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  1. One of my hobbies is to look up houses all over the worlds. today i most likly found the best sommerhouse ever ...
  2. anyone down to play PoE? lvl up a new char? havent played it once, dont wanna play alone
  3. Pending

    @Batman same as pie. If I see you in Ts and im free. ill msg you
  4. I dont wanna rant on about it. just in gerneral. devs behavior, game exp etc. maybe ill find fun again in 1-2 weeks
  5. taking a break. would coach and attand random gamenights. but the game gets worse every update, at least for me. fuck this game right now.
  6. sup
  7. considering buying the game. is the clan active in diablo3? like can I play with ppl consitantly?
  8. finished my exames on monday. Ill be happy to take one of you guys with me into dous and polish your gameplay. apply here
  9. guess im not that old but I still miss games, PC: pinball and the old days of WoW (destroyed my school record, 10/10 would do again) Gameboy: treasure planet
  10. FUCK THIS GAME! - @Always everyday as he plays the game
  11. that must be alot of work... gj