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  1. Hey There Clan! Is that time of the year, the tattoo fever hit me up and I am not sure what to get. I've been looking into gaming, mythology (norse, egyptian) and just random stuff. Still haven't found anything that has caught my eye, any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Guac
  2. I have to take my cat to the vet close to that time, I'll try to make it
  3. @Darkness I am definitely interested in helping out with the section. I just finished downloading the game
  4. According to this guy he had it locked to 60 and it was giving him the problem, and once he changed it to 75 it started working. Hopefully you can fix it with that too. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful
  5. I just read in the forums that someone fixed the exact same problem by locking the fps to 75FPS @Cablenerd
  6. That's weird @Cablenerd it shouldn't be crashing, have you checked the lawbreakers forums to see if anyone else is having the same problem?
  7. If you open your task manager do you have any apps running? In my old PC if the CPU usage went over 80% it closed the app using more, I never knew why or how to fix it
  8. Hey @Cablenerd are you running the game on medium settings? Your specs are the minimum recommended I would play around with the settings to see if it runs better lowering. I'm downloading the game now and would be able to tell you how it runs later today. @Darkness already tried it, maybe he can tell you if he had to fix something.
  9. Nice!! Can't wait to try it out
  10. @Darkness I just bought it! I'll try to download it this week!!
  11. Hey there guys! I have absolutely no clue how to create a forum signature or a cover photo for the forum, I am trying to be more active around here and would love if anyone could help me out with those things. Mainly I would like that it has to do with the clan and Guacamole since I am the Guac and only. Okay I think my pun has taken enough of your time Thanks Guac
  12. Main Game Steam: Guacgaming13 Steam ID: Pubg In Game: Guacgaming
  13. @DamnitNappa @SirPie The ink used now doesn't fade as much compared to the ones 10 years ago. So in reality you wouldn't need to retouch it as often
  14. I have this game! Haven't played it in some time and would need to redownload
  15. until

    @Roughknite Thanks! I'll do my best to make it, please send out a reminder that day or the day before