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  1. @Roughknite Well that would be all good if it wasn't for the fact that Reinhardt would be long dead by the time the point is unlocked if the Pharah just keeps shooting the shield. Regardless that was just an example of one unfair matchup, if you think about it there are plenty more. @Rebel1705 Why aren't we just using the existing 1v1 lockout elimination? It would remove any questions regarding the rules and people could practice it if they wanted to. Randomizing adds an unnecessary RNG element and in a competitive match you want as little RNG as possible, skill should be the only factor. Remember why the coin toss was removed from competitive?
  2. I agree with @LORDmeSH1NE , what's the reason for disabling Doomfist? Everyone has had equal opportunity to play him so there's nothing like an unfair advantage. Also what's the point of disabling previously used heroes if the heroes are random? Wouldn't it be more fair and competitive to be able to choose heroes while not being able to repick one you've won with. Random is just going to lead to situations like Pharah vs Reinhardt or similar unfair matchups. It doesn't sit well with me that there is an unessesary RNG element in a 1v1 tournament :/
  3. Aaand I´m signed up. My "team" doesn´t have my name but that name´s mine now ;D
  4. *picks up the glove* - When and where?
  5. The weekly Overwatch Gamenight will soon go live on Twitch were we do custom games, quickplay, arcade or whatever else tickles our fancy so come and join us and help the Marauders grow their Twitch community. We start at 8 PM (20:00) CEST. C ya there Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/marauderclan
  6. Do you mean that you can´t join the game nights? Cus these tournaments "replace" game night that given week. There´re separate ones for EU and NA so which region are you in?
  7. YES!!! This is what I mean and what so many people overlook: To be able to judge if something is META then that strategy needs to be played to it´s fullest and with all the mechanical skill etc. present and then compared to another strategy that is played at it´s full potential as well. Another example of this is Tracer; played right she is by far the best dps hero in the game but - there is a but and it´s not Tracers - she has such a high skillcap that although she by far is the best when played by a good Tracer player she can be completely trash in the hands of an inexperienced player, even if that player is a dps main. This is a common misconception that I especiallly have to deal with as I am a Soldier main: Soldier does not counter Pharah. He needs to hit 11 bodyshots to kill a Phara that doesn´t get healed and that´s not counting damage falloff. It´s true as you say; Widow is the best counter to Pharah as she doesn´t have damage falloff and since she can 0KO Pharah there is no need for tracking as there is with Soldier. McCree comes in second place when it comes to Pharah counters; he has mostly the same problems as Soldier with the difference being that he does burstdamage and doesn´t need as much tracking so if a Pharah is out of position a bit a McCree can(without counting falloff) kill Pharah in two shots and because it´s burst damage she can´t get healed through it as easily as Soldiers consistent damage. Nice to see that more people start to realise that it´s not always the Soldier job to kill the Pharah
  8. Yeah, what I mean by it is that: sure you can win with a subobtimal comp but playing the META gives you the highest chance of winning, and the META is different at different ranks. For example in higher ranked games Sombra is the queen of 2cp but in lower ELO you´ll have people throw if you pick her. Another example is Pharah except the other way around: in high ELO people have such good aim that it´s really hard to play her effectively while in lower ELO Pharah has one of the highest winrate of the offense heroes.
  9. I absolutely agree with having people play their mains being a preferred scenario. However i´d like to point out some things that need to be included when you think of why things work: In two teams with pisspoor teamwork, the defending one has the advantage since you need to be more organised to push onto a point, kill all the defenders and still have enough of a presence to cap the point but to defend you only need to kill those that come on point which is really easy when the enemy trickles one at a time. Was it your team that had really good teamwork aka. target focus, ult management, engages/disengages and so on or was it simply that your team didn´t have teamwork but neither did the enemy team? Do your games usually have that level of teamwork or was it a 1-in-10-matches thing? Last night i won a game where we had 5 offense and 1 support for a while and im ~2900SR, so I´m not saying it´s impossible to win with crappy teamcomps but this is a discussion about the META, aka. Most Effective Tactic Available. Sure some things can work out or someone on the team can´t play the hero that would be needed for a perfect comp etc. etc. but from my perspective that isn´t relevant to the discussion.
  10. The triple dps META isn´t as relevant to normal competitive as people say. Pro teams run it in tournaments sometime but they play 2-2-2 with D.va and Winston just as often. Triple dps is so teamwork reliant that it doesn´t work in comp for the same reasons as it works in e-sports: the combination of mechanical skill and coordination just isn´t there below high Masters/GrandMaster. 2-2-2 is imo still the most viable composition and personally I like the slower, a bit more strategic META that was triple tank but it´s me and a minority who agrees with that.
  11. @Fraejix I completely agree and have as such aggreviated my hideous mistake
  12. We already have two glasscannon flankers in Genji and Tracer and only one "Brawler" in Reaper so I disagree with this. Besides, the current META (dive-compositions) is so glasscannon in nature that adding more glasscannons is a really bad idea imo. From what I´ve seen nobody has found any hard counters to Doomfist but I guess the closest one would be Pharah. There are plenty of soft counters like Reaper (due to Doomfists large circular hitbox making shotguns in general very effective) and Tracer being able to dart around him like she does any other hero but apart from that Blizzard has done a really good job of making it so that there really isn´t any hard counters to him. Personal opinion.
  13. Have fun on your vacation o/ I think we´ll still be here when you get back... I think
  14. Why must you tempt me with awards when Overwatch World Cup is ongoing T^T And it´s the Sydney stage this weekend(!), the one that Sweden is playing in (;; ̄Д ̄)ノヾ((((;゜д゜))__
  15. Timestamps: 0:00 Warimano vs. Warrior 13:17 Warimano vs. Tobbensol 25:56 Warimano vs. FloppyFish 33:04 Warimano vs. McLovin 45:08 Warimano vs. Warrior (Rematch) Social links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/warimano Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/warimano