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  1. hey everyone I'm interested in playing and maybe streaming wizard101 again, I'm a lvl 19 thaumasurge (ice school) Just wondering if there are people interested in joining me? My main quest is cuurently in krokotopia, can't get further atm, because of single play is hard. Just for people who don't know the game: It's a paid game like WoW, it cost 10 dollar for 1 month (7 dollar when paying for multiple accounts or games). for me is this already a huge cost, but i do it because of the unique (i find) card system, there are not that much ccg online and for certain not in 3D and with in-game world/quest and side events like fishing, keeping pets, farming, etc... It's true that it's a kids game, but don't let that scare you, because there are also adults (like me) who play this. I downloaded the US version, so EU members must pay with credit or paypal or gift cards. https://www.wizard101.com/game Hope that there are people interested in this PS: there's a free part if you want to try it out first before paying for it!
  2. 5 post per monoth

    I say hi
  3. hey everyone I was signed up to stream Paragon past days, but since my PC can't handle it all together and I still have 1 day left, I was thinking to stream some of my puzzle games. These games also got me into speedrunning them and started my speedrun career. I will try to start streaming at 8PM (CET)(in 13 hours when I post this) Also going to practise on stream until I go to sleep. see you on twitch or TS!
  4. hey Just letting everyone know the days until friday I toke in for the new paragon update. It's a huge update and the servers crashed, so we don't know when they're going to be up. If I'm not streaming feel free to add yourself to the calender or stream, will ask you how long your stream will last if you're streaming at that point. If I'm streaming, feel free to ask me anything or join me for a game of 2!
  5. What game do you guys want to see?

    Going to start with Rogue Galaxy, found a way to stream with ps4 through obs. I will stream today (around 30 min from now). Feel free to watch on our marauders twitch channel.
  6. hey everyone Since I'm discussing about streaming for Marauders, I want to ask you guys something. I got a bunch of PS4 Games that I want to stream, but can't choose which one. Can you guys help me out?
  7. marauders streaming channel?

    yeah, sended a message to @Komaynu, but saw on the profile that he/she didn't came online after 1st of july, thats why I asked it here also, but thx for the info @SilentWolf251
  8. hey everyone Is there a general marauders twitch channel? Didn't got answer from @Komaynu about this, so I ask it here on the forums. If yes, what must I do to gain access, so that I can/may stream on it?
  9. don't know where to post it, but are here ps4 players? I play Paragon sometime on PS4 when nobody is on TS. Lately also got the crash trilogy and going for ff12 zodiac age remaster. Feel free to post something.
  10. Section Update: News + Looking to PROMOTE a few people

    don't know what to say, congratz @Omninaut IX or sad to see you go @Sindog
  11. codes for random stuff

    hey everyone I got some codes from someone, these cades can be used multiple times, but once for each account. It will be random rewards from rep to coins to boosts or card packs. HF with them and GL with what you get: 2WLH6-BYKWN-VPGGK-8ATW3 RD5YX-EHZ3S-95V5J-XN378 R7FDV-M82VJ-YGXDZ-UBNPT UB5VH-SZU8E-U9BVN-ARZME 2PKJT-CVRRS-X3M4S-EGNQP AMKPD-2XRMH-B34NZ-2825W
  12. Smite Roster

    IGN: zexion6 Region: EU level/rank: 30/unranked Pref role: Solo/mid/ADC/supp/jungle (from best to worst)