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  1. Would be interested, but of course, EU region.
  2. That's were it all started. Nova was picked second, everyone lost their mind and later Abathur joined. Last player asked what is better, Rexxar or Anub'Arak. Well, it's not like it was a choice, so I said Anub'Arak... By the way, not sure of his MMR, but he was the one on who I stacked most Qs, he didn't even try to avoid damage.
  3. Any tips on what should 'ideal' composition look like? To me it more feels like it depends more on enemy team than yours.
  4. I just don't know how to describe this replay. I'll try to through some questions. What would you think of Chromie that had Q trait done before level 10? What would you think of Chromie that did double damage of enemy assasin, close to whole damage enemy team combined did (80k : 120k). What would you think of Chromie that did 57% damage of her entire team? Would you want her on your team? Because I seriously don't want this team. Please tell me I'm not mentally ill and that my explosion of frustration is forgivable. Maybe not justifiable, but forgivable. I really don't know what else to do. It's one thing to have such team once in a while, but this is just absurd, 3 such teams in a row. Sidenote: I really like Chromie on Volskaya Foundry, easy to land hits on Vehicle/fighting region.
  5. Looking at video, seems like it's doable to drop mine (activatable one) near enemy frontline and throw them away to make hole towards enemy backline. Not sure how easy, but it would sure look funny.
  6. Hey people, today Ana's price was reduced to regular 10 000, so I got her. And to be honest, I'm a bit dissapointed. Why? Well, several reasons. They introduced her in time when they want to move away from double support, yet her grenade is mostly about that. Also it's a support with dreadful waveclear + minor self-healing. Not to mention the strain that her abilities put on player, having to constantly heal teammates with Q. My first impressions gave vibe of Lt. Morales prior to change ("only" meaningful purpose is healing), but at least with ol' Morales you had to think about positioning, not about healing itself, really big deal with old level 20 Trait talent, since if you didn't take damage, you gained shields and mana. Also, one minor thing is how you perceive Q. For me, I feel more annoyed when I miss, than when I heal, and that's kind of her thing. There are some other minor things, like some talents that look cool, but are just bad (level 1 revolving around 5 doses and level 4 trait talents), but those can be easily fixed. On a plus side, when you complete sleep dart talent on 1, you can use Q for 'painless' checking of bushes from far away, which is nice feature. I just don't feel that she is (at least in Quick Match) meaningful hero, nor that fun. Am I only one who thinks that currently Ana is more on a failed design side?
  7. "Vehicles (Dragon Knight, Garden Terror, and Triglav Protector) are unstoppable now. Testing today on the Dragon Knight, it was really good." That one line made me hate Garden of Terror, really bad change. Before if they get Terror and you got less than 3 keeps and they had full team, it was game over. Now it's that, just without enemy team. Vehicles are extremely annoying to me now, nothing you can do stop it.
  8. When I mod Minecraft, I always go for IndustrialCraft + Railcraft, I like trains and they add goals for me to complete. Shame they aren't improving railway system in Vanilla, really needs some refining. Good luck with your quest.
  9. Deathwing Brightwing skin? Wasn't it D.Va? Anyways, I really like our new comrade Varian, that bear head is on point.
  10. 30?! Worst feeder with intentions to feed had 12 deaths, this is 2.5 times that. Woah. And yeah, that really sucks. Last game (after which I decided screw Ranked game) had 2 players constantly bickering about Nova pick and his plays, yet, Nova was actually doing decently, while "ArthasThatGoesIntoWholeEnemyTeam" who thinks he is right, failed us. What's even better, we were winning at one point, and they went silent. But as soon as tables turned, they started again. Most infuriating part of that was how one even had Diamond portrait. I seriously don't know how would even be able to get there with such attitude. And I'm not keen on weight of placement games, simply because of extremes like this.
  11. Wondering how easy(hard) will it be to complete his Trait quest. It's a HUGE difference. Does anyone know how Anub'Arak's level 16 talent works with added power ability? Does it affect added power ability, or is it just -50%?
  12. Well done. And here am I, crawling my way out of Gold... Where everyone is right and everyone else is wrong, and they'll make you understand that, or at least try. Can someone confirm that MMR is still balancing matter even in Ranked? I'm constantly seeing people with Diamond portraits in Gold. Doesn't make sense to me, that beats the purpose of Ranked, no?
  13. Looks interesting, but it looks like it falls down to how hard is it to land/dodge Q-E combo. Since it's instantly cast, I'm leaning towards "unlikely".
  14. I could join for about 2 weeks, but then I'm back to regular schedule. So I guess that's no from me.
  15. I would join a team that would assemble several times a week, semi serious. By the way, EU or NA?