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  1. Link to HotsLogs replay This is in a nutshell what it feels like, sometimes we do it, sometimes they do it. Complete carnage. Only one who died was Kerrigan once when she traded 1 for 1 (while we have 3 levels lead ). And that's it. Rest was us just winning everything. Heck, I would even place our play in Platinum or Diamond, while this was playing out in Gold. That's what actually pushes me away from playing Ranked all the time, only reason I would go Ranked is so that I'm placed against equal team, so it's back and forth game. Being in game like this, and especially being in enemy shoes gives you sensation of being powerless, you are just rolling a dice to get such team.
  2. @Trojan404 What would be rough border when people actually start to listen? Currently where I am, it boils down to silent chat before game, and once crap hits the fan, everyone is blaming everyone else. Not to mention when I choose TLV on Cursed Hollow or Garden of Terrors, 4/5 of the time people just don't listen and never stay as 4. That 1/5 is a blessing though.
  3. Figured so that there is much for me to learn, but that's talk of Diamond or higher. Here I was playing at Gold, switching lanes and understanding enemy comp is unlikely.
  4. Yeah, I can understand that. But when you have BW as only support and have comp that is all about sustain, while enemy has Kerrigan, Thrall, Arthas, etc. And last person picks Tracer. I can't see it as anything else than one Hero constantly down. Not to even mention we needed AoE damage, since it was Braxis Holdout.
  5. What I mean by that is, people just take weird picks that are all over the place and you "know" it's going to 10-15 minutes of annoyance. What do you do then? Logout and get penalty? Stick through it wait for game to end?
  6. I have rather simple and logical view on God. Since God is transcedent, there is no point in trying to find proof of existence or non-existence. Instead, it only falls to do you benefit from existence of God or not? For me, God represents protection and ideal world, "at the cost" of being decent human being, which is basically what I want to be.
  7. until

    Is this restricted to Paragon or some other games are in mind?
  8. It was SonicLeBeast at 2:11, and he said:"nothing can make nova great pick" Now, that means he leaves room for when she is at least good pick.
  9. 64
  10. In one of the recent videos from Grubby, YellowFlash took Nova as 1st pick (it was TL Master I think) on Infernal Shrines. Even he said that nothing makes her good choice. So it's from my understanding Hero with high skill cap and small reward for trouble.
  11. And here we go again, stereotypical Nova. First pick on Infernal Shrines, enemy gets Artanis, Arthas, Nazeebo, Alarak and Auriel. I would really like to know what is Nova contributing on this map against this comp. Funny how I was "Siege Master" and top on exp in team as Diablo. If only he was KT or Gul'Dan or something that's actually is useful on this map.
  12. What I don't like when I get Nova player is that: a) She is picked among first, allowing easy counters. b ) What is seen most this days is double Warrior + 2 * 0.5 Supports, which isn't what I would call good for Nova c) Of all stealthers, she is only one with no escape mechanism. d) I rarely see Nova that actually pokes, most of them just throw it all with zero patience. e) Biggest deal, WORST waveclear by far.
  13. One thing I learned is that moving out of from Silver and below, and sometimes Gold is really highly dependant on team you get. Yes, it's like that always, but here it is amplified. Sometimes you get team that cooperates and picks good/great, other times you get team that's negative or player that picks Sgt. Hammer and nothing else or picks Tracer when you have BW as solo support and they have Kerrigan, Thrall, Arthas, Malf, xxx. I've even had player which was suggested NOT to pick Nova on Shrines when we could use AoE, but nooo. Edit: And yes, he did take triple tap and died most, because he just had to engage first. Fun!
  14. What do you think of DJ now after the nerf?
  15. I really like creativity behind him. he is actually first Hero with which you don't want to focus on single target, but rather get everyone marked with trait. He is also good counter to solo Lt. Morales, since she can't heal herself directly and has issues maintaining more than 2 healed. He is also going to be good harrasment in laning phase.