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  1. until
    This meeting will focus on training for recruiting and forum posting standards for those who recruit for there sections .
  2. Try reverting to a later update on your drivers that some times help @Cablenerd . The plan would be that you and @guacgaming would work together to run it . One of you could Lead the section and the other could OFCR the section if it grows . Ill work on getting it started with Guacgaming and then when you get back u can team up with him .
  3. Good we can all team up and do this then .
  4. I definitely can get it started if someone's willing to take over eventually
  5. Update driver and lock fps to 75 is the only fix . But if you get on there discord the devs are very quick to check bugs and answer questions live .
  6. Hopefully you can get it fixed the games running great . I want to creat a competitive team for the game and find people who will help start up the section for the game . If you guys are interested please let me know . I don't want to section lead the game with Destiny 2 being so close unless I have too but I definitely would work in growing it and staff it .
  7. Me too
  8. until

    Ill deff be there =D
  9. Welcome Mimi =D ! It's great to have you in the clan . Anytime you want to play a game just hop in TeamSpeak and find one of us !!
  10. This is the biggest expansion to Path of Exile ever!!!! League and Patch goes live tonight at 9pm . If you wish to join me and are a fan of diablo 2 then this is the game for you!!! Path of Exile is one of the highest rated games on steam free to play and does not disappoint . Post on this thread if u wish to join me tonight new players are welcome .
  11. I'm going to get both and just accept I have no life . After Night one of diablo I am currently half way to paragon 100 .
  12. Anytime after 5pm est . I mostly play warriors and tanks .
  13. I tried to make a team but there's to many people who just don't have the time to be on a team . That being said I wouldn't mind being on a weekday team with maybe 1 weekend night also .
  14. until
    We will be having the Recruiting Department meeting for the clan! All the info is posted under the recruiting department .
  15. This for HOTS ? I'm trying to get a team together .