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  1. He is my new main, been waiting for him since day 1, amazing damage and sustain, tanks worst nightmare
  2. So i see, we will leave it at that my friend
  3. The ref situation, seen this from a mile away
  4. Anybody here watch Formula 1, if so, what team do you like and what drivers?
  5. That's what i am talking about brother, Red Devils for life, i do the same thing mate, phone, home, weekends, weekdays, i love it, i also watch F1, my team is Ferrari
  6. LOL, now that's a fix
  7. Memory going bad or hard drive, i have seen this before, run a memtest and a heavyload, if those pass then you might want to backup your stuff cuz your HD is about to go out
  8. Deleting a post should be enabled for all users, what if i log in one night after 5 hours of drinking, wake up in the morning, read it and i want to delete it?
  9. Pending

    Try clearing cookies in your browser or try the marauder website on another browser, i am having zero issues on Chrome, i stopped using Firefox a long time ago since it has a pissload of issues
  10. This will probably be a question for the Web Admin, have you tried clearing all the cookies and see if the browser is not the issue?
  11. You have to be very careful with the CPU pins, you are actually super lucky you got it working again, most CPU's will not work again after the pins have been bent or broken, glad to hear that you got it going again mate
  12. The problem with the old HOTS was matchmaking and the lack of progression, now since 2.0 is out it is amazing again, tons of stuff to do, rewards and endless, prices are low and matchmaking is stellar, the problem with games like HOTS is hype, when it cools down people tend to look for other games, or go back to their main games, mine is and will always be WoW, when i am ahead of the curve i usually go to HOTS or Overwatch so i dont get burnt out
  13. My best advice is to try out some bruisers as well, Varian is amazing in Hero League, i also go with Anub and Diablo, in QM i have fun with some glass cannons, but hero league is all about control, lookup Icy Veins for all the info you need
  14. Yeh i am, look into the post called Vortex Gaming, we would love to have ya mate
  15. I see i see...../sadface