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  1. Unity3d Programmer

    I'm picking up unity, started just recently and am learning it and C# as i go
  2. Brawlout News & Announcements

    Just a heads up, ELS wil be hosting the next brawlout tourney this saturday! sign up quick! https://play.eslgaming.com/brawlout/
  3. Brawlout Roster

    Hey everyone, if you're playing brawlout, feel free to post your steam name on here and I'll add your beautiful face to the roster! - Lewn1e I'll add fancy tables when i figure out how!
  4. Brawlout News & Announcements

    The brawloff will be streamed and casted on https://www.twitch.tv/brawlout come watch
  5. Brawlout News & Announcements

    There are now Brawlout Community Cups on ESL! There is a $70 steam giftcard prize pool https://play.eslgaming.com/brawlout/
  6. Hey everyone! brawlout is having a tournament this Saturday, April 29th There is a EU competition and an NA competition. EU starts at 3pm UK time, which I believe is BST NA starts at 6 pm UK time, which should come down to: -10 AM PDT(I believe that's what PST is right now) - 1 PM EST - 12 PM CST Hopefully I get all that right! Time zones are a pain. Sign up at: https://smash.gg/brawloff_11 Hope to see you there!
  7. i was streaming brawlout out, a game that came out on the 20th of april, and this happened: https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyMushySardineBatChest idk how to add a media clip
  8. Like jari said, I wanna be streaming which is why we have the 1600x, as for that case, I currently have case with an LED fan on it, and I honestly hate it xD I appreciate it though
  9. I'm free anytime up until about 9 pm pst, so ts or here both work
  10. I'm 99.9% sure the pc i took the ram and hard drive from is the HP Pavilion 500-309. My total budget really is whatever it needs to be to make sure I'm not wasting money on half assed product, and i can always buy parts individually over time instead of all at once, however id like to spend less than 800-1k CAD, which should be doable even though graphics cards these days are anywhere between 500-800 on their own lol. I'm not opposed to changing the motherboard eventually, I'd just like the new parts to work with my current one since it will be one of the last things to change.
  11. Oh snap, sorry, never saw this D: i have a 1 stick of 8 GB RAM, idk how to find the DIMMs, but its ram salvaged from a HP Desktop(I'll see if i can find the model) Hard drive is 2 1TB Seagate drives, both about 3-4 years old. Power supply is EVGA 500W 80+ no i do not have any aftermarket coolers, everythings stock(i know, sad isnt it )
  12. I'll be streaming some Diablo 3 in about 10 minutes, at time of posting ^^, ive never really played much so it'll be a new experience, come by and chat if you'd like! https://www.twitch.tv/lewn1e
  13. My dog is a mini Australian Shepard I don't think I'll be dog sledding anywhere xD
  14. apparently that model of GPU ( 06G-P4-4993-KR) is like, completely unobtainable XD pcpart picker doesnt even have a price for it. at least in canada
  15. https://www.twitch.tv/lewn1e I stream whatever games I can find, lately its been h1z1 and Black Desert, but sometimes h1 crashes on me so ive been scared to stream it again. I'm working on a schedule, so far im only streaming Monday and Thursday, both after 10pm PST, but this might change depending on how things go