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  1. Game Night - Saturdays at 4PM Eastern

    @Fraejix @Nebulon are you two around today, or busy with holiday shenanigans?
  2. Game Night Day Change

  3. Recruitment Meeting


    A family member of mine is hosting a holiday dinner at the same time, so I won't be able to make this one.
  4. Game Night Day Change

    The central timezone is GMT-6. You're at GMT+0 if I'm not mistaken?
  5. Game Night Day Change

    Works for me. @Nebulon? That's around 9pm for you right?
  6. Game Night Day Change

    Saturday it is. I'm consistently busy until just before noon Eastern time, so how about then (11am Central / 5pm in the UK)?
  7. Game Night Day Change

    It looks like either Thursday or Saturday is going to become the new game day. Today excluded, of course, because of the short notice. That said, we only had three responses, including myself. @Nebulon @Fraejix, which of those two days do you each prefer? I'm partial to Thursday myself. Booooooo. Have fun with your other games!
  8. Game Night Day Change

    Thanks @ASDFChampion! We have only three respondents so far, anyone else want to weigh in on this?
  9. Game Night Day Change

    @slayforfame, @HeathCliff, @guacgaming, what about you three? Also, @Fraejix, I can't find Flopsy, do you know which name he uses here?
  10. Game Night Day Change

    Some players (@Fraejix in particular) have scheduling conflicts with Wednesdays, and have asked that we check other possible days. What would be possible for everyone?
  11. Game Night - Saturdays at 4PM Eastern

    True a second time in a row!
  12. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    Ya know, I think @Gumbo037 might have missed this.
  13. Game Night - Saturdays at 4PM Eastern

    I did NOT get pulled into other obligations this week, so I'm on Teamspeak and BNet this time!
  14. Silent/quiet mouse and keyboard wanted

    I can also vouch for Cherry MX Browns with the thicker dampeners on them. You'll notice the whole keyboard feels quite a bit "mushier", which almost defeats the purpose of having a mechanical, but it's still better than dome switches. Alternatively, if you want an actually silent keyboard, you have two options, not mutually exclusive: 1) Get good at touch typing. Even someone using blue switches can type inaudibly this way. 2) Get one of these abominations or one like it. EDIT: For mice, I can't really say I've ever seen a quiet mouse that won't cramp your hand. Logitech's tiny portable ones perform okay and click quietly, but they are TINY and hard to use for more than half an hour at a time.
  15. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    Sunday (11/5) works for me too!