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  1. until

    is it on?
  2. This time, we are talking about Raijin! Feel free to reply with any opinions, builds, strategies, match-ups, pair-ups, funny things you can do or even skin concepts that relate to Raijin (you don't have to do all of these things by the way, just talk about what you want to talk about!). Anyway, have fun! Please also vote on what class you want to vote on for the next gods! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar, @quickzelite
  3. everyone, these games nights are still happening so do please try to attend them! they are on Thursdays 7:00pm EST!!! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar, @quickzelite
  4. i was 50 sr off of gold last season, still haven't done my placements due to how stupidly bad my DPS players tend to be. i'm down to play a couple of games! (also <3 yugioh)
  5. games night starting in 15 mins! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar, @quickzelite
  6. well i dont know who you are :C
  7. games night starting now! hop on ts! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar, @quickzelite
  8. games night starting in 20 mins! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar, @quickzelite
  9. games night starting in 1 hour! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar, @quickzelite
  10. I'm sorry, but i'm going to have to cancel this games night. sorry for any inconvenience! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar
  11. games night starting in 1 hour! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi, @Crowgar
  12. until

    i have piano lessons at this time >:/
  13. until

    The games night on the 28th September 2017 has been cancelled due to the lack of a host.
  14. NA games nights are coming back! The first one is next Thursday at 7:00pm EST, and will be on at the same time on Thursday every week. These games nights are hosted by our NA JNCO Zarkete, so please be sure to come along and join! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi
  15. games night starting now! hop on ts and join! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @bygonegamer, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango, @Bloom, @Ku4Rd, @Froot, @OldNavyBlues, @British, @BullzEYE, @vaintex, @Rauzi, @Onskunpaska, @urbancookie, @Atoshi