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  1. Super Power

    power to control atoms be able to basically make or do anything since everything in the universe is made up of atoms. basically everything i need
  2. Smite PC Games

    thier used to be a heavy smite group but it started to die so it just went down but a few of us still play smite including myself, im more a top or jungle main havent played in a while since dont really have ppl to play with anymore. missed the old days when smite was active
  3. Curse of Osiris is around the corner!

    also planning to do the story once it releases , so if any are interest in joining
  4. Curse of Osiris is around the corner!

    yea i cant wait , kind of wondering if thier is gonna be a higher light requirement for the raid lair mode or can we go straight into it
  5. Hardcore Raid 11/14/2017

    305 - hunter (nightstalker- gunslinger)
  6. Prestiage Nightfall Down!

    Prestige raid done me and randoms
  7. Destiny 2 - Hardcore Raid 11/7/2017

    291 - hunter (nightstalker / arcstrider)
  8. recruitment post

    guys heres a recruitment post for us in the destiny 2 forums. if ya can up vote it to make us noticeable so that we may attract more ppl
  9. Destiny 2 Roster

    1.Battle Net Name: Zarkete#1167 2.Destiny 2 Website Name ( so when u apply for the clan we know who u are): Zarkete 3. Is this your Main Game ( Yes,No this is how we know to change your section membership): yes 4. Main Class: hunter 5.Hardcore or Casual Player: hardcore 6. Do u wish to PVP ( If yes do u want to join a team?): yes 7. Are u interested in world first and speed runs ( For hardcore players ): hell yea i am
  10. selling my acc for 60 , got it when the game first came out and played for abit but havent had time for it and well wouldnt be playing it when destiny comes out so wondering if any1 is interest in buying it
  11. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    "cough" stick fight 1v1 1000 hp
  12. stick fight

    hey who here has a game called stick fight , am wanting to find ppl who have it to play with . its a really fun game