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  1. Welcome to the clan! Looking forward to getting to know you better (even though I just read your life story).
  2. Try World Trigger, I think it's pretty good. Feels slow in the beginning but it picks up pretty fast.
  3. I'm no professional, but I heard Windows 7 is better for Gaming.
  4. Sorry, would've been there but I was at the pool
  5. 50 cent
  6. @CowardlyViking Most definitely
  7. Is it a victory if I won to myself?
  8. Approved

    @herostyle The only thing with that is the fact the community will almost always want a really great game, so I'm not totally sure it's worth the risk of doing the humble bundle UNLESS we do a giveaway for multiple games at one time - which could be promising
  9. We are now attempting to do a monthly giveaway every month for a game! The giveaway is to help us grow as a community on all of our social media outlets. It is very easy to participate -------------> Click me to win Overwatch!
  10. and 29 because I see people doing double posts