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  1. His fun to play, but i am not using him in HL just yet
  2. I am all over him, glass cannon but soooo much fun to play, Li-Ming got nothing on KT
  3. thanks for the info mate, i would love to get out of this Silver hole i am in, i just cant get out of it, i win 3 lose 3, win 2 lose 4, its just not letting me get in Gold at all
  4. I am down to join, i am usually on Monday to Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM CST, i play any class, any role, any position in a team, let me know if we can make it happen Vortex#1438
  5. I dont believe those guys know anything of how Clans operate, this is by far not a dying clan, it is a growing clan, i came from a dying clan and trust me it was dying for sure, i absolutely love this clan and the rules and more than fair, if you do not like it GTFO, i been an officer in WoW for over 10 years, rules are rules, obey them otherwise leave, btw poaching is very bad, please stay away from it
  6. I am usually on Mon-Thursday after 6 pm CST, let me know if you have a team that i can join, i love playing in a team environment Add me: Vortex#1438
  7. @Lazres you sound like the type of player i like, i am currently on summer schedule for another 2 weeks, starting in August i will be back n normal schedule and i will be on at the practice times again, right now i am wayyy to tired when i get home to focus on gameplay, i will add you to the roster mate, looking forward to play with ya, add me on bnet: Vortex#1438
  8. I use these websites and they help me a ton http://www.tentonhammer.com/articles/heroes-of-the-storm-tier-list https://www.hotslogs.com/Default https://www.heroescounters.com/ https://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/ http://www.robogrub.com/tierlist Current God tier: Uther, Anub, Arthas, Dehaka, Genji, Greymane, Malthael ( win rate is huge), Guldan I hope this helps, let me know if anybody wants to get a team together sometimes
  9. Sounds good mate, HOTS section needs more people
  10. I have all characters unlocked so its easy for me to unlock the newest hero since i have mountains of gold lol, i knew unlocking all of them will come in handy one day
  11. Add me up Vortex#1438, i will do some dungeons with ya mate
  12. Sorry for the late reply, i been on summer vacation, i will add you asap, looking forward to do some dungeons with ya mate
  13. He is my new main, been waiting for him since day 1, amazing damage and sustain, tanks worst nightmare
  14. So i see, we will leave it at that my friend