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  1. omigosh! i never need to wait for the steam store again, thanks so much!
  2. woah! whats with all this drama in the Rocket League section?
  3. he seems like a god that could be probably one of the strongest gods in the game once people really master him and are able to control his rage without really thinking, but currently, i think he's not too bad to play as or against. (this will probably change once people really master him and ill be bitching to smite saying "NERF HEL MORE" and they'll do it lmao)
  4. Welcome back!
  5. this looks pretty good
  6. there is already someone who made a similar post in the suggestions section of the forums so feel free to go look over there
  7. I have some people asking me about a good nemesis build to use, and this is usually what I build so here you go: Hope this helped.
  8. TheNoobOf2014 EU Conquest Support/Solo/Adc/Jungle/Mid (can play any role)
  9. There is currently room for an EU JNCO if you want to go for it. There are 2 JNCO slots available but one of them is gonna be another NA JNCO to cover games nights where silent and Zark cant make it so only 1 EU can get it.
  10. i was wondering where you went! good to have you back.
  11. alphabetically? ah, the vote it probably a better idea lol
  12. no, i mean as in go from older gods to newer gods, i should have made that clear.
  13. most likely the release dates cuz it means if a new god comes out, it isnt as likely to mess the order up.
  14. In response to Slay's post yesterday, I propose that we talk about a god in Smite each week and have a post themed around that god for the week to try and get some smite members more active on the forums. This could include anything like videos, builds, questions, coach volunteers, artwork, etc. We could share different strategies people use when playing this god or even make new ones, and when we hit the end; we can just go back to the first god and rotate (it will probs get boring after the 2nd loops of gods, but it means we have a good 2 1/2 years of content we can share which will be enough time to revitalize the section and also really get it moving more) If this happens, we may need a folder for it so we don't have to sort through different topics to find the week's god. Any feedback you have, feel free to reply with. @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @AysonJade, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @rhinoboy11, @Talos12, @SilentWolf251, @Erllic, @Progenetor_li, @Nethernaut, @HolyElmo, @Tohoru, @LeftyLuffy, @Juhlel, @SpireEU, @slipperybanana, @dtmc16121, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @xDoomknightx, @herostyle, @Parat0xic, @Meowens, @Raolan, @Pindep, @Nairfon, @Chopstx, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Rothrak, @patrickx33, @Drcoolb3ans, @Verticom121, @yogiyogabear, @Tabby, @Turtle McTurtleson, @pickell, @DatDivine, @loginner, @Iceheart105, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango
  15. they buy the bundle so the chests are cheaper and a lot of people just surrender the second they kill the boar and get the chest cuz its quicker to just run through the first bit.