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    I love playing together with like minded people who same as me strive to perform at whatever they do and are able to admit their imperfections without accepting them.

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  1. PTR Playground - Overwatch


    @BasicallyToast Will there be anything tonight (3/1-18)?
  2. New Discord Channel

    Ohh so this will be replacing Teamspeak completely?
  3. Practice Session - Overwatch


    I'm away during new years so I'll see you all next year?
  4. Game Night - Overwatch


    I'm away over the weekend so i won't be there tonight.
  5. Practice Session - Overwatch


    Aand yet again no one has shown up except me -.-
  6. PTR Playground - Wednesdays

    Is that American CST? What time is it UTC(Universal Time Coordinated)?
  7. Practice Session - Overwatch


    It should start in 10 minutes and no one is here... is anyone coming?
  8. Practice Session - Overwatch


    Will anyone come tonight?
  9. video editing software

    I use Lightworks, the free edition requires you to export the finished project to a file before you can upload it but unless you´re gonna do super advanced stuff it should do the trick
  10. Need name for HL series

    Exactly, since they didn´t have much mobility I could pretty consistently shoot a full mag. Blink in - shoot a mag - blink out. That sequence of event takes about 1.2 seconds so it´s pretty hard to react to and if I don´t need to blink away after one mag then it can do even more. Sleight of Hand is the low-risk-low-return talent(20% bonus), Locked and Loaded is the high-risk-high-return talent(40% bonus) and Focus Fire is the middle ground with 30% bonus. Since I felt pretty confident that I could stick to targets but not confident enough to keep on top of the auto-reloads, I went for the next best thing. If there was high-mobility heroes on the other team like Genji or Greymane then I´d definetly go for SoH, at least until I´ve gotten some more practice with LaL
  11. Need name for HL series

    I was aware of the potential for getting mind-controlled so I had that in the back of my mind, didn´t think of the Judgement though. I didn´t take Sleight of Hand at 16 simply because I´m not comfortable enough that I could multitask that as I haven´t been playing with it very often, but I was confident that I could shoot a full mag at someone before they reacted to me in which case Focus Fire (theoretically) is better than Locked and Loaded. I´m gonna be doing some practice games with LaL though, just to get the feel for the timing
  12. Need name for HL series

    @ASDFChampion Just rewatched the part you mentioned. Using my dash instead of my trait was simply due to inexperience, and honestly I shouldn´t have been that far forward to begin with. I didn´t notice that they just capped top either cus I was too occupied with were I was myself to look at the map, another thing that I really need to work on Hopefully you´ll find some good things about the next game, ETA <1 hour
  13. Need name for HL series

    @ASDFChampion I love constructive picking so keep it coming o/ I´m definetly going to keep the drafting tips in mind as that is the element of the game that I know the least about and have the least experience with. This game I kinda brainfarted and thought we were going to Warhead Junction so I shouldn´t have picked Genji to begin with Looking back on the video It´s also very obvious that I´m standing still while AA much more than I thought I did so I´m gonna try the "hold RMB" way and change the setting so that the attack target is the one closest to the cursor and not yourself. I´m gonna take a look at that 23:40 fight when I get home and wait for the next episode to upload I´ll add the series name to the poll as well Edit: nvm apparently I can´t edit an existing poll -.- ADMINS, GET ON IT!!! BabyRage @Zero
  14. Need name for HL series

    Well there I only got hit by the first "shot" and I dodged out of it as soon as I noticed I was in it. At the time of recording this I had been awake for ~24 hours though so my reaction time wasn´t exactly in tip top shape Ohh... now I get what you mean with your PS; you meant stutter stepping right? I don´t like to use "A" to stutter step against heroes since it makes you attack the closest target which might not always be the target you want to attack, like if a minion happens to be closer then the AA would go to the minion. That´s why I always right click on who I wan´t to attack and I believe that is what I do for most of the game(Correct me if I´m wrong, I always stutter step even if it´s against a stationary objective like the Immortal just to make it less likely to get hit by a well guessed skill shot from the enemy). Doing it this way also makes it easier to weave in your "Q"´s between each AA which is how you want to do it for maximum dps(AA-Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA). If you try to follow my mouse coursor in most fights you should be able to see how I move the cursor to where I want to move, then to who I want to attack, and then back to where I want to move.
  15. Need name for HL series

    Good idea, feels a bit... flamboyant though :/ Not really something that´s easy to remember. Also could you rephrase that PS, cus I´m simply confused as to what action/situation you´re referring to, and what you´re actually giving me a tip about DX