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  1. For Starcraft 2, it seems we've had some scheduling conflicts lately. Usually only two or three people showing up. I don't expect it to be a long term change.
  2. I am never available on Fridays, so I can't do that day. Monday evenings, Wednesday (it IS Starcraft in this case, so I'd count that as Starcraft game night) evenings, and Saturday/Sunday afternoons depending on the week are all usually good times for me.
  3. This Saturday (afternoon or evening) works for me. Let's work out the details of the challenge in advance, shall we? I like the proposal of limited coaching time, then jumping straight in to the game. We should set this up with spectators enabled, and with all of those spectators (including Fraejix and I) in Teamspeak for maximal trash talk. Maybe even have the challengers in a private voice channel as well, if you're both up to it? Having the game installed before hand would be a good idea.
  4. Please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck
  5. I propose this. Failing that (say, if Champ and Gumbo end up playing something else), I propose Super Smash Brothers 4. If you don't have that (you should, it's fantastic), propose another brawler that I could get running on my system quickly. A game of SC2 would not be fair, nor would HotS, nor would Overwatch... Now, if we could both get Unreal Tournament 3 running, THAT would be a ton of fun too. Schedule wise, Monday evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday mornings would all be good choices for me.
  6. I'm biased, but you have my vote for SC2 as well. I'll teach them both the basics if I have to. Actually, I'll teach one of them the basics, and you, @Fraejix, teach the other, and we can compete by proxy! I propose this as our challenge as mentioned in the other thread.
  7. Our forum has been re-homed, but game night goes on! I've been in Teamspeak for half an hour, where is everyone?
  8. Oh look, late notice again. My connection is back up to snuff, my game runs properly again, I even have Overwatch working now on this system. The only thing I need to fix now is working 11 hour days during a deadline crunch... I am online now if anyone wants to join up!
  9. Late notice I know, but likewise. Both work and my Internet connection took a dump.
  10. Here we go again, except this time I lost track of the time first! Game night in negative fifteen minutes, I'm hopping on now.
  11. Neb and I are just about to start a match of that! If we get an even number, we can break off that way, or take turns, or whatever.
  12. And for the 100th post in this forum: Game night at 6pm tonight, come one come all, my CPU cooler isn't trying to murder itself anymore, co-op has a dinosaur now (I leveled him and got his achievements, he's legit), and multiplayer patches are a thing!
  13. I probably can't make it tonight. I booted my desktop to discover that my liquid cooler pump is failing (sounds like bad motor bearings, no leaks at least). I need to repair or replace that before I dare boot it again. Have fun, all!
  14. Absolutely! All you need do is be on Teamspeak around 6pm Eastern and we'll get you in. Will do. Also, Game Night in 30-ish minutes and all that!
  15. @Fraejix @Mr.Ken @Nebulon @HeathCliff @Viscus1197 @guacgaming @slayforfame @Booyah @SilentWolf251 @Serene