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  1. 78
  2. id love too
  3. its awlays gonna be raiders of the lost arc in denmark
  4. No if you liked the old ones because of the way Brendan made them you wont like this one
  5. okay my turn The Mummy - 5/10. It started out kinda good but the plot doesent konow where to go. The thing that kinda saves this movie is Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella they did it so well and the special effects are great but so many bad things that i cant mention all of them but if you have some free time youve seen all other current movies this is a good time consumer.
  6. So a while back i posted a song called fuck genres and now theres another here it is.
  7. @SilentWolf251 XD yeah i dont play much i do like 3 times a week if im not tired
  8. ive been added by someone called freddie_merc94 does anyone know who that is also @SilentWolf251 i havent gotten a friend request from you
  9. i bought civ 6 because i had civ 3 and i got told by all my civ friends who are giant civ fans said i would kike 6 i have tried 5 and i like it but i might get it when it goes on sale or i can get it cheap.
  10. So i recently got the game and its alot of fun and was wondering if anyone would like to join me so that we can be 4 people in a game and just have fun im new to the game but that shouldnt matter. Hope some of you wanna join me!
  11. i cant make it this sucks id love to be there.
  12. Thank you im excited for it later today
  13. SOLO
  14. i sit on my ass and play video games