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  1. I think the paragon section needs a new award for those who manage to find pve in a pvp game. Award: The Annoying Splitpusher Reason: Win a game while going 0-0-0 (or at least zero deaths) while having more hero damage than the carry. ReplayID (d09cbdbccddb4f8ca5ff4e994accb878) Avg Elo 1650+. Shoutout to omni for the bruiser wukong build. I messed up a lot of my escapes but it was still a fun match.
  2. All speed and power, wukong gets the core to 0-70% while minion wave and still manages to get it to 20% with 0 minions. WukongCoreDamage.webm
  3. Grudge and I are still on almost every night. Zuimiimi is still in I believe but hasn't been on recently. We are looking for a carry and mid/jungle (I'll take either of these). Elo isn't a huge deal. High gold is sufficient. Primary idea is to find folks who gel with the team and are serious about putting in some practice on their role and on the team. WF 8-10 EST is still the time. Thanks. @Korr
  4. Certain mobs are still marked but offer no bounties. I played 6-8 bot games in the jungle and the pop up still said 300 for example for gold buff. Gold/river can be marked but don't give bonus cp. I never tried it in evasive so not sure if you can get health. I am not sure about green because i forget the regular bounty. Raptors do though.
  5. 1. What is your Paragon username? BigWhupDude 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? I already talked to @Font in chat who suggested I put in an app. However, I'm open to anyone who is available in my time. 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. positioning, map awareness, specific heroes, etc.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. My best lanes are mid and support but most of the marauder groups that I play with don't have any junglers. I need to work on jungle to fill out 5 mans. My hope is to find 4 regulars and have a few good challenging games each night. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. custom games, quick queues, going over replays, etc.) Quick Queues and Replays. I watch a few diamond games off agora every day. 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to be able to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? Jungler is challenging but a critical position. I practice my rotations in bot so I can get to river and level 3 in time. I struggle with assessing the map to make my ganks/invade count the most. Since teams aren't coordinate to invade with me it gets harder to establish enough presence to control the flow of the game. 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to win more in randoms, rank higher, place in tournaments, etc.? I would like to be able to support my team better but also be able to carry solo queue as jungler. 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? I usually Play 8-11pm EST. Any time during then works. Thanks
  6. Eu vs NA ARAM championship battle!
  7. Why don't you find me on the teamspeak tonight? I'll be around sometime shortly after 8 as usual
  8. Name(IGN): BigWhupDude (IGN Same) Primary Role: Midlane Primary Characters (5+ List in Order of Skill) Belica, Gadget, Morigesh, Howie, Gideon, List Your First 3 Skill Goals for the Primary Role Howie and Gideon are not up to par with the rest of my midlaners. I need to get them up to par for counter play I do a good job last hitting up to about 10 minutes. Once we start rotating and team fighting, I do a poor job settling back down and getting last hits. Increase pressure early on tower even if solo. Work on less popular but useful midlane picks (countess, fey) List 3 Counter Picks (Hero + Card) you will prepare for the outfit.(Template: enemy picks X, I pick Y because... or friendly picks X, I pick Y because...) Friendly Pick Phase. Enemy Picks Aurora Counter, I pick Belica/Gadget Mid for Purity Censer (Order Affinity) Enemy Picks Morgeish Midlane, I pick Belica counter (+ Cast Converter if necessary for sustain early) or Howie for better poke/wave clear to make morgeish use mana on waves. Friendly Picks Dekker. I pick Gadget/Howie. (I rarely see the old wombo/combo with grux in my pub games. I miss i Secondary Role: Support Secondary Characters (5+ List in Order of Skill) Dekker, Phase, Narbash, Steel, Riktor (Belica/Rampage/Muriel off meta) List your First 3 Skill Goals for the Secondary Role Need more practice with Steel and Riktor Improve poking of offlaners to force team back. Do a better job waiting in each lane for last hits vs rotating constantly and losing the 1cp/min suggested minimum. Work with carry for right jungle vision and early harassment of jungler. List 3 Counter Picks (Hero + Card) you will prepare for the outfit.(Template: enemy picks X, I pick Y because... or friendly picks X, I pick Y because...) Friendly Pick Phase, Enemy Picks Gideon Counter, I pick Dekker if we have AOE damage (Potentially with Nature's Muse for Cooldown Reduction), or Riktor for pull from the sky. Enemy Picks Revenant, Friendly Team has Good Aoe from Midlane and Ranged Carry, I pick Steel + jewel of the Apostle and aim to iniate mid/late game on rev for Wombo Friendly Picks Sparrow, Enemy Shows Bruiser Offlane like Steel/Greystone, I pick Phase becaue the attack speed + caster convert +hemorrage card on sparrow is too good.
  9. Hey Everyone. It looks like a lot of people are interested in organizing some sort of groups. Since groups don't form themselves, I decided to volunteer some time to organize one myself. After talking to Sindog, he mentioned that what I'm looking for is not a team but an outfit. 1) As a family man, I don't have any desire to compete in tournaments for small pockets of cash. 2) If you aren't already master elo to play with the top teams in public games, there's no point is focusing on competitive games against those same teams and players. 3) I want to increase my skills and increase the chances of getting a good competitive game in public whenever I'm on. Therefore rather than focus on "professional" life, the focus of this outfit is on the cycle of improvement. Raise Skills -> Win Games -> Face Better Competition -> Raise Skills So get ready to try-hard and apply for.... OutfitName: Brokenhearted Motto: "Here we sit broken-hearted. Tried hard, but only farted." Practice Schedule: MWF 8:00 - 10:00 EST (can be adjusted based on team. ideally we have at least 4 hours a week to play as a group) Requirements: -General - Cool head. No tilting. - Accept constructive criticism. We are all aiming to improve. We will all make at least one mistake per game. - Watch the tape! You need to be involved in your own learning. Watch our practice games on the off days. Find 3 people in diamond/master in your role and watch their replays from agora. -In-Game - Each person needs to be ready to play one main role and one secondary role. - Each person needs to have min 5 characters for each of the roles - In our practice games, we practice drafting as well. Each person should be ready to counter pick, filling either your main or secondary role based on pick order to maximize our team comp. - 1300 elo on (If you are not here, find me any off day and I'll play with you until you get there). Essential Skills (This is what we will focus on for practices. I will grow this list as the outfit grows): All Roles Dummy Warding & Ward Protection Last Hitting Map Awareness - Call-out Missing, Avoid Overextending Battles - Knowing how to initiate in your role and how to disengage properly Objectives - Buffs, Raptors, OP, Know the Clock, Estimate Time left from Minimap. Choose when to take and when to harass. Deck Building - Situational Cards for Counters, Multiple Decks for Enemy Composition Ending the Game - Push the Advantage and Don't let enemies back into the game Offlane Maintain XP lead over enemy carry/support Maximize Life of T1 Tower. Avoid all deaths, especially to the Enemy Carry. Create constant pressure on Offlane to draw enemy carry/support and advantage 4v3 fights in other lanes. Ward River from Objective Pit / Clear Wards for Friendly Mid/Junglers Ganks. Contest/Steal enemy gold buff Steal Enemy Jungle/Link when you know the location of Enemy Jungler Midlane Maximize lifetime of t1 tower. This is critical for map control. Establish river vision of buffs. Safely Take or Contest Rivers. In the new smaller map, this will often go to friendly jungler. Push forward smartly and aggresively to enable rotation out of mid. Make smart decisions between attacking enemy midlane T1 or rotating Communicate/Coordinate with Jungler for duo gank. Know the position of the front line and position well in team fights Jungler Get to level 3 and 70% health (or health + shield) by 2:55 to contest river. Take all river buffs or call out to mid for support Create pressure in multiple lanes to either take objectives or secure kills Create team CP leads by protecting friendly jungle and invading enemy jungle/link Establish presence and initiate late game as front line. Coordinate with team to select and isolate targets. Carry Economy, Economy, Economy (Get and Maintain CP Lead) Smartly and Aggresively poke offlaner to isolate offlaner from XP Know the position of the front line and position well in team fights With kill lead, protect the bounty on your head. Support Control vision for carry by maintain ward presence. Call out to protect carry from potential Gank. Sacrifice your Body to secure kills/escape for your carry Smartly and Aggresively poke the offlaner to isolate offlaner from XP Maximize Economy by rotating into lanes to soak up last hits. Know the position of the front line and position well in team fights Application: Name(IGN): Preferred Time (if different from suggested above) Primary Role: Primary Characters (5+ List in Order of Skill) List Your First 3 Skill Goals for the Primary Role List 3 Counter Picks (Hero + Card) you will prepare for the outfit.(Template: enemy picks X, I pick Y because... or friendly picks X, I pick Y because...) Secondary Role: Secondary Characters (5+ List in Order of Skill) List your First 3 Skill Goals for the Secondary Role List 3 Counter Picks (Hero + Card) you will prepare for the outfit.(Template: enemy picks X, I pick Y because... or friendly picks X, I pick Y because...)
  10. I want to play but I'll have my daughter at that point and I'll be trying to put her down to nap. It looks like only 8 have signed up so I'll pop on around that time and see what's going on if you will take very late entries.
  11. I have two young kids. So my play times are after bedtimes. You'll find me just after 8:00 pm est almost every night. I'm happy to try hard with anybody on anynight but I'm not really up for official tournaments because my family deserves my weekend time. My Best 3 Roles Mid - Belica, Gadget, Howie Support - Dekker, Phase, Narbash, Jungle - Rampage, Grux, Kwang,