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  1. Possessed software

    For years I've joked that our product was possessed. Development would get a feature made, QA would pass it off as working, we get it to the product manager and he'd find a way of breaking it. Then of course we'd try to reproduce the issue doing the exact same steps and never see it. Then we'd go back to his machine and the issue wouldn't show again. Generally we chalk this up to PEBKAC. Today though I was trouble shooting our dashboard tool trying to see why a graph would sometimes disappear and found this when the graph ran: It only showed up once, but irrefutable proof that the dark lord of IT Null-demort lives. Good start to the halloween season!
  2. How many still play?

    I'm on 2-3 nights a week and usually during my lunch break. Only lvl 32 though.
  3. 7 Days To Die

    Wish I'd seen this thread earlier. I've owned this game for about 3 years now and have an impressive 97 minutes logged. Would love to get into with other people. Do you guys have a specific server you play on? I'm sykes24601 on Steam.
  4. Survive the Storm Experiences & Pictures!

    I've only done 3 nighters so far, but it's been a lot of fun so far. Hope to get a lvl 40 14 nighter in before it ends. Last night was my second one and doing it with clan mates made a huge difference. In my experience pug groups clam up and nobody seems to respond so coordinating is a pain. Anyways, this is a shot of part of our base last night. @Malicent @ChunkyRain @Reznec
  5. Fortnite Game Night!

    Unfortunately I'm going to have to sit this night out. Welcome to @Nedisa though!
  6. Games of our past!

    The legend of Zelda, Duck Tales, Contra, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II for NES. Spent a lot of time playing DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D when they came out. Probably my biggest time sink was Final Fantasy 3, technically 6 I believe, for SNES though. Probably my all time favorite FF game to this point with 8 being a close second.
  7. Marauders Project

    Most nights after 2100 your time I'm available. I'm close to finishing Stone Wood in Fortnite so I'm planning on be on tonight. Weekends I'm usually pretty busy, but I try to keep either friday or saturday night open for gaming etc.... Unfortunately the next 3 weekends are pretty fully booked. Also in some of my programming classes we'd use google sheets/hangouts to collaborate and check each others code, since we could access it pretty much anywhere.
  8. Marauders Project

    Sounds good to me. I've been meaning to add PHP to my toolbox and I know there's a lot of courses on pluralsight for it. So I'll start experimenting with that and see what happens.
  9. Marauders Project

    Availability: Sporadic, but I'd love to be involved. I can usually make time to meet etc.. School Experience: BSIT/SE Job Experience: 7 years professionally programming, many more as a hobbyist. Main languages right now are Java & Javascript. I have experience with C++, C#, VB, and Ruby. It's been a while but I'm getting back into Angular and React as well. I'm a full stack developer and we're currently trying to convert our flagship product over to be web based. Why: If I can use my experience to make things better for people on here then why not? Ideas (optional): One thing I've noticed is trying to figure out what times work for people is difficult. You either have to go through all the posts and compile the data manually, or use a poll that may be limited in the time ranges. There may be something on here already and I just haven't seen it, but was thinking of a form people could fill out with their availabilities for that game. Have it put the data in a table that the head of that games forum could see and help setup games nights.
  10. Prepping for survival

    My main is a soldier and just got a legendary ninja last night that I'll be working on as a secondary. I have no epic traps yet and just barely got a legendary 2-hand hammer schematic. So probably won't be much help for a bit. Did have a question @Booyah on when you said level 30, are you talking about the level in the top left that determines your missions or the actual level of the character you're playing?
  11. Favorite Hero?

    I've only really been playing the soldier since she's my highest quality character at the moment. I've got a rare version of the starter girl soldier. Been putting off leveling her though hoping for an epic. The constructor is a close second though. I like the building aspect of the game and the shield charge to wipe zombies off my base when needed. I only have the starter versions of those so again been putting off leveling them.
  12. Fortnite Roster

    Epic: TwoTonRampage Home base: TwoTons Crucible
  13. Smite Roster

    In-Game Name: TwoTonRampage Server: NA Level/Rank: 4/unranked (Just started yesterday) Preferred Role: Support/ADC, played these mostly while I was in LOL but willing to try anything
  14. Let's fire back up the Diablo 3 Section for Season 11

    Starting a bit late in the season, but started a Necro at lunch today and been loving it. Only lvl 23 so if you don't mind a low level player I'd love the company sometime. Have no idea how you guys get to paragon so quick. BT: Varilas47#1660