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  1. Recruiting Team Meeting Sunday 7/30/2017

    @Darkness You mind doing a reminder before the meeting?
  2. Return to Salt...I mean Smite

    First match of Smite that I've had in quite a while, I get the most saltiest Cernnunos in Assault ever. Guy bitching the whole game, i felt like we were preparing for Ranked Assault man Funniest thing he said the Anhur fed. Anhur...fed...with 2 kills omg
  3. Smite Game Nights

    The original post has been updated to show the next EU Game Night.
  4. Smite Announcements Thread

    Oh man, it's been a while since I made one of these posts, but here goes Personal Note: I'm almost done with the "helping my sister" vacation thing. My sister has told me I should be returning probably either this week or next week. Once I return, I will begin setting up and preparing the tournament, as well as writing a new News Team Article, AND editing my streaming schedule to become a FULL TIME STREAMER!...sorry a bit hype Section News: Our EU Game Nights have begun on Fridays. Check the calendar for more details, or contact @K1tT3n or @OriginalJoker. Starting in August, our NA Game Nights, on Wednesdays 7PM EDT, and our Worldwide Game Nights will be on Mondays at 2PM EDT. This gives everyone more chances at our beautiful Game Night Awards, and a chance to play with your fellow Smite Members! Also, as I said before, both myself and the Smite JNCOs will be preparing for the Smite tournament happening towards the middle to end of August. If you have any suggestions, we have a thread for them on this forum. Smite News: Patch Notes for 4.14 are out, and a new Goddess is joining the Battlegrounds Also, the Final Fall Season Ticket will be available next patch, so I hope you guys have your 400 gems ready!
  5. Sneak Peak to the new Goddess from Facebook!

    @CactusKate & @K1tT3n This chick should be coming this Tuesday, right? Next patch?
  6. Thank you for ignoring the rest of that sentence and only pulling out what benefits you. Since you ignored it I will say it again, transitioning is NOT a one day thing. It takes years to do, and each step is work, and requires APPROVAL TO DO. Which is why a reputable therapist will not give the A-Okay to just anyone. If you find a therapist who will give a teen or child a letter saying they are approved to undergo HRT in one session, you need to report that therapist immediately. A person thinking about transitioning doesn't start HRT until about 6 months into therapy, give or take. Of course it varies. A teen doesn't just wake up one day and say I want a vagina and boobs. And if they do, well they certainly aren't going to get that anytime soon. AND THEY DO NOT START TRANSITIONING UNTIL THEY KNOW IT WILL BENEFIT THEM. If there is any chance, even a slight chance, that transitioning will have a negative outcome, the therapist will not let them get HRT or continue the transition from a medical point. As you said, it's a life altering decisions, which isn't taken lightly, so stop pretending it is. Transitioning doesn't always help the gender dysphoria, but a trans person wouldn't be allowed HRT or any other trans-related medical services unless they were ABSOLUTELY SURE it would help them. You wouldn't give a person allergic to vaccines a vaccine, right? Why would a reputable health professional give an injection with hormones, unless they know for sure the hormones will not hurt the person, and in turn, cause legal issues in their health practice? I'm reading just fine thank you. You however, should read everything and not what you want to read But regardless, I'm done with this. I just hope none of you have children or loved ones who end up identifying as trans.
  7. A trans person isn't a amputee or paraplegic, so what you are saying is moot point. And GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgeries) are completely unrelated to a person getting their leg chopped off. One is getting their leg cut off, probably for medical reasons, and the other is getting a surgery to be able to live an average happy life. A person becomes a cop. He chose a job that can and will probably put his life at risk. He gets shot, and has to get surgery, and their were complications from the surgery and he can no longer be a cop. So he applies for benefits until he can find a better job. Nothing wrong there. A trans person spends years in therapy, HRT, living stealth, and then finally surgery. They are almost finish what could be the hardest part of their journey, and something goes wrong. They can no longer work. So they apply for benefits until they can find suitable work. You obviously don't understand if you think undergoing this change that takes YEARS TO DO, and their first thought is taking advantage of various benefit schemes. If I get surgery for WHATEVER REASON and something goes wrong and I could never work again, you damn straight I'm gonna find a way to support myself and my family. My family shouldn't have to suffer because something went wrong, something outside my control. If it's depending on the government, guess what. That's why the services are there! To help those who need it. The cop needs it, and the trans person needs it. How about, instead of denying the services to people who need it, make harsher punishments for people abusing it? You know like, people who spend their entire welfare check on drugs and never worked a damn day in their life even though they can?
  8. They are undergoing a procedure to will reduce their likelihood of depression and suicide. They are undergoing a procedure that will make them align physically more with their inner gender, increasing the chance of them passing as their inner gender, and decreasing their chance that someone will KILL them because they are trans. It's not getting just getting big boobs or a penis in between their legs. On average, a trans person is on HRT for at least 2 years before being considered for any type of surgery. Even then, not all of them can or will get any type of surgery. Plus, you need a therapist, psychiatrist, and a medical doctor's recommendation for any surgery. It's not "I decided I want a penis today, let me go set up an appointment". Homosexuality and Trans aren't related whatsoever. So please do not relate them. Who a person is sexually attracted too, and what gender they identify as aren't related, otherwise every gay/lesbian/bi would be trans. And the child needs time to fully work out their issues? You are joking, right? At 14, that "child" is now old enough to hold a part-time job. At 15-16, that "child" is now capable of being mature enough behind a wheel of a car responsibility. At the age of 18 that "child" is now capable of joining the Army or other military forces, is mature enough to vote in our government system. Children and teens aren't ignorant, they make ignorant decisions. And a child/teen making ignorant decisions, will normally make a idiotic decision like underage drinking, cheating on a test, or doing a social media challenge. An ignorant child/teen wouldn't normally decide out of the blue to undergo HRT and become the opposite sex. How many teens did you see do the Fire Challenge for internet fame? How many teens did you see undergo HRT for fame? Also, keep in mind that underage trans people have to go through extensive therapy to make sure they are physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of handling the effects of HRT. Unlike an adult trans person, who can get it a bit easier. And no reputable therapist will recommend a minor to HRT if they cannot handle the treatment. It's not a 14 year old telling their parents I wanna boobs, and goes the next day for their first HRT injection. Imagine waking up every day and feeling disgusted by your genitals. Imagine mutilating yourself because you don't understand why you were born with a penis/vagina, but that body part doesn't feel like it's a part of you. Like it's feels so foreign, like a alien object connected to your body. Did you ever once question why you were born a male or female? Imagine questioning it everyday, imagine being so depressed that you would rather kill yourself then live another day as a male/female.
  9. Whoa, where the heck did you get those ages? The average female begins puberty at around 10-11 years old, and ends at 14-15, while the average male begins around 11-12 and ends around 16-17. By 18, the average person, regardless of gender, has pretty much finished all the physical and hormonal changes for the most part. Which is why 18 is the youngest age a person can undergo HRT without parental consent (unless you have some sort of special situation, such as you are an emancipated teen, then I believe the age is 16, although this can vary depending on location). As for binding, it only causes damage if you are binding incorrectly, such as using unsafe methods, like duct tape or ace bandages, or if your binder is too tight, or if you do it for a long time (talking about years and years of binding). Also, even if you are binding correctly and safely, you can still cause damage if you aren't taking breaks from binding. You should never sleep with a binder, and the recommend max time to wear a binder is 8 hours, with breaks in between if possible and recommended as well, to give your lungs, ribs, and your entire chest a break. There are several places where you can get a binder for cheap or even free online, and some even focus on youth trans folks, teaching them at a young age to bind safely and appropriately to minimize possible complications. As for my stance, I believe HRT should be done at 18 years old and above, UNLESS the person has been showing symptoms of gender dysphoria for the majority of their lives. Then, I believe it can be made an exception at a younger age (but not young like 9-10, more like 16+). My reasoning is, HRT is basically a 2nd puberty. A trans man undergoing HRT voice will begin to crack and deepen, they will begin to get facial hair and body hair, etc. A transwoman will have some breast development, widening of hips, a decrease in sex drive, etc. If a trans person undergoes HRT at a younger age, the HRT will effect their original puberty rather then a 2nd one, and possibly lead to more desirable results for that person. Source: Went to an LGBTQ program as a teen, I was placed under "gender-questioning" with masculinity traits, meaning I accepted being a female, but I had more masculine traits then feminine traits. Saw several 16-20 year olds under HRT effects, it's amazing long-term what it can do for a person both physically and mentally. With that logic, any medical practice, whether it's medication, surgery, or experimental therapy shouldn't get any financial support. Every surgery has a chance to have complications that can render you unable to work or even kill you. Every medication has a shit ton of possible side effects that can make it so a person can no longer work. If I'm taking or doing something to make my life easier so I can be a functioning member of society, and something I cannot control goes wrong, why the fuck should I be screwed even more? If I'm told to get my breast size reduced because of a future possible risk of breast cancer, and I end up getting an life-threatening infection from the surgery, should I not get any help, because I tried to do something that will help me in the future and something out of my control went wrong? You are under the impression that HRT is a cosmetic treatment, when it isn't. Also HRT stands for Hormonal Replacement Therapy.
  10. Completed Application

    @AfterInterim You need to copy and paste the application in the application forum
  11. Silent is Live - Streaming Thread

    Streaming some Fortnite if anyone wants to watch or join
  12. Fortnite Roster

    @Serene Update, my base name is "The Wolf Den"
  13. Fortnite Roster

    SilentWolf251, um don't have a homebase yet, I'll update this when I do got one I guess?
  14. Fortnite Forum Created

    I'm gonna attempt to play tomorrow when I go home for a few days
  15. Double Gameathon Madness!

    Half an hour more to claim the Diablo III Game-a-thon Awards!