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  1. So...until he becomes another Smite God? xD
  2. until

    Game Nights are not section or region restricted. EU Game Nights are more time-friendly for EU Players, and vice versa for NA Players. We actually encourage players to play outside over their main game once in a while, you might make a friend that you wouldn't have met in your main game!
  3. @Fraejix Cough Smite is working on redeeming themselves Cough
  4. I'm going to hell for laughing at that xD
  5. Can I just ask, why the people who left the Marauders, still lurking here and watching this post and the rest of the forums?
  6. @.ExquisiiTe We use TS as it's been implemented to work with the website and the forums. We use TS, because it's more suited to work with a gaming community that has several sections, unlike Discord, which is better suited for smaller communities, or clans focusing on one particular game. We use TS, because it's been proven a better Voice Comm for our needs in the long run, then Discord or other Voice Comms. We use TS, because even though it's 2017, people are still using it.
  7. @ASDFChampion Congratulations dude, a jump from Bronze/Silver to Diamond, wow!
  8. @FreezingDark Welcome back
  9. Small Announcement, I added the Marauder Steam Group link on the Welcome to the Smite Section Post I believe it's invite only, so message me here or on Steam if you want an invite.
  10. I was messing around with the new God, Cu Chulainn, in Jungle Practice. The first time he turned Berserk, I bugged out, since it reminded me of a game I'm trying to beat right now: This is one of the Joker's Titan Henchmen in Batman Arkham Asylum. Some of them have has one arm bigger then the other. Reminds you of someone? Funny enough, the Titan Henchman's main attack is dashing into Batman. Similar to how Cu Chulainn runs into enemies while Berserk. Which reminds me, gotta beat Arkham Asylum and mess around more with this dude. xD
  11. Great minds think alike!
  12. Added, next time, please follow the format.
  13. If there are any Twitch Prime Overwatch Players, Twitch Prime is giving Overwatch loot! The 1st is a Limited Time Only Gold Loot Box, guaranteed at least 1 Legendary Item. Also, during the month of August and October, you will get 5 free regular lootboxes.
  14. Looking forward to it
  15. It's okay. Anything that can be helpful to other players (builds/tips/tutorials/etc), can go here. Everything else can go in the main forum.