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    I love playing together with like minded people who same as me strive to perform at whatever they do and are able to admit their imperfections without accepting them.
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  1. until

    How'dgo last night? Did you learning something new? As I said earlier: if there is any "subject" planned for next week just hit me up and I can put together a practice plan. I have some tests coming up this week which is why I couldn't make it last night, but even so I should've notified earlier. Anyways, see you all at gamenight and if not then next practice o/ -Warimano
  2. until

    I´m sowwy T.T I´ve had to pull an allnighter so I´ve been awake for about 35hrs X| If there´s anything anyone feels thay want to practice next week just tell me and I´ll come up with some ways to practice 'em.
  3. until

    I won´t be able to show tonight; got too much work :/ Srry for not telling earlier
  4. until

    @Aiuko It´s in 30 min
  5. until

    Is anyone coming tonight?
  6. Nice editing .0. GJ o/ Edit: Wait is the song some German remake DansGame? How DARE you!?
  7. 150 The number of Gen 1(Mew is disqualified cus not catchable)
  8. @GravityBoostio @LORDmeSH1NE Soo are any of you up for doing it tonight(Friday 29th), or maybe tomorrow before the Gamenight?
  9. Dayum, Congrats Qwerty! This was my goal in OW for the longest but I didn´t really know how to reach it and now I don´t really have the time but if you have some time to spare then I´ll be soaking in tips like a sponge ;D What tanks do you play (if it´s not just tank in general)? I tend to flex between tank and dps so I´m really interested in any tips or feedback you might have 0/
  10. until

    Ohh crap I totally missed this :S Added to calendar now
  11. until

    Anyone that know they will show up?
  12. @Fraejix Still Saturdays for Gamenights I assume? Any idéa on when the practices will be?
  13. The only changes I think I would do are to move Zarya & Ana to tier 2. It seems like tanks are returning to the META more and more which benefits Ana a lot since she can maximise her potential a lot easier with tanks and her biggest weakness being her lack of mobility isn´t as prominent with the protection of the extra tanks. Zarya flourishes in the slightly lower pace of the tank META and she can easily take advantage of the spammy damage from Soldier, Reaper and especially Junkrat. Adding to that the fact that tanks usually are better targets for the bubbles also adds to her effectiveness right now. Personal opinion though, probably completely wrong X)
  14. @ManuelraaWell the point of methods like the PSA is that you don´t need 2 weeks to find it. Another thing about it is that it will help you find the sensitivity that is "standard" for you. The sensitivity you´ve found is one that your body has gotten accustomed to during your current session and that can be affected by a number of things like what heroes you played, what heroes you were facing, your day-to-day form etc. Of course there are pros and cons to every method but "adjusting as you go" is very rarely the most effecient way to do it.