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  1. Overwatch Teams

    Anyone want to make a 3rd EU team?
  2. Overwatch Roster!

    Sorry I've been sick and have no Idea what's going on. Am In a Team, do I need to find/make a team?
  3. @Game Bot he's talking shit about you mate!
  4. Razer Fanboy (kinda)

    I think that's a very hard judgment that you are laying down their. lots of companies have there own mech keys that perform fine.
  5. Razer Fanboy (kinda)

    Yup I allways find it's a toss up between investment in something that "should" last and something that you can replace with no cares.
  6. Awareness Post!

    I can't make it today either but tomorrow I'm in there like swimwear. X
  7. Razer Fanboy (kinda)

    I bought one of these at release for £200 and the paint scratched off after 2 months. I got a full refund and got to keep the stuff that I got free with it. So I was under the impression the CS was pretty good. guess it depends on who reads your email.
  8. [Guide] How to Join the Marauder Clan Server

    looking at them FTB would be my reference I think.
  9. [Guide] How to Join the Marauder Clan Server

    Sounds good. I'd be happy with it being Marauders only as managing a pub server is not going to be easy. But whatever you guys fancy I'm in. Sorry @QueenB i thought you said 4 weeks. lol...
  10. [Guide] How to Join the Marauder Clan Server

    Personally I'd love something with tekkit type stuff but I know QB is quite new to MC so dunno.
  11. Overwatch Competitive Roster

    Welcome to the Clan Dude
  12. Overwatch Roster!

    I would say tank/support. Rein - Ana - Soldier <3
  13. Tournament Team

    Yup deffo, I follow orders well and love jumping on grenades. If ya can handle my Buddhist ways and general crapness that is. ♥
  14. Tournament Team

    All we need is 6 people that would like to compete in a tournament at short notice, play to the best of their ability and have fun. If this is you, stand forward if this is not you take a diplomatic step back and play in the next one. ♥ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️