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  1. Well done. And here am I, crawling my way out of Gold... Where everyone is right and everyone else is wrong, and they'll make you understand that, or at least try. Can someone confirm that MMR is still balancing matter even in Ranked? I'm constantly seeing people with Diamond portraits in Gold. Doesn't make sense to me, that beats the purpose of Ranked, no?
  2. Looks interesting, but it looks like it falls down to how hard is it to land/dodge Q-E combo. Since it's instantly cast, I'm leaning towards "unlikely".
  3. I could join for about 2 weeks, but then I'm back to regular schedule. So I guess that's no from me.
  4. I would join a team that would assemble several times a week, semi serious. By the way, EU or NA?
  5. Anub'Alisk, most beatiful thing (in how disturbingly ugly it is) I've seen!
  6. Brilliant wave for throwing them into catch 22.
  7. He sure looks interesting. I can already imagine in QM for first few games where people won't know about EQ combo being just tossed over the wall.
  8. As someone said on Icy Veins forum, I'm intrigued to see how will they make him feel special.
  9. Would love to, but... #JustEuropeThings
  10. Not really sure of it's usefulness, since it's so generic. Like for an example that first one with 2x Siege. Specialists are so wide in their area of expertise, that this hardly means much. Plus, I think that this is refering to Nazeebo, and he can appointed to Sustained damage if you ask me. Can someone explain to me how Stukov can have 46% on HotsLogs? This is by far most broken Hero I've seen since I've started playing.
  11. until

    Huh, 2 AM for me. I'll see if I can join sooner (had some issues), otherwise I'll join next time.
  12. If I make it to 3rd year, I'll consider it. Until then, I'm in ****** spot.
  13. 8 PM CEST is when I log on usually (roughly 3 PM EST).
  14. Interesting. For me one thing that will still suck is that we don't have many in EU region, and US has limited number of heroes.
  15. If I get it, I'll post code here, already have him.