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  1. Show us your worst perk rolls!

    I have nothing great to put into Font's other thread but I do have some goodies to put in here Best Shotgun
  2. Fortnite Weapon Perk Guide

    Thanks for the guide!
  3. New Hero ZINX!

    Good news everybody (or Zinx Mains)! Epic admits Zinx is a hot mess this patch and gives her a buff (potentially temporarily) in order to make her less of an anchor for her team in the current meta. Have fun!

    I orignally saw the leak through reddit were people had just posted the contents to imgur not the pdf until I came here.

    Wow. I feel bad that it got leaked and I'm not sure how a leak would occur in such a relatively small and really tightlipped company. Those cards are amazing! It's going to be real fun to craft decks.
  6. New Hero ZINX!

    I'm sure it would be more fun if it was randomly selecting nearby and increasing the stun. However, that is the hard mechanic to code. If that mechanic does come in, it would be there's a lot more interesting ricocheting heroes and skills coming. I would expect it to be the way serath's q works. You select the targets when you land the q at cast, then it goes through that list of captured targets in random order adding longer stuns along the way. Here's hoping breaking line of sight will break it like rev's obliterate. The thing to note about her is they said her base health was low so that the half mana pool doesn't maker her too tanky. It will be interesting to find the right balance of mana regen and health for her. I thought the video was a bit boring but I think she's a great hero to release right before decks change because she'll have a lot of available choices with all the old cards.

    Ayyyyy it's gonna be lit fam! Seriously though, it will be interesting to see how folks actually deal with the explosion of combinations. Like any system, of the new thousand of combinations, most of them will be bad. I thought the section on deck sharing was a bit cryptic. It was not clear whether they were saying "now that's it's completed open you can put the same deck on two heroes" vs "you can select every deck you make at loading time"

    I'm excited. Though I know a lot of folks are in that thread shitting bricks about no cap and no comeback.
  9. CC#13 Iggy & Scorch Rework Finally! About Time!

    The release schedule is every 3 for heroes and every 9 for a big balance patch. V42 is tentatively schedule for Aug 29th given the Tuesday release. If everything works hopefully it will be released on time.
  10. Paragon Nip Slip (Skin Peek)

    Nice finds man. When I first saw the iggy from the front I was hoping it was more tank like. Imagine a iggy riding a zamboni around the map... or a tank with a dinosaur flame thrower in the front.
  11. Remember since we have hit beiber levels of dumb, tweet play paragon to get cameron to dab on community corner.
  12. Kappa Hero Ideas

    A Clown who throws exploding poison balloons for damage. His Q ability is like fey, a single balloon blows up at the target location. YOu can retrigger to pop early or let it go all the way for max damage. His his cc ability makes you dumb and freezes you in place (no movement, no skills). His ulti ability throws a centripetal force machine. All targets have to grab on and spin around for a few seconds.
  13. New Award: The Splitpusher

    I think the paragon section needs a new award for those who manage to find pve in a pvp game. Award: The Annoying Splitpusher Reason: Win a game while going 0-0-0 (or at least zero deaths) while having more hero damage than the carry. ReplayID (d09cbdbccddb4f8ca5ff4e994accb878) Avg Elo 1650+. Shoutout to omni for the bruiser wukong build. I messed up a lot of my escapes but it was still a fun match.
  14. Wukong and Core Damage

    All speed and power, wukong gets the core to 0-70% while minion wave and still manages to get it to 20% with 0 minions. WukongCoreDamage.webm
  15. Recruiting for a New Outfit: Brokenhearted

    Grudge and I are still on almost every night. Zuimiimi is still in I believe but hasn't been on recently. We are looking for a carry and mid/jungle (I'll take either of these). Elo isn't a huge deal. High gold is sufficient. Primary idea is to find folks who gel with the team and are serious about putting in some practice on their role and on the team. WF 8-10 EST is still the time. Thanks. @Korr