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  1. LF Team

    Looking for a team to play ranked games with on the NA side
  2. LF Marauder team

    Looking for a Marauder team to play with, i have been playing for a while so i am good to go for ranked gameplay, let me know if anybody is interested in adding me to their roster
  3. Marauder Team League

    Anybody want to start a Marauder team for league games?
  4. Darwin Project - game suggestion

    Nobody interested....i am suuuper surprised....
  5. Darwin Project - game suggestion

    I am creating this topic to suggest a new game to be added to our list, Darwin Project by Scavengers Studio, i played both betas and it destroys everything that Fortnite and PUBG stands for, absolutely amazing gameplay and the community is superb, any chance we can add this? I will be streaming this game as well as try to recruit for the Marauders http://www.scavengers.ca/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/544920/Darwin_Project__Coming_soon/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/544920 Let me know what yall think
  6. LF Team League

    Looking for a team to play with, i am a flex player, silver atm, Vortex#1438, i am usually on from Monday to Thursday from like 6:30 PM CST to like 9:30 PM CST, let me know if anybody is interested in adding me to their roster or making a team
  7. Lookin to start a Silver/Gold Team

    let me know if we are still doing this?
  8. Roster for TL

    I am interested in joining Vortex#1438/Silver/Flex, i am on and streaming 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday from 6:30 PM CST to like 9:30 PM CST, let me know
  9. Marauder US Group

    added, look me up anytime, more are welcome
  10. New Discord Channel

    My Discord ID: Vortex#2955
  11. Overwatch Roster!

    Vortex#1438 NA
  12. Marauder US Group

    I am usually on from around 6-10 PM CST, i am always looking to play games with guildies, post your battletag if you play in the afternoon and want to meetup on a daily basis on Discord to play some games, QM, ranked it dont matter, let us know Vortex#1438, look me up on Discord i will be in the HOTS channels, Monday to Thursday from 6-10 PM CST
  13. Marauder in game channel

    Do we have an official Marauder in game channel by any chance, if so can someone post the name so i can join, thank you