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  1. I ended up going to black desert online. To be honest, i really lost interest to Camelot. Though bdo is a good game, I am a crafter and trader there. Really did not have the desire to PvP. For those who know me from Warframe, i am taking a break.
  2. Do you have a cat?

    I have two cats and i love them very much. I can post pictures if you want.
  3. Legolas vs. Robin Hood

    Legolas uses more of the traditional archery techniques in the middle ages. Robin hood is a good shot however, of all thr references I have seen and read of him, I think he is rather slow. A master bowman during the middle ages can fire 3 arrows in 5 seconds and hit thier target on par.
  4. The Buddy Topic

    Do not really have anyone that i game with, if were to mention anyone it be @Bravofoxtrot since he the only person here i have gamed with here.
  5. When camelot unchained comes out, i can create an unofficial clan in the game. However, it will just us and it will not be sponsored by marauders, unless the policy changes. This will not occur until November at the earliest. Just so you know.
  6. I am aswell, however, we do not sponsor mmorpgs currently. As much as i would like this to be the case, however i doubt it.
  7. US members 18+

    Scary thoughts of either. Not sure how i feel.
  8. I am a little of both, however, i take my time in games. It pisses people off in a way. It is what it is.
  9. MarauderCon Canada

    Hmm, will be in europe during this time.
  10. The Story of Purplegoose

    Congratulations on your promotion. Keep up the great work.
  11. Any Warframe players around?

    this is awesome, look me up ingame.
  12. Any Warframe players around?

    That is awesome, I will send you invite tonight. check you inbox when you log in. Is your IGN Arudadon?
  13. Any Warframe players around?

    I am still big into warframe, Add Snailey to friends, There is other Marauder Clan people that play. I also started a new little clan within Warframe, it is not an officially recognized by marauders, just so you know. It is something I threw together for marauder players.
  14. Reputation Bar explanation

    I like this.
  15. MarauderCon Canada

    Unfortunately, I will be unable to make it. I hope that all goes well. With regards.