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  1. Marauder US Group

    added, look me up anytime, more are welcome
  2. New Discord Channel

    My Discord ID: Vortex#2955
  3. Overwatch Roster!

    Vortex#1438 NA
  4. Marauder US Group

    I am usually on from around 6-10 PM CST, i am always looking to play games with guildies, post your battletag if you play in the afternoon and want to meetup on a daily basis on Discord to play some games, QM, ranked it dont matter, let us know Vortex#1438, look me up on Discord i will be in the HOTS channels, Monday to Thursday from 6-10 PM CST
  5. Marauder in game channel

    Do we have an official Marauder in game channel by any chance, if so can someone post the name so i can join, thank you
  6. New Discord Channel

    I really like this, Discord is super solid, see yall in game
  7. Garrosh, the other red meat.

    His fun to play, but i am not using him in HL just yet
  8. Archlich of Naxxramas

    I am all over him, glass cannon but soooo much fun to play, Li-Ming got nothing on KT

    thanks for the info mate, i would love to get out of this Silver hole i am in, i just cant get out of it, i win 3 lose 3, win 2 lose 4, its just not letting me get in Gold at all
  10. Lookin to start a Silver/Gold Team

    I am down to join, i am usually on Monday to Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM CST, i play any class, any role, any position in a team, let me know if we can make it happen Vortex#1438
  11. Good luck with Pace

    I dont believe those guys know anything of how Clans operate, this is by far not a dying clan, it is a growing clan, i came from a dying clan and trust me it was dying for sure, i absolutely love this clan and the rules and more than fair, if you do not like it GTFO, i been an officer in WoW for over 10 years, rules are rules, obey them otherwise leave, btw poaching is very bad, please stay away from it
  12. I am usually on Mon-Thursday after 6 pm CST, let me know if you have a team that i can join, i love playing in a team environment Add me: Vortex#1438

    @Lazres you sound like the type of player i like, i am currently on summer schedule for another 2 weeks, starting in August i will be back n normal schedule and i will be on at the practice times again, right now i am wayyy to tired when i get home to focus on gameplay, i will add you to the roster mate, looking forward to play with ya, add me on bnet: Vortex#1438