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  1. Check out the desert map y'all!!!! @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Neffzilla, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @IamRevenant, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Kurtti, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @SoMuchSwagMan, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary
  2. I haven't played in a tiny bit but I do still have it installed!! Feel free to hit me up anytime if your interested in running a character together!! @Farney Von Cherokee plays Albion a good bit as well! @Fraejix @Bhoosted
  3. Nice to meet you @WulfthofenGaming!! Glad to have ya aboard! We do have several people who play R6 Siege pretty regularly. Feel free to hit me up at any point if your interested in playing sometime!
  4. Looking to reboot the R6 Siege section!! Lemme know if your interested!! Got a group of about 5-12 (and growing more everyday) of us that play regularly depending on the day. We played 5v5 custom server last night!! My name is Adventurous Joe on TS, AdventurousJoe on UPLAY and below is a link to my steam profile. Please feel to hit me up anywhere.
  5. @K1tT3n Yip we are NA. & feel free to hit me up any time I am on! Also feel free to add me on Steam, “Adventurous Joe”
  6. @K1tT3n Donut, Farney and I all own the game and me and Donut have played it a few times! Feel free to hit us up on TS whenever you see us, we are always willing to play some 7 Days to Die. We have actually wanted to get into it, but it is much more fun with a bigger crowd.
  7. @SirPie @merkcury So playerunknown released a WIP look at the new desert map. This looks like it is most of the town area in the center of the map!! I am actually really liking the look of the map, although I am excited to see the more desert area outside of the town!
  9. Looks sick dude. Very clean
  10. Oh yeah the car horns!!! About time lol!!!!!!
  11. This update is gonna be sick!! Big points for me: - Reconnect feature!!!!! - New sniper rifle - Faster first aid and painkiller - Vehicle optimization!! - FIRST PERSON Game mode!! - and the UI additional options sound nice as well What is everyone else looking forward to from this upcoming update??
  12. I'm down as well! Add me on steam.
  13. CONGRATS to all the winners today!! Hope all had a good time!!
  14. @SirPie Yeah, I was thinking the same, but based off the original sketch posted below, there should be many deserted houses in the two downtown areas if they remain through the whole map making process. But as the circle pulls more and more out of the city, will become tougher and tougher. I think it will be a very fun map to play!! @merkcury It is going to be a fully new map. Below is the original drawn out map. It is being called the Peru Map. Below I will also have a small chuck of text from Mr Unknown himself. *** NO MEDIA HAS BEEN POSTED IN REGARDS TO THE NEW ADRIATIC MAP YET THOUGH ***