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  1. EU Practice begins in 15 minutes! Stop by if you get a chance. @XTopgunX, @JalaBanjo, @Tahoe08, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @lukorepka, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @K1tT3n, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @Faerch, @chocomallows, @omni., @Juicyxeno, @Manuelraa, @Mygas, @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Spotless, @marineghost1, @zefirinas, @Command3r, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @Fraejix, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Qwerty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @Rhonin, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @GravityBoostio, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @Littlezigge, @LimaOLima, @hrmla, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @nathybaby, @Kanva, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @MrCruz, @lovefist86, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Nebula, @HeadCloudz, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @Limitations, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Despair, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @tobbensol, @Takashiro, @Ozzy, @amp_, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @MrChoca, @Whizbang, @Aqua, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @Smeagal, @LastMeteor, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini, @xDeathxDroidx, @Blue, @marduar, @Pjungwp, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @Fabulous#11875, @hellraiser, @Mercyless
  2. I believe you may need to apply again. Currently, you're set as an "Applicant" although, I am not 100% sure. I check with someone as well just to confirm.
  3. No problem! We can reschedule for right after Christmas/New Years. Hopefully, work goes well for you tonight! Don't work too awfully hard.
  4. It's been posted and updated on the Calendar as well.
  5. The new practice days and times have been updated on the Calendar and posted below. If you have any problems with the new changes please contact me! This will go into effect tomorrow for the Game Night and we'll see how it goes. EU Practices Friday & Sunday - 7pm GMT +0 NA Practices Friday & Sunday - 8pm CST Game Nights Saturday - 1:30pm CST / 7:30pm GMT +0 PTR Playground - New day and time to test out PTR changes or just come have a chat with us. Also gives a mid-week meetup to see how everyone is doing. Wednesday - 2pm CST / 8pm GMT +0 @XTopgunX, @JalaBanjo, @Tahoe08, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @lukorepka, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @K1tT3n, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @Faerch, @chocomallows, @omni., @Juicyxeno, @Manuelraa, @Mygas, @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Spotless, @marineghost1, @zefirinas, @Command3r, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @Fraejix, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Qwerty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @Rhonin, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @GravityBoostio, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @Littlezigge, @LimaOLima, @hrmla, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @nathybaby, @Kanva, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @MrCruz, @lovefist86, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Nebula, @HeadCloudz, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @Limitations, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Despair, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @tobbensol, @Takashiro, @Ozzy, @amp_, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @MrChoca, @Whizbang, @Aqua, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @Smeagal, @LastMeteor, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini, @xDeathxDroidx, @Blue, @marduar, @Pjungwp, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @Fabulous#11875, @hellraiser, @Mercyless
  6. until
    Once a week we'll get together and mess around on the PTR. Try out any character changes, maps, etc. I look forward to seeing you all there!
  7. Better get it while it's on sale. Season pass is like $15 USD or something like that.
  8. Hello hello! If anyone is interested in joining a private PVE ARK Aberration server I do have one available. I've listed a bit of information about it below. If you'd like to play just make a response here or private message me, and I'll take care of the rest. PVE only. PVP, raiding, etc. is off limits. No character/mob transfers as of now. It's a new and very different DLC so, let's enjoy it for a bit. 6x gathering | 10x taming | 2.5 XP Boost I've included a list of the mods we are currently using. These are mods that we find enjoyable to have. These will not increase your loading time much at all. So, do not worry about that. There are few and they're all fairly small in size. Keep in mind that they will download upon connection so there is no need to download ahead of time. ReHUD - Provides an updated HUD look. ACM - Server Management / Admin Helper Resource Stacks - Allows larger stacks of items with reduced weights. More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows - Adds more advanced narcotics and arrows into the game to handle larger dinos. Spoiling Bin - Easily spoil raw meat. Helpful for creating narcotics. Upgrade Station - Upgrade the levels on your tools/weapons/armor using more resources and a special crafting bench. Structures Plus (S+) - Allows you to pick up items you've placed, like walls, as long as you use the S+ version of the item.
  9. I'll be there.
  10. Usually anytime between 1 pm CST - 2 am CST for a voice chat.
  11. It is for both.
  12. We will still have NA practice tonight!
  13. Some days were definitely more popular than others on the other poll. This poll is specifically about the practice days. Please choose the days that would work for you for practice only. This will be the final poll regarding practice days. We aren't at the time-specific area yet so don't worry about that. We will be sticking with 2 practices a week so if you can only make it on 1 specific day, leave a comment and choose that day for your vote. If none of the days listed works for you, please message me. @XTopgunX, @constant, @Wraith, @Xanamor, @jacky, @Trúden, @BasicallyToast, @AllStarr24, @Jayree, @K1tT3n, @Fritti, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @Faerch, @Manuelraa, @Hanhkv, @Command3r, @Fraejix, @Qwerty, @Rebel1705, @Willthefluteboy, @LORDmeSH1NE, @MrCruz, @TheMud, @Blak, @Nebula, @King_Joker, @Limitations, @TheBigFil, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @Takashiro, @H3nR1, @Warimano, @Wolftailz, @warrior, @Solidusbucket, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @otter#2990, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @ArbitrarySketch, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @hellraiser, @Mercyless
  14. until

    I'll be fine after this holiday break is over. All the kiddies are out of school and work is busy to say the least. I'll pop in the ts tomorrow and be around if anyone wants to stop by and play. I'll also be giving out a few choices in time/date changes probably tomorrow as well.
  15. until

    Going to try! Currently recovering from all the germs I got from seeing everyone on Thanksgiving lol.