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  1. Yes CS GO 1v1 Scout only haha or Deag only
  2. Runescape 1v1
  3. @Fraejix I still play it every now and then!
  4. I haven't played since Draenor's came out. I started playing with the BC expansion, sooo many hours into WoW
  5. Oh man @Nebulon thanks so much! I will wait for the dedicated servers. For Honor is having the same problem Rainbow Six Siege had then
  6. Oh man @Darkness I sure would like a key if you can spare one! I'm kind of hype now, so many sleepless nights to bloodline champions haha
  7. @Serene Thanks! I'll check that out
  8. Hey there fellow clan members, I just came into some money and was thinking of getting fortnite, what can you guys tell me about it? Pros/cons? I've read a few reviews and watched a couple of videos but would like some feedback from you since I see that the Fortnite section is actually super active. Thanks!! Guac
  9. 'ello there mateys, I just saw For Honor is 50% off on Steam, thinking if I should get it or not. Is there anyone in the clan still active in this game? Do you believe it's worth the 30$? I remember reading they were having server issues, how's the game right now in that aspect? Thanks in advance! Guac out
  10. Hey @Darkness BattleRite is like bloodline champions right? I think is the same developer. I used to play it a lot when it came out, and that was quite some time ago Have you tried it?
  11. 119
  12. I played a bit of ESO but not much, would really like the idea of playing with clan members!
  13. @Reznec lol sounds like a great idea
  14. @DareTheDemon I have looked into all of those and haven't found a design I like, I have contacted a few tattoo artists but haven't gotten a design yet.
  15. Oh man @SirPie I've been looking into some similar designs! I just might haha