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  1. Love resets

    Sorry, I had to post this. Even though we lost, the reset train was real, even with 4 of my counters on their team
  2. Daytime Team League

    going to play today if anyone is around
  3. Daytime Team League

    I’mma bump this as we need a couple more still 😁👍
  4. Daytime Team League

    We could still use a couple more if there is more interest. 3 of us made the first day, we had a few good games 😁👍
  5. HGC Discussion Thread

    How bout that Samuro? Holy Rich...
  6. Daytime Team League

    Absolutely! Let me know when you two want to exchange schedules so we can start some practices and such.
  7. Daytime Team League

    Well what if each month we get together and set up the days for each month? I get my next months schedule on the 20th of each month.
  8. Daytime Team League

    Hi all, is anyone interested in doing a daytime team? Message me if you are. I'm available a lot but my times can be random because of my job. Message me Belauldar#1247 Cheers Bel
  9. Request

    Is there a chance I could get someone to just tell me in general what I'm doing wrong? >.< I'm having issues in HL
  10. Congratulations Serene!
  11. HoTS Game Night


    i'm there, but i'm all alone!
  12. HoTS game night vote

    lets get everyone to use the in game chat more, so if we have peeps online we can better coordinate and play together ;D