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  1. Welcome!

    Welcome all to what will hopefully be the brand new CSGO section for us here in the Marauders! What I personally hope to achieve is a good community of players of varying skill levels, whether it be silver n00bs or Globul ~~~ Anyone who plays is welcome to join, just dm me or submit an application with a clan lead at optimal times either through our wonderful website or through our discord server.** ~~~ If you aren't a member of the Marauders, please take a look through the posts I tag at the end to see into becoming a member (Please do! We have cookies) If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask me, I'm free most of the day every day and I'll do my best to get back to anyone who asks me anything. Thank you for your interest! - Nebula (V5AUG) **If you haven't yet or you're new, please read our rules! - **If you are a new potential member here to join the ranks of silly, please check this out to apply! -
  2. Game Night's Logs

    Which Game was this for Game Night: Overwatch How Many Players Attended: 3 Names of Attended Players(screenshot allowed): @BasicallyToast @Nebula @Wolftailz Duration of Game Night: 2 Hours Person in charge of said Game Night: @Nebula @BasicallyToast Overall evaluation of it (How''d it go): It was fun for the small amount that showed, we played QP for a while and then gave Mercy tips, then ended on QP
  3. Game Night's Logs

    Which Game was this for Game Night: Overwatch How Many Players Attended: 0 (not including BasicallyToast and I) Names of Attended Players(SCREENSHOTS NO LONGER ALLOWED): -------------- Duration of Game Night: --------------- Person in charge of said Game Night: @Nebula and @BasicallyToast Overall evaluation of it (How''d it go): No one showed up
  4. Overwatch Practice Night

    @XTopgunX, @JalaBanjo, @Tahoe08, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @lukorepka, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @K1tT3n, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @Faerch, @chocomallows, @omni., @Juicyxeno, @Manuelraa, @Mygas, @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Spotless, @marineghost1, @zefirinas, @Command3r, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @Fraejix, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Qwerty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @Rhonin, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @GravityBoostio, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @Littlezigge, @LimaOLima, @hrmla, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @nathybaby, @Kanva, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @MrCruz, @lovefist86, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Nebula, @HeadCloudz, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @Limitations, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Despair, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @tobbensol, @Takashiro, @Ozzy, @amp_, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @MrChoca, @Whizbang, @Aqua, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @Smeagal, @LastMeteor, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini, @xDeathxDroidx, @Blue, @marduar, @Pjungwp, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @Fabulous#11875, @hellraiser, @Mercyless Hey everyone! This is a reminder of the practice night for Overwatch, Tuesday at 9 P.M EST/8 P.M CST for NA and Tuesday 7 P.M CET for EU If you can come, please do! If you have any questions, please PM me with them and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have any things you want to work on one to one with me or any other coach, make sure you make a coaching request post and I'll try and get to it as quick as possible. Here is the link for the format:
  5. Overwatch Competitive Roster

    @TheGuanyin will this be updated this season or only for next season?
  6. Coach Application - Nebula

    @Fraejix haha thanks my dude
  7. Coach Application - Nebula

    1. What is your battletag? V5AUG #1701 2. What is your current competitive rank? What is your best competitive rank? Please provide a link to your MasterOverwatch profile. Diamond, It's the highest I've been. 3. What areas of gameplay do you want to coach? (e.g. basic tactics, map awareness, shotcalling, specific heroes/roles, etc.) Basic Tactics, map awareness, shot calling, game sense, and most of all how to play Mercy 4. Why do you want to be an Overwatch coach? Why should we accept you? I want to be an Overwatch coach because I have a ton of things that I see in players that I feel I could fix, but I know they wouldn't listen. As a coach, I think I could really help people get started with basics and expand their own game to be better. I think you should accept me because of how high the demand for Mercy players is right now, even with the new nerfs she has become a very crucial and versatile part of a team composition. Besides that, I have spent a lot of time practicing and honing very specific skills like game sense that could be extremely useful for someone to learn, whether they're just starting or want to up their skill level. 5. Do you have any previous coaching experience? No 6. Can you be patient and understanding with players of all skill levels and learning speeds? Yes, I know the feeling of taking a while to learn a concept that I look back on and realize it was actually really easy. I started off my competitive career like this. 7. Do you understand that this is actually a difficult job to do? Yes, I know that sometimes things can get frustrating and sometimes there can be misunderstandings. 8. What days/times do you tend to be available for coaching? I am regularly available Saturday from 1 p.m to Midnight, Sundays all day, and Fridays 8:45 to Midnight (Unless there is a special conflict)
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  9. Video Discussion: 1

    Name: 1 Category: Misc. Games Date Added: 2017-10-24 Submitter: Nebula 1
  10. Overwatch Roster!

    V5AUG#1701 NA Role: Support
  11. Name: CSGO: Crazy Flick Category: Misc. Games Date Added: 2017-06-14 Submitter: Nebula CSGO: Crazy Flick
  12. Name: Angle Goal Category: Rocket League Showcases Date Added: 2017-05-28 Submitter: Nebula Angle Goal