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  1. Leader Retirement

    Sad to see someone like that to leave but its life ^^
  2. Post a Pic of yourself

    Harsh stuff coming from a leader
  3. Post a Pic of yourself

    Bully him more bois !
  4. Albion Online

    Im in a small guild NA baised. With a huge alliance
  5. Albion Online

    I have started playing like 3 weeks again. An hour or two a day depends on my work schedule. Add me as a friend ing - MrCruz
  6. Guan what happend?

    1. TheGuanyin


      We left. Will miss you tho </3

    2. MrCruz


      Who left?

      Give me some shiet discord or other ts that you use so i can stop by :)

    3. TheGuanyin
  7. KOTM

    Dear fellow members. This isn't a post regards recruiting but instead a small reminder to vote in our yearly King of the Marauder Also, let your fellow section members know about it and encourage em to vote. Thank you, MrCruz @Styker, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @arCue, @Cablenerd, @Komaynu, @Sindog, @Steptowalk, @Aside, @Fraejix, @Rebel1705, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Serene, @Darkness, @SilentWolf251, @TheGuanyin, @SirPie
  8. Just a small reminder :)

    @Styker, @Burntdbacon, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @arCue, @Cablenerd, @Komaynu, @CraftyMastema, @Sindog, @Steptowalk, @Aside, @Fraejix, @Rebel1705, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Serene, @MrCruz, @SilentWolf251, @TheGuanyin
  9. Recruiting Team Spreadsheet 2.0

    Will be done once i get home
  10. I've got the hammer

    The hammer of justice !
  11. Setting up your UUID

    CTRL + I and copy Unique ID. If it doesn't work try restarting your TeamSpeak. If it still doesn't work contact Booyah.
  12. Clan Meeting Sunday

    @Booyah il not be able to attend it since it working in the morning from 8AM and meeting is at 2AM