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  1. Has anyone played EFT since the new update a few days ago? I have and the game is a lot smoother and just feels better. Only downside is the bugs, tried playing over the weekend and game crashed like 4 times in a row, fell trough the map whilst going prone.. But the scavs are EXTREME!! I am almost more afraid of them as real players, think they have killed me more times than players. All in all the game had a huge improvement with the update, if this is what we get from a small update I am really looking forward to BETA.
  2. Looking forward to the new update/closed beta. Hopefully more guys start playing it, being a lone ranger is hard.
  3. @Booyah I'm from Cape Town, best place to be in South Africa.
  4. Nice to see there is some rugby fans here, have to say tho.. that is a really good looking rugby ball.
  5. Hi @Darkness EFT will be my main game