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  1. Steam Summer Sale Starts Today

    Link that is useful during the sale:
  2. Alternative Game Nights

    @Serene How dare you! I have wilder fantasies ;P Setting jokes aside, steam summer sale is around the corner and getting some party games (like Ultimate Chickenhorse) for 1-5$ shouldn't be a problem (yeah I know, less rum this way :P).
  3. Alternative Game Nights

    Strip poker? ;]
  4. Post Funny Sheet

    Another video that I find funny
  5. Cavs vs warriors

    Nope. Nope.
  6. The Black Tape Project
  7. Civilization VI

    @yiturtle123 I sent you an invite on steam.
  8. Venus fly trap

    @Gumbo037 I bought an already grown Venus Fly Trap. Had it in a pot only for 3 weeks; she died from the temperature variations (it was a really fucked up summer). So if you really want to grow one I would recommend getting a terrarium, where you can regulate the humidity and temperature, or keep it in a place where the temperature doesn't varies to much. Also the plant needs a proper water, soil mix and when grown don't over feed her with bugs. Some links: very general: Explained in detail:
  9. Up For Civilization 6

    Buy more chests in Overwatch One here, but only the base game (didn't buy any DLC - maybe durring summer sale) and didn't mod the game, because I moved to Endless Space 2. And to be blunty honest, the FIRST free time to play a game like CIV on multiplayer, will be the 24-25 June.
  10. Nova - The unwanted ostracized Shadow

    @Shaz If I'm not playing Nova the only thing that I want from Nova on my team is: - Flanking and killing! (Combo your skills with basic attacks) - Providing vision, and let's say when taking a temple or fighting an altar looking for enemy and their road of approach. - Harassing (if not killing) healers and DPS. - Being a source of damage not a freaking running ward. - Pinging! - Maybe going for camps (if the coin option is picked up on level up). And for my "teammates" if anyone have anything to say to me about my death amount or play style I usually direct them to the damage an XP contribution for the team. Also I have it easier because I use Nova while playing with a friend, so assassinations are somehow easier.
  11. Done with the pole, but @Booyah you could post the questions here so there is no surprises while taking the survey (knowing who you want to nominate and in what category beforehand would be helpful).
  12. Only interested in Shadow of War (it sucks that they moved the release date -_-). What a hint xD
  13. Alternative Game Nights

    @Serene gl & hf
  14. Pointless Count to 10,000

  15. DAY NAME SERIES May 31: Helga (in Finland) model: Helga Lovekaty