others mistakes. For those of us going into ranked play for the first time, I wanted to get some input from some of our more veteran players. What are some things that maybe you would of wished you had known when you first started, or common mistakes that you see happen? Just wanted to get a list of things for new players to watch out for as we try to climb.
  8. Varilas47#1660, NA, unranked currently. I know it's the end of the season soon, but should be starting the placement games tomorrow.
  9. New to the group and wanted to check to see if anything had come of this yet. I haven't played ranked in HoTS yet, still need 3 more lvl 5's. Looking to join a team though to learn with.