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  1. Warriors Den 11/2 Can equip 4 executions now. Tap vs hold like emotes. New Maps: Gauntlet - Viking Map. Gauntlet is some environmental defense mechanic of the map. Market Town - Samurai Map. Map over the water. Has zip lines. Improvements on Patching System: Reduces size of future patches. 10% Speed Up of waiting time for match to start during face off screen PvAI can be set to all lv 3 bots Tweaks to running away in duels will stop lock unlock exploit preventing debuff. Fight System: Out of Stamina: blocking light attacks does not stop the chain. More pressure against OOS. Dodge Roll: Stamina cost increased to 50 from 40. No longer has defense - no longer immune to guard break. Navigation Speed: Tweaks to remove shuffling (lock unlock quickly). Critical HP Regen: Has been removed. Dodge and Rolling: Cannot be used to avoid traps. Map Data Issues: Fix GB issues on slopes etc. Sprint Attack: Tracks closest player. Cannot unlock. Removed uninterruptible flag on most of feats. Gear: 5 new weapon visuals 3 new legendary visuals 1 heroic and 1 epic variation Gear Stats: Reduced stamina cost reduction stat. Can apply embossing on cloth. Ranked Dominion later in season 4 Updated duel tournaments: Prioritize the reward based on last hero played in tournament. Will be random if you already own the ornament. Duel Tournaments rewards are changing with season 4. Tournaments and rewards are seasonal. Looking at ways to get Season 3 tourney rewards back since it was harder to get the one you wanted. They are working on timesnap. They aren't sure if it will be back for Season 4. Depends on risk. Can customize heroes while in match making.
  2. Sorry missed logging For Honor on the 1st because I couldn't be there and just procrastinated hard on reporting. Neb was there to make sure it still happened. Past two weekends we've had low numbers for the actual night, but people came on throughout the day. I've been wondering if there would be a better time and day for it since we have a decent number of EU folks now and the starting time is so late for them.
  3. 10/01/2017 Which Game was this for Game Night: For Honor How Many Players Attended: 4 Names of Attended Players(SCREENSHOTS NO LONGER ALLOWED): Weapon, KJ, Alafin, Nebulon Duration of Game Night: Not Sure. Person in charge of said Game Night: Nebulon Overall evaluation of it (How''d it go): Not sure.
  4. says I have no permission to view, but its a For Honor app and I am GM of the section. Also, I could not move my GO around in teamspeak. Is this intended?
  5. yeah. I'm kinda lost as to why Ubi still wants $60 for For Honor. Wouldn't lowering the price grow the playerbase? Derp.
  6. I am biased. I want to see two 0 reps fight each other in For Honor.
  7. Fastest feints in the game now (but with a big stam hit):
  8. Good chance I wont be on till late. Monday is my birthday so we are celebrating tonight.
  9. The beginning of the animation for the emote From the Gut looks almost exactly like the start up for Demons Embrace if you do it from right guard. Just move in a direction and emote and he will just do the beginning of the emote. Since this looks so much like DE, you can use this to feint DE, aka get people to dodge. So then you could emote and GB people in their dodge and they usually wont attack because the punish for doing a GB instead is much higher. Tricky tricky! Found a video!
  10. well the CGB removal for all block affects hidden stance too...lulz...good thing she isn't my main anymore . Hidden stance was one of the main reasons I liked her since it neutralized a lot of the bs unblockables.
  11. 09/07/2017 v1.13 Fighters Full Block Stance Guard Break cannot be countered while using Full Block Stance. Developer Comments: The goal here is to increase the risk of using Full Block Stance. It will also help people without Melee Attack put pressure on Warlord and Conqueror. Warlord Counter Slash Counter Slash damage increased to 30 (from 25). Developer Comments: We wanted to give more incentive to use Full Block Stance for the Warlord. The damage output of a successful block after a full block stance was low compared to his parry follow up. Dodge Dodge Right and Left recovery increased by 200ms. Dodge Forward recoveries increased by 100ms. Dodge Forward into Headbutt timing delayed to 300ms (from 100-200ms). Developer Comments: Warlord’s dodge recoveries were too short for the character. We want him to rely more on his shield and sword to counter the opponent than dodging. By increasing the Dodge Forward recovery by 100ms we increased the window between Headbutt and Guard Break. This makes the mixup easier to react to and avoids nearly instant Headbutt. Shield Counter Shield Counter stamina drain reduced to 20 (from 40). Shield Counter stops your stamina regen for 1.8 sec. Shield Counter can be followed up by Heavy attack instead of Counter Slash. Developer Comments: Even at full stamina getting parried into Shield Counter when attacking with a Heavy results in Out of Stamina state. It was too big of a punishment in this case. We reduced the stamina drain but added a 1.8 second regeneration cooldown like most of the stamina draining moves. We think Counter Slash didn’t bring anything more than free damage in some situation and nothing in the others. We think that being able to continue with a Heavy attack that can be chained or feinted will create more interesting opportunities. Basic Attacks Side Light attacks damage decreased to 12 (from 15). Top Light attack damage increased to 17 (from 15). Top Heavy attack damage decreased to 25 (from 30). Side Heavy attacks damage decreased to 30 (from 35). Finishers Side Light Finishers damage increased to 15 (from 12). Top Light Finisher damage increased to 20 (from 12). Side Heavy Finisher damage increased to 35 (from 30). Developer Comments: We increased Finisher damage and decreased Basic damage. We want to reward Warlords who manage to land their chains. The exception is Top Light. It did the same damage as other Lights attacks while being a bit slower. We did a small adjustment to compensate. Overall we consider this adjustment to be a needed nerf to the Warlord. Centurion [Bug Fix] Updated Centurion Moveset icons to reflect the stun property on all Jabs and Legion Kicks. [Bug Fix] Quick Throw can now only be landed on the target you hit with a Light attack. Highlander [Bug Fix] Fixed an unlock tech issue with Defensive Form Heavy Finisher. [Bug Fix] Fixed an unlock Tech issue where sprint attack's 1st hit area could miss in certain circumstances where it appears it should have hit. Valkyrie [Bug Fix] An entity Guard Broken by Valkyrie will now be immune to Guard Break. Developer Comments: This rule has applied to all characters so far except the Valkyrie. Gameplay Dominion [Bug Fix] Removed the extra message when enemy gains score from stealing a zone from the player's team. Maps Sanctuary Bridge [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where a character could not be pushed in a hole due to a new collision. Duel Tournament General [Bug Fix] Alt+F4 anywhere in the tournament flow is now considered an abandon and will show a penalty confirmation. [Bug Fix] Fix female only heroes ornaments thumbnails not showing up in season and tournament rewards. Customization Color Swatch [Bug Fix] Fix color swatch toggle broken when player use the same colors swatch in the neutral and defender slots. Achievements [Bug Fix] Achievement "Evening wear" is now unlocked when the player reaches the condition and exits the Feat selection menu in the Barrack. [Bug Fix] Achievement "Swag Up" can now be unlocked using post launch Heroes. [Bug Fix] Achievement "You're so Vain" that was not unlocking when the last required Hero was equipping an outfit. [Bug Fix] Achievement "You're so Vain" not unlocking when changing feat in the lobby page. PC General [Bug Fix] Unable to purchase Champion Status with Mouse & Keyboard while inside the barracks. [Bug Fix] AFK/Idle timer is not working when the game is not focused. [Bug Fix] Text Chat was not available after joining a group and going to the social menu (Workaround was: open & close in game menu). [Bug Fix] Text Mute icon does not change when match is loading. [Bug Fix] Unable to mute players in the Face-Off screen by clicking on the Chat icon. [Bug Fix] The All Chat indicator on other players is always showing “able” to chat even if communication is not possible. [Bug Fix] Mute player click area does not move with team select. Duel Tournament [Bug Fix] Implemented confirmation popup sequence for keyboard and mouse controlled 'cancel" activation of Tournament.
  12. 08/31/2017 Live Update Highlander [Bug Fix] Highlander's Guard Break range is now the same as other characters. Centurion [Bug Fix] Centurion's Heavy Attacks and Charged Heavy Attacks now cost the right amount of stamina when feinted. Developer Comments: A bug in these attacks’ logic caused the Feint cost not to compute correctly resulting in the Centurion’s ability to chain about 16 feints before running out of stamina. We’ve increased these feints stamina cost accordingly in order to allow fewer feints. Centurion should now be able to chain about 8 feints before running out of stamina. Raider Stampede Charge sprint speed requirement has been increased to 4m/sec (from 3m/sec). Stampede Charge startup increased to 700ms (from 600ms). Developer Comments: Raider’s Stampede Charge could be triggered very quickly after initiating Sprint because the speed requirement to enable the move was low, causing exploits as we’ve seen during the Hero Series Tournament. Increasing the Sprint speed requirement to trigger Stampede Charge will limit it’s exploits from an unlock half-turn. We’ve also increased the Stampede Charge startup duration in order to make it easier to dodge. Shinobi Shinobi's Tackle sprint speed requirement increased to 5m/s (from 3m/s). Developer Comments: Shinobi’s Tackle could be triggered very quickly after initiating Sprint because the speed requirement to enable the Tackle was low, causing exploits as we’ve seen on the Raider’s Stampede Charge. To avoid the same type of exploit on Shinobi, we’ve also increased the Sprint speed requirement to trigger Tackle. Conqueror [Bug Fix] Conqueror no longer falls when hit by an opponent's Melee move, while the opponent is in Revenge. Centurion [Bug Fix] Uncharged Jab after Heavy finisher no longer Unbalances when done in Revenge. [BugFix] Zone Attack can no longer lose target and become unparryable after the first hit when done Out of Lock. Kensei [BugFix] Swift Strike can no longer be unlocked to become unparryable. [BugFix] Kensei can no longer rotate at extreme speed while attacking. Developer Comments: Kensei was able to rotate at extreme speeds during many attacks due to a bug in our data that allowed the character to continuously update its orientation during startups. We’ve fixed these cases to be consistent with the rest of the cast. The expected behavior is that characters can update their orientation once at the start of an attack. Note that this orientation issue was also fixed on a few other characters’ attacks. Kensei was the character where this issue was the most visible.
  13. 08/26/2017 v1.12 Changelog: Fixed a matchmaking issue, introduced in V1.11, that significantly increased the occurrence of error 4000009 : “You cannot join the session because it is full”.
  14. 08/15/2017 v1.11 Heroes New Heroes The Highlander (Hybrid): a difficult-to-master, but hard-hitting Viking. This unique character can switch between two stances, Offensive and Defensive, as they wield a mighty claymore. The Gladiator (Assassin): an easy-to-play Knight who boasts a high attack speed. They excel when it comes to stamina management and easily keep enemies at a distance with their proud tridents. Maps New Maps The Sentinel (Knight-themed map): all that remains of a once-proud fortress is its cliffside watchtower. Keep an eye out for functional ballista placements among the ruins. This map is available in all game modes. The Viking Village (Viking-themed map): has long been deserted, but the mead hall at the top of the main street can still get pretty rowdy...if you know which lever to pull. This map is available in all game modes except Dominion. Duel Updates Overwatch Trap doors during Duels no longer open at match start, they are triggered at 25 seconds. Duel location on broken bridge has been altered to include larger fighting space. Tower Ruin Duel location on balcony catwalk now has full railing along the lookout view. Duel location at top of tower has been removed and moved to lower garden area. Forest Duel location on bridge has been removed and moved to lower area. Game Modes Ranked Duel Tournament (BETA) We are introducing the Ranked Duel Tournament feature in BETA. Tournament: join a tournament and play 3 to 6 Ranked 1v1 Duel matches through qualifiers and playoffs. Tournament specific rewards are available based on your Duel Tournament progression. Ranking: Every Tournament match will have an impact on your Player Rank. Players need to complete 20 placement matches to get an official Ranking. Players will need a renown score of at least 1 to unlock access to Tournaments and Ranking Duel Update High mobility in Duel can enable some characters to easily stall by running away until the clock runs out. This is frustrating for the opponent and not fun to watch. To counter this, we are introducing those two changes: “Anti Run Away” system Time out victory is awarded to the Player with the most HP remaining The “Anti Run Away” system works by tracking characters’ navigation to identify who is running away and who is in pursuit. If the system confirms that a player has been running away for too long, it applies different boosts and penalties to the duelists. Runner: Navigation Speed reduced by 20 % Automatic Stamina drain over time Pursuer: Navigation Speed increased by 30 % The Speed bonus and penalty allows the pursuers to catch up. The Stamina drain acts as a last warning to the runners who will end up Out of Stamina if they don’t resume combat. In addition to this change, we’re updating the win condition on time out in order to make the player with the highest HP remaining win the current round. Dominion Added a “First Blood” special kill ! Whomever kills the first hero will be awarded a once per match Renown bonus of 7 points. FIGHT Chip Damage Chip Damage on attacks dealing 0 to 20 damage increased to 18% (from 2%). Chip Damage on attacks dealing 21 to 45 damage increased to 18% (from 5%). Chip Damage on attacks dealing more than 45 damage increased to 18% (from 10%). Developer comments: Chip Damage is the amount of damage that you deal when your attacks are Regular Blocked by the opponent. Since the Chip Damage values currently varied from 2%, 5% and 10% based on attack damage, Chip Damage has been so low that you would never fear to Block anything. This increase will make blocking less effective as a stalling mechanic as there will be a more noticeable health penalty to pay. Chip Damage will however still not be lethal. No Chip Damage is applied when your attacks are Deflected, Parried, or Interrupt Blocked*. *Note: Interrupt Block occurs when a Light Attack is Blocked, or when a Light or Heavy Attack is Superior Blocked. Chip Damage stacks with Chip Damage Gear Stat, damage buff from Feat / Boost, Revenge damage bonus. Chip Damage does not stack with Attack / Defense Gear Stat. Revenge State Update Revenge Activation is now immune to Melee Attacks. While in Revenge, Attacks won’t be interrupted by Melee attacks. While in Revenge, Melee Attacks* no longer Unbalance. While in Revenge, Shield Boost has been increased from 50 to 70. Developer comments: With the recent changes to Revenge earn rates, we also wanted to rework how powerful Revenge State should be. An important aspect of the rebalancing of Revenge State is the role of Melee. Melee is currently very strong in Revenge State, but also very strong against it. It could be very difficult to deal with getting unbalanced over and over by a Warlord/Valkyrie/Conqueror who is in Revenge – and being in Revenge also seemed very weak when surrounded by Centurions who Kicked. It also created a split between characters with and without Melee attacks. While in Revenge, we want you to have more opportunity to attack, and while attacking to be less vulnerable to Melee attacks. We expect to see group fights be less reliant on having someone to spam Headbutt/Shield Bash/Kick. We’ve also updated some bot behaviors accordingly. *Known issue: Centurion’s Jab post Heavy Finisher still unbalances, it will be fixed in a future update. Disabling Moves We’re making important changes to reduce some Melee attacks’ stun lock capability: Centurion’s Charged Heavy Valkyrie’s Sweep Shinobi’s Heavy Finishers Conqueror’s Sprint Shield Bash Warlord’s Crashing Charge Raider’s Stampede Charge All these attacks push synced-up reactions on their victim which can be interrupted if the victim gets hit again during the initial reaction. Some other specific attacks are completely uninterruptible during the synced-up reactions and won’t change, such as Shugoki’s Demon Embrace and Lawbringer’s Long Arm. The reason we’re updating these attacks is so they become compliant with our generic reaction anti-stun-lock rules. In For Honor, attacks push different kinds of reactions: Generic Reactions: Hit reactions for weapon attacks, Bump reactions for melee attacks. Synced-up Reactions: where the attacker & victim play two synced up animations. Generic reactions have an In-reaction variant that is pushed if an entity is getting hit by two opponents very quickly. The first attack causes a normal reaction, if the second hit registers during the initial reaction, the In-reaction variant is pushed, which guarantees uninterruptibility if a third hit occurs. This is how we’ve limited stun locking so far in group fight. The problem is that the In-reaction system has only worked for Generic reactions. From now on, all the above-mentioned attacks’ synced-up reactions will also be able to be interrupted by In-reaction variants. For instance, a Player pinned down by a Centurion’s Charged Heavy will no longer be pinned down a second time if another Charged Heavy hits him while the first reaction is still playing. Instead, the second Charged Heavy will cause an In-Hit reaction. The damage of the Charged Heavy will still apply, but it will free-up the target. In addition to these changes, we’re making a few more states invulnerable to these Synced-up Reactions to further prevent stun locking: Counter Guard Break Guard Break Timeout Unbalanced Out of Stamina attacks Warlord no longer has Superior Block on Light Attacks when Out of Stamina. Warlord no longer has Super Armor on Heavy Attacks when Out of Stamina. Valkyrie no longer has Superior Block on Light Attacks when Out of Stamina. Conqueror no longer has Superior Block on Heavy Attacks when Out of Stamina. Developer comments: Since attacks are supposed to be weaker when Out of Stamina with the much longer startups, it didn’t really make sense to us that they still maintained special properties such as Superior Block or Super Armor. Combat animation system [Bug Fix] Attacks with Superior Block property on startup no longer play a Hit reaction animation against the Shinobi’s long range Heavy Charged attacks. [Bug Fix] Heavy attacks no longer switch to Light Attack animation when the opponent uses Guard Break. Developer comments: It’s important to note that these are animation bugs causing the animation not to match the logic under certain circumstances. In both cases, the logic always worked properly, but visually it simply looked off. In the case of the Heavy attacks versus Guard Break, whenever the bug happened, it never turned Heavy attacks into Light Attacks, it just played a Light Attack animation while maintaining all the gameplay properties of the initial Heavy Attack (timing, damage, etc…). Guard Switch [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue causing Guard Switch not to activate in the correct direction under specific timing conditions. Developer comments: For keyboard and mouse we buffer the Guard Switch input indefinitely, which revealed a bug in our Stance Change code. Some of you identified it with Assassins not switching to the correct stance post Dodge. In fact, this could also happen on consoles but with much tighter timings due to a shorter buffer. Feints Defense [Bug Fix] Kensei, Warlord, Valkyrie, Centurion can now block 100ms into their Feints. Developer comments: Most characters can block within the last 100ms of their Heavy Attack Feints. However, the above-mentioned characters weren’t setup properly. This is now consistent across all characters except Assassins because of their Reflex Guard. Zone Attack OOS [Bug Fix] Valkyrie, Nobushi, Shugoki, Raider, Kensei, Conqueror, Peacekeeper can no longer Cancel out of Zone Attack when Out of Stamina. Developer comments: With these characters, it was possible to trigger your Zone Attack, go Out of Stamina and still Cancel the next part of the Zone Attack. This is no longer possible. FIGHTERS SHINOBI Deflect Teleport Kick range increased to 2.75m (from 2m). Teleport Attack range increased to 2.75m (from 2m). Developer comments: Shinobi’s Teleport follow-up moves will now connect if they are performed after Deflecting Orochi’s Storm Rush, Warlord’s Head Splitter Leap / Alternate, Raider’s Top Heavy, Valkyrie’s Hunter’s Rush. Backflip [Bug Fix] In a mirror match-up, Shinobi can no longer Teleport if the enemy uses Back Flip after being Deflected. Developer comments: There was a bug in which one Shinobi who would Deflect into Teleport against another Shinobi who would Back Flip away caused very disorienting character positioning and camera rotation for both players. Guard Break [Bug Fix] Counter timing on long range Guard Break is now consistent with regular Guard Break. Tackle [Bug Fix] Tackle can no longer hit enemies on higher ground. Throws [Bug Fix] Fixed a visual bug where characters would appear to partially enter obstacles when Shinobi would use a Throw while they’re right beside the obstacle. WARLORD Crashing Charge [Bug Fix] Crashing Charge will Cancel out when hitting an Unbalanced opponent. Bot [Bug fix] The Rank 3 Warlord bot are able to use Parry Shield Bash again. (Rank 1 and 2 do not use this move.) CENTURION Charged Heavy [Bug Fix] Charged Heavies no longer pin the Shugoki if the Shugoki’s Uninterruptible Stance is active. Developer comments: This was actually fixed in the earlier Patch 1.09. We fixed it then so that this Shugoki case works properly, and at that time we also fixed that “Centurion’s Charged Heavy cannot pin an enemy already pinned by another Centurion”. We missed adding the note for Shugoki’s case, and are adding it now for clarity. LAWBRINGER Blind Justice Blind Justice can now be Feinted. Blind Justice can now be followed by Shove on hit. Developer comments: Blind Justice now can be Feinted, which is meant to make it a more interesting option when the Lawbringer Parries a Heavy Attack. Allowing the Shove on hit is meant to allow Lawbringer to continue to pressure the opponent. Judge, Jury and Executioner [Bug Fix] Judge, Jury and Executioner Unblockable Finisher now triggers Execution window of opportunity. RAIDER Bot [Bug Fix] Raider bots can now cancel Zone Attacks and Raider Fury into Stunning Tap. NOBUSHI Unlock tech [Bug Fix] Cobra Strike and Sidewinder Form can no longer become un-parryable if unlocked at the right time. Developer comments: There are a number of situations where unlocking during an attack can cause it to become un-parryable by the opponent. Across the game, we’re currently working to remove this unintended behavior. WARDEN Crushing Counterstrike [Bug Fix] Crushing Counterstrike now uses Miss Recovery when required Developer comments: In certain situations, Crushing Counterstrike didn’t flow correctly into its Miss recovery. For instance, when used to counter a long range Shinobi attack, or if the countered target would get killed by another source before the completion of the attack. This also fixes an issue causing the Zone Attack to be launched by pressing light attack only, if Crushing Counterstrike missed. Unlock tech [Bug Fix] Warden’s “Out of Guard Mode” Basic Attacks can no longer be un-parryable when performed Out of Stamina. VALKYRIE Unlock tech [Bug Fix] Valkyrie’s “Out of Guard Mode” Basic Attacks can no longer be un-parryable when performed Out of Stamina. SHUGOKI Unlock tech [Bug Fix] Crashing Thunder can no longer become un-parryable if unlocked at the right time. Demon Embrace [Bug Fix] Fixed Demon Embrace camera issue when used in a corner. CONQUEROR Zone Attack [Bug Fix] Improved Zone Attack’s defense to start at 100ms into the first strike. Area of Effect was reduced to more closely match the visual of the strike. Developer comments: Previously, Conqueror’s Zone Attack used to have full-block on the first strike only from 0 to 100ms, then no block at all for the remainder of the first strike. This should reduce rewind issues for this move as well as make it more viable as a counter move. We’re also adjusting the Zone Attack’s area of effect as it used to strike targets that were well beyond the apparent range of the flail. PEACEKEEPER Riposting Stab [Bug Fix] Riposting Stab snap duration is now consistent regardless of the stance of the Deflected attack. Developer comments: After Deflecting a Top attack, Peacekeeper’s Riposting Stab had a longer snap duration which caused the move to hit but not visually connect. Against the Shinobi’s Back Flip, it looked like the Bleed was applied without contact. Peacekeeper’s Riposting Stab will now always connect visually on Shinobi’s Back Flip. OROCHI Wind Gust Wind Gust range reduced to 2.5m (from 3m). Developer comments: Wind Gust can’t hit Shinobi who can Back Flip away, but with the 3m range, it looked like Wind Gust was hitting when it was actually missing. With this minor range reduction, the outcome of the attack versus Back Flip is more obvious. The range reduction should not impact other match ups since Wind Gust relies mostly on its very short timing to get guaranteed hits. FEATS Berserker Duration reduced to 15 seconds (from 20). Sprint Speed buff lowered to 20% (from 50%). Defense buff reduced to 45% (from 50%). Attack Buff removed. Developer comments: Berserker is rebalanced slightly with lowered stats and we’ve removed the Attack buff in order to focus it more towards defense and evasion. Juggernaut Duration reduced to 10 seconds (from 30). Removed the ability to toggle Feat. Added Un-interruptible effect. Added Slippery* effect. Developer comments: The idea behind Juggernaut was for it to boost survivability but it was too easily countered. The toggle was rarely used and the feat didn't provide enough to be useful. With this new version, the goal of the feat is to be triggered to hold a position for 10 seconds. The shorter duration means it needs to be used more tactically but the added benefits provide the caster with very good survivability. *Slippery: auto Counter Guard Break Can’t Bleed Added 3 seconds duration when hit by a Bleed Added 5 seconds cooldown when duration ends Developer comments: We have added the concept of cooldown to this passive feat in order to have better tools to balance them. With this change, Can’t Bleed still remains useful but doesn't completely disable the bleed abilities from other characters. Smoke Bomb Reduced duration to 10 seconds (from 20). Added 10% Sprint speed buff for caster. Removed Shield buff. Allies in Smoke Bomb area of effect gain Stealth and can't be locked on. Enemies caught in Smoke Bomb area of effect lose UI and can't lock on. Developer comments: Smoke Bomb was underwhelming and didn't live up to our expectations so we decided to give it a pretty big buff. The added sprint speed will help Smoke Bomb casters to flee the fight if that's what they want to do. The different effects on Allies & Enemies transforms the Smoke Bomb into a great offensive and tactical utility. Feat Cooldown in Elimination Feat Cooldowns now carry over between rounds in Elimination Developer comments: Feats contributed a lot to the snowballing effect of the winning team in Elimination. The most obvious example of that is getting hit by high damage projectiles at the start of every round. From now on, Feat cooldowns will not reset after each round, so the tactical decision to use a Feat in one round will carry consequences through the next. Miscellaneous Ladders [Bug Fix] Sliding down a ladder and hitting someone won't cost an additional 25 Stamina. Developer comments: In our effort to counter cheesing strategies on ladder, we introduced what we consider an unfair Stamina penalty that would cost 25 points to a Player each time he’d hit an enemy while sliding. Instead we want the penalty to be applied for each Slide attempt so that spamming Slide is punished, not hitting several enemies with one slide. Characters All A full pass has been performed on Neutral Colors Palettes in order to include further account for for Attacker or Defender Colors Palettes. Warlord All Warlord helmets now include material change. Warden Daubeny’s Shame: the chosen material is now partially applied to the ornament in order to give more customization options while keeping the intended artistic direction. Emotes [Bug Fix] Warlord’s Discobolus: added missing Mood Effect event. [Bug Fix] Kensei’s Using the Fore!: fixed clipping issue. WORLD Map Design [Bug Fix] Harrowgate – Fixed AoE still visible on-screen after destruction of lanterns. Player Engagement Gear [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where the Stamina Reduction gear would not apply its effect on moves requiring a Hold input. [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where arrows in gear comparison would always show 3 arrows when comparing against values of 0 or default gear. Chip Damage Gear Stat The values for Chip Damage gear has been updated following the fight update addressing the defensive meta. The following values have been modified, depending on the Gear Stat Stats undle: Bonus for Common gear: Original: 00% to 41.60% Updated: 6.00% to 20.00% Bonus for Rare gear: Original: 00% to 54.40% Updated: 11.00% to 27.20% Bonus for Heroic gear: Original: 00% to 64.00% Updated: 14.00% to 32.00% Bonus for Epic gear: Original: 20% to 80.00% Updated: 18.60% to 40.00% Penalties unchanged for all gear Developer comments:Since the proportion of damage that goes into Block Damage has been increased considerablywith the last Fight system update, we lowered the Block Damage bonus that you can get from gear. It is now half as high as it used to be. Also, taking a penalty to Block Damage has thus far been pretty consequence free, making the bundles with chip damage penalty better in our analytic. We then decided not to lower the penalty values to keep those bundles competitive. New Legendary gear added 4 new Legendary weapon visual have been added for all heroes. 2 Legendary armor variations also given to all heroes except Highlander and Gladiator, while 1 Legendary armor variation has been added for Highlander and Gladiator. New Legendary Gear Stats for weapons also added, exceeding previous maximums for both bonus and penalties. 36 new Stat Bundles for weapon added for legendary with gear. Legendary gear can now be looted from Reputation 7. Developer comments: You are a Raider. Legendary! Hero menu: Realtime visualisation The Hero menu now preview Executions, Emotes and Mood Effects in real time in-game animations instead of videos. Developer comments: It is now possible to previsualize an Execution, Emotes or Mood Effects in real time in the Hero menu. The Execution, Emote or Mood effect will be played with the currently selected Hero and Loadout. This allows to preview the full visual of the hero, with current customization. It is also possible to preview in fullscreen to watch every detail of the Execution, Emote or Mood Effect before purchase. Achievements [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where players would not be granted the Active Duty achievement even when meeting prerequisites. Achievement will be granted to those qualifying at next deployment. New Faction War feature: War Banner The War Banner has been added to the Faction War functionality. Selecting a territory with the War Banner will send all generated War Assets to this territory, until it is manually removed or the territory becomes unavailable for deployment after a territory update. The War Banner can be placed on the Faction War map before, or between, matches. Developer comments: We received feedback from the community stating that placing war assets between matches was tedious or too long to manage rewards and war assets. To increase faction involvement without lengthening the end of match, we added the War Banner to streamline and make easier the deployment of War Assets. While allowing to select a territory in advance or between matches, it is now more accessible to take part in the Faction War. Faction balancing Tweaks to the formula balancing the amount of War Assets generated between factions with their amount of active players. The conditions for players considered active have also been refined. Developer comments: The previous formula to balance War Assets with the amount of players in a faction gave some very small advantages for factions where players would play very intensely versus players that only played sporadically. We added some conditions in the formula to consider a wider range of players as active. Capital increased in size for Vikings Winners of the last season of the Faction War now have two territories as capitals. The territory directly adjacent to the Viking capital is now part of the capital (impossible to take for other factions) Developer comments: We felt the need to give more impact for season winners for this and future seasons, really shaping the world of For Honor with the state of the war. By gaining a territory on top of the season rewards, the season winner will now have 1 more territory impossible to take for the other factions. [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where Off Season reward screen would display “Round 6” instead of “off season” New Faction War territories added 9 new territories, 3 per faction, added to the Faction War map. The Viking Village and Citadel maps have also been added to the Faction War map and accessible by playing on the fronts. Outfits [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where the Valkyrie Reputation 18 outfit would not unlock when reaching the listed requirements Increased Reputation cap 10 new reputation levels have been added, rewarding 1 new exclusive outfit per 2 levels. Heroes can now go up to reputation 40 instead of 30. Developer commentsA growing amount of players had reached the maximum Reputation for their main Hero. Adding new Reputation levels will give new rewards for very experienced players with a given Hero. Increased the loot frequency at the end of the matches The loot gained at the end of matches has been increased for all game modes. Loot is given more frequently and has been rationalized per hour across game modes with current Meta. The speed at which loot is gained has been increased by the following amounts: PvP: Dominion; increase of 33%, Skirmish; increase of 27% Elimination; increase of 37% Brawl; increase of 35%, Duel; increase of 32% PvAI: Dominion; increase of 14%, Skirmish; increase of 26% Elimination; increase of 14% Brawl; increase of 9%, Duel; increase of 40% Private Matches: Dominion; increase of 60%, Skirmish; increase of 64% Elimination; increase of 57% Brawl; increase of 29%, Duel; increase of 40% Developer comments: Following gear refactor and the new introduction of the Legendary gear, more stats and gear visuals have been added. To make sure players obtain the piece of gear they want, we made sure the amount of loot gained at the end of the match made it possible to gain full gear of a rarity and level, relative to the amount of time it takes to level to the next reputation. The loot increment also balanced the amount of gear won per hour of play across all game modes with the current data, making sure that on average, playing any game mode will give the same amount of loot per hour. Review Crafting prices We have made tweaks to crafting costs and added Legendary rarity to crafting, the full breakdown is as follows. Update to Salvage Material cost to improve gear Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Common gear From: Level 1: 10 / Level 2: 13 / Level 3: 16 / Level 4: 19 / Level 5: 23 To: Level 1: 9 / Level 2: 11 / Level 3: 15 / Level 4: 18 / Level 5: 23 Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Rare gear From: Level 1: 55 / Level 2: 80 / Level 3: 110 / Level 4: 130 / Level 5: 155 To: Level 1: 45 / Level 2: 55 / Level 3: 70 / Level 4: 80 / Level 5: 95 Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Heroic gear From: Level 1: 195 / Level 2: 255 / Level 3: 295 / Level 4: 335 / Level 5: 375 To: Level 1: 110 / Level 2: 130 / Level 3: 155 / Level 4: 180 / Level 5: 210 Upgrade Cost in salvage material for Epic gear From: Level 1: 400/ Level 2: 520 / Level 3: 650 / Level 4: 800 / Level 5: 960 To: Level 1: 240/ Level 2: 285 / Level 3: 335 / Level 4: 390 / Level 5: 450 NEW Cost in salvage material for Legendary gear To: Level 1: 450/ Level 2: 495 / Level 3: 545 / Level 4: 595 / Level 5: 645 Update to Steel cost to improve gear Upgrade Cost in steel for Common gear From : Level 1: 25 / Level 2: 30 / Level 3: 35 / Level 4: 40 / Level 5: 45 To : Level 1: 15 / Level 2: 20 / Level 3: 25 / Level 4: 30 / Level 5: 35 Upgrade Cost in steel for Rare gear From : Level 1: 75 / Level 2: 85 / Level 3: 95 / Level 4: 105 / Level 5: 115 To : Level 1: 40 / Level 2: 50 / Level 3: 60 / Level 4: 70 / Level 5: 80 Upgrade Cost in steel for Heroic gear From : Level 1: 150 / Level 2: 170 / Level 3: 190 / Level 4: 210 / Level 5: 230 To : Level 1: 85 / Level 2: 100 / Level 3: 115 / Level 4: 130 / Level 5: 145 Upgrade Cost in steel for Epic gear From : Level 1: 270 / Level 2: 290 / Level 3: 315 / Level 4: 340 / Level 5: 360 To : Level 1: 155 / Level 2: 175 / Level 3: 195 / Level 4: 215 / Level 5: 235 NEW Cost in steel for Legendary gear Level 1: 245 / Level 2: 275 / Level 3: 305 / Level 4: 335 / Level 5: 365 Update to Steel cost to apply visual on gear Cost in steel to apply Common gear From : Level 1: 100 / Level 2: 120 / Level 3: 140 / Level 4: 160 / Level 5: 180 / Level 6: 200 To : Level 1: 65 / Level 2: 80 / Level 3: 95 / Level 4: 110 / Level 5: 125 / Level 6: 140 Cost in steel to apply visual in Rare gear From : Level 1: 225 / Level 2: 240 / Level 3: 255 / Level 4: 270 / Level 5: 285 / Level 6: 300 To : Level 1: 155 / Level 2: 170 / Level 3: 185 / Level 4: 200 / Level 5: 215 / Level 6: 230 Cost in steel to apply visual in Heroic gear From : Level 1: 325 / Level 2: 340 / Level 3: 355 / Level 4: 370 / Level 5: 385 / Level 6: 400 To : Level 1: 245 / Level 2: 260 / Level 3: 275 / Level 4: 290 / Level 5: 305 / Level 6: 320 Cost in steel to apply visual in Epic gear From : Level 1: 425 / Level 2: 440 / Level 3: 455 / Level 4: 470 / Level 5: 485 / Level 6: 500 To : Level 1: 335 / Level 2: 350 / Level 3: 365 / Level 4: 380 / Level 5: 395 / Level 6: 410 NEW Cost in steel to apply visual in Legendary gear Level 1: 425 / Level 2: 440 / Level 3: 455 / Level 4: 470 / Level 5: 485 / Level 6: 500 Update to salvage value given by dismantling Salvage Value for Common gear – Unchanged Level 1: 5 / Level 2: 6 / Level 3: 7 / Level 4: 8 / Level 5: 9 / Level 6: 10 Salvage Value for Rare gear – Unchanged Level 1: 20 / Level 2: 23 / Level 3: 26 / Level 4: 29 / Level 5: 32 / Level 6: 35 Salvage Value for Heroic gear From : Level 1: 55 / Level 2: 60 / Level 3: 65 / Level 4: 70 / Level 5: 75 / Level 6: 80 To : Level 1: 45 / Level 2: 50 / Level 3: 55 / Level 4: 60 / Level 5: 65 / Level 6: 70 Salvage Value for Epic gear From : Level 1: 100 / Level 2: 115 / Level 3: 130 / Level 4: 145 / Level 5: 160 / Level 6: 175 To : Level 1: 85 / Level 2: 95 / Level 3: 105 / Level 4: 115 / Level 5: 125 / Level 6: 135 NEW Salvage Value for Legendary gear Level 1: 150 / Level 2: 155 / Level 3: 160 / Level 4: 165 / Level 5: 170 / Level 6: 175 Developer comments: With the new Legendary rarity, we revised crafting costs to allow players to get to max gear score within a rarity before leveling to the next and loot a new full set of gear. These new prices are also based on the newly merged crafting material, making it easier to craft weapons for other heroes than a player’s main, reducing the grinding time required to have good gear. Presentation Colorblind Mode Further UI elements have been adapted to colorblind mode. Gear Stats Legend Added a Gear Stat Legend that defines all armor and weapon statistics. Developer comments: To further our players’ understanding of their gear, we implemented a legend in which we define all of the gear statistics. Both Armor and Weapon statistics descriptions will be available through the Gear Stats option in the Heroes and Customization menus. With this new feature we hope to assist the players in selecting their gear tactically and efficiently. Skip Faction War Update Information Skip the updates on the Faction War when entering the ‘’welcome back’’ updates sequence in Matchmaking. Developer comments: To allow the players to go straight to Matchmaking, we made the ‘’Updates on the Faction War’’ animations skippable. However, doing so will not skip player rewards, round and season results, or special events screens. Accidental Reward Equip Post-Match A “hold” button was added to equip the Reward gear post-match to avoid accidental equipping when skipping end-game animations. Developer comments: When a multiplayer game finishes, the "end of game" screen includes a lot skippable animations. Players would repeatedly skip to jump to the next match’ but would end up accidently equipping reward gear. To avoid this, a short hold button to equip the gear was added. Bug Fixes [Bug Fix] When a user is on a Multiplayer Activity Card and accesses the Tactical View, the 'Play' button on the Activity Card would become non-functional. This has been resolved. [Bug Fix] Loading map wasn’t displayed during the entire Face-Off multiplayer sequence. This has been resolved, and now lasts its entirety. [Bug Fix] General corrections and modifications of thumbnails and presentation assets. [Bug Fix] General corrections of localization and interface. ONLINE XP & Rewards are now available in 1v1 PvAI Dev Comments : Rewards & XP are now available for 1v1 PvAI on PC (like console), we had to turn it off at launch because of potential abuse. We since then addressed those risks and can now turn it on. Bug Fixes [Bug Fix]: Player can get stuck on an empty worldmap under certain circumstances. [Bug Fix]: Session split after host migration. Dev Comments: Under certain circumstances, when a host migration occurred, some of the remaining players ended up in a different session than the others. Sometimes, it ended up with each player isolated in a match populated with bots. Matchmaking Improved Rematch Flow Matchmaking will now restart automatically if there’s not enough players to start another match once the end of match lobby countdown reaches 0. As an additional improvement, groups will now be kept together when this occurs. No more kick back to the Main Menu or Group Disband! Thanks to this improvement and the Join-In-Progress in End Match lobby, players don’t have to leave the lobby anymore when they want to continue playing the same Game Mode with the same Group Duel and Brawl: “Return to Matchmaking” For Duel and Brawl playlists with matchmaking, a new option is now available in the End of Match Lobby. Players now have the option to choose whether they want to rematch against the same player(s) or return directly to matchmaking (instead of passing through a series of menus) Dev comments: Players’ comfort in the game is one of our top priority. This improvement will remove the biggest irritations in the current end game flow. All Platforms Bot Selection in "Duel Practice" Players are now able to select the following options in the "Duel Practice" selection box: Bot Lvl 0: Peacekeeper (Dummy bot, doesn’t attack) Bot Lvl 1: Raider Bot Lvl 2: Shugoki Bot Lvl 3: Valkyrie Custom: A bot selection screen will open. First, a bot is selected from the Hero grid and then its level Developer comments: Due to feedback from the community, we added the ability to select the Bot and its level to be used in the "Duel Practice" mode. Please note: Custom options does not include a level 0 Bot. Custom Match settings are saved for the current session All changes made in the Custom Match menu are kept during the game's session. The changes can be reset to default by selecting the "Reset to Default" option or restarting the game. Tutorial panels added to the "How to play" menu Players are now able to review all tutorial panels in the "How to play" menu PC Specific Toggle the in-game HUD Players are now able to toggle the in-game HUD by pressing the [F10] Button. The key can be changed in the Keyboard Mapping options. Improved TAA performance on low end INTEL HD Graphics chips Render Scaling slider can now be used independently form Anti-Aliasing Developer comments: By removing the dependency from AA, render scaling can be used without any kind of anti-aliasing, reducing the performance impact on lower end PC’s. Text Chat Improvements Text Chat Privacy and ‘’Opt-In’’ Chat settings Available Text Chat Privacy settings are Group, Team and All Group: Text Chat will be received by your current Group Team : Text Chat will be received by your current Team All: Text Chat will be received by everyone in your current Match Default Text Chat setting Text Chat Privacy setting is Group by default. By default, players will not be able to send and receive any chat messages from players outside its own Group. The default Text Chat Privacy settings can be changed in the OPTIONS->USER INTERFACE menu. In-Match Text Chat Settings The Text Chat Privacy setting resets at the start of every Match to the player’s default Text Chat Privacy. During a match, players can use [F9] (default key) to edit their selected Text Chat Privacy Setting for the duration of the match. User Interface: In-Game Text Chat A Text Chat Privacy reminder notice will be displayed at the beginning of every match by default. It can be disabled in the OPTIONS->USER INTERFACE menu All players’ current Text Chat Privacy setting is shown in the player widget. Icons indicate players Text Chat Privacy setting and your ability to send them chat messages. Text Chat and Voice Chat Muting Players can mute/unmute incoming "Text Chats" and "Voice Chats" from other players. Other players can be muted or unmuted by interacting with the Text Chat and Voice Chat icons in the player widget. This can be used in: Team Selection Hero Selection Group Menu Interactive Scoreboard Lobby Developer comment: To improve the Text Chat experience and give further Privacy Setting control to our players, we decided to change the default Text Chat behavior to be an Opt-in process. Therefore, the default scope now prioritizes a Group-based chat. However, options to partake in the Team-based and All chat realms are still available and can be set as default if preferred. PC Bug Fixes [Bug Fix] player is unable to select the gears using keyboard after dismantling one in the scavenge rewards screen [Bug Fix] 'Q' & 'E' button prompt for selecting game modes have reversed functionality when selected with mouse [Bug Fix] Shadow flickering occurs on face off screen for the characters that are selected
  15. Since Ubisoft doesn't put Live Updates in their patch notes, I'll start with the Season 3 patch and try to keep this updated with everything I find.