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  1. Max Punish List This is very very good. Has things missing from the sidebar in competitive sub reddit.
  2. Nobushi Discussion

  3. Conqueror Discussion

  4. Conqueror Discussion

    You GB, then charge a heavy and cancel. This makes it so you can dash while they are still stunned. Would add 10 dmg to GB punish with feat.
  5. Conqueror Discussion

    I didn't have to change my guard as much as the how to video. Just flick to full block and then another guard direction and then GB. Has to be really fast (must use the input queue) or you will bash instead. Can be done during lights or heavies.
  6. Request for Coaching - McAppleJuice556

    sorry I just now noticed this -_-. Still interested?
  7. Unity3d Programmer

    Back in the day got my Bachelors in Visual and Game Programming. Used C# and Unity for the majority of my game prototypes and then used it in the real world for Georgia Tech Research Institute creating prototypes (to sell for contracts for the full implementation) for games to learn about Cyber Security, a place (explore it with quest NPCs etc), and learn a hands on skill (using motion tracking). These two were done while I was in school This was the last thing I made for GTRI (to learn a hands on skill) So I know some things, but it's been quite a while since I've used Unity. All 3 of these examples were programmed exclusively by me, though for the hands on skill I used a Spline library to create the curves that the interactions would be locked too (rails).
  8. Lets hope this helps.

    Totally gonna check it out!
  9. My Resignation

    what alternative interests!?
  10. Roll Call

  11. Patch Notes

    Warriors Den 11/2 Can equip 4 executions now. Tap vs hold like emotes. New Maps: Gauntlet - Viking Map. Gauntlet is some environmental defense mechanic of the map. Market Town - Samurai Map. Map over the water. Has zip lines. Improvements on Patching System: Reduces size of future patches. 10% Speed Up of waiting time for match to start during face off screen PvAI can be set to all lv 3 bots Tweaks to running away in duels will stop lock unlock exploit preventing debuff. Fight System: Out of Stamina: blocking light attacks does not stop the chain. More pressure against OOS. Dodge Roll: Stamina cost increased to 50 from 40. No longer has defense - no longer immune to guard break. Navigation Speed: Tweaks to remove shuffling (lock unlock quickly). Critical HP Regen: Has been removed. Dodge and Rolling: Cannot be used to avoid traps. Map Data Issues: Fix GB issues on slopes etc. Sprint Attack: Tracks closest player. Cannot unlock. Removed uninterruptible flag on most of feats. Gear: 5 new weapon visuals 3 new legendary visuals 1 heroic and 1 epic variation Gear Stats: Reduced stamina cost reduction stat. Can apply embossing on cloth. Ranked Dominion later in season 4 Updated duel tournaments: Prioritize the reward based on last hero played in tournament. Will be random if you already own the ornament. Duel Tournaments rewards are changing with season 4. Tournaments and rewards are seasonal. Looking at ways to get Season 3 tourney rewards back since it was harder to get the one you wanted. They are working on timesnap. They aren't sure if it will be back for Season 4. Depends on risk. Can customize heroes while in match making.
  12. Game Night's Logs

    10/01/2017 Which Game was this for Game Night: For Honor How Many Players Attended: 4 Names of Attended Players(SCREENSHOTS NO LONGER ALLOWED): Weapon, KJ, Alafin, Nebulon Duration of Game Night: Not Sure. Person in charge of said Game Night: Nebulon Overall evaluation of it (How''d it go): Not sure.
  13. Closed Can't See Applications says I have no permission to view, but its a For Honor app and I am GM of the section. Also, I could not move my GO around in teamspeak. Is this intended?
  14. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    yeah. I'm kinda lost as to why Ubi still wants $60 for For Honor. Wouldn't lowering the price grow the playerbase? Derp.
  15. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    I am biased. I want to see two 0 reps fight each other in For Honor.