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  1. 1.Battle Net Name: Darkness#15789 2.Destiny 2 Website Name ( so when u apply for the clan we know who u are): Darkness 3. Is this your Main Game ( Yes,No): YES 4. Main Class: Warlock 5.Hardcore or Casual Player: Hardcore ( 100% completion on destiny 1) 6. Do u wish to PVP ( If yes do u want to join a team?): Yes and I plan on being on a team 7. Are u interested in world first and speed runs ( For hardcore players ): Yes that's why I play =D
  2. Hey if your interested in joining the clan for Destiny 2 please apply to join the in game clan using this link.. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2743341 Also Comment on this topic using this format... 1.Battle Net Name: 2.Destiny 2 Website Name ( so when u apply for the clan we know who u are): 3. Is this your Main Game ( Yes,No this is how we know to change your section membership): 4. Main Class: 5.Hardcore or Casual Player: 6. Do u wish to PVP ( If yes do u want to join a team?): 7. Are u interested in world first and speed runs ( For hardcore players ):
  3. I have made multiple videos and post on the forums laying out as much detailed information on the game and the clans plans moving forward. Here is a short summary of things we have planned . First off is recruitment . We will utilize any means necessary to recruit members into the game . I do know that many current members of the clan that wish to join but we also need to focus on new membership as well . Recruiting through the Destiny 2 app as well as Reddit , b.net and destiny forums will be key . We also will be recruiting as much as we can in game and using the Guided Games system to pick up more members . Events. Probably the most important thing to a clan is having events for everyone to enjoy! We want multiple raid groups with raid leaders so as many people as possible can enjoy that content and progress. We will have multiple raid nights when they launch . Alpha squad will consist of the top 6 members in the clan who sole interest is speed runs and world first . If we have enough people interested we can form multiple Squads with this focus . PVP is another focus I would like to bring into the clan with set teams and coaches of 5 ( 1 sub) so that way we can promote a competitive spirit . Quick match can be done with who ever u like but Competitive should be focused on those who truly want to dedicate the time to do so . The goal is that no man gets left behind I want everyone to have a squad to buddy around the game with .
  4. Yea were meeting at 4pm est today to hammer out are plans but I have made videos and multiple post on the forums about the game and are plans =D we will be glad to have you!!
  5. Dauntless I currently have founders access to dauntless . It's a monster hunter type game and I do enjoy it but the problem I see is Monster Hunter World will be released on PC next year and im sure that's going to be a much better game then Dauntless . If any of you members that I know want to try Dauntless message me ill let u give it a spin . Destiny Destiny 2 is going to be one of the biggest games of the year . No matter what people say for ex " Oh its destiny 1 with better graphics " there has been some serious changes to the core mechanics of the game . PVP is squad based with teams of 4 now . Raids will not be buy in there free to everyone who purchases the base game . There will be in game guild support now as well and the story itself should play out more like a movie sort of like Halo does . That being said Destiny is not for everyone . If you are a fan of the diablo style system of grinding through various difficulties for better loot and multi hour end game raids then you will enjoy it . For you competitive pvp players its definitely focused on small scale tactical combat unless you are just looking for the slug fest that death match is . At the end of the day most destiny 1 players who stuck with the game will be pleases with the slight tweaks and changes and honestly the game is really just what the 1st destiny should of been . If you are one of the people who didn't like destiny 1 I would encourage you to save your money or do your research first because its not going to blow your socks off anymore then the first game . I have already spoke with some people willing to help me start the section and recruiting will begin next week . We will be setting up a email list to keep those interested up to date and can remind people about the game and clan closer to launch . Launch day I already have a launch party event planned . During the event I will be doing giveaways! We also will be setting up multiple strike teams to begin progressing through the story and sorting out PVP squads as well . Things that we will need is Raid leaders for the multiple raid groups we want to host and coaches for PVP squads . AOC Lets not forget about possibly the most hyped and fasted crowd funded MMO in history aka Ashes Of Creation . We can probably expect a Alpha or closed beta some time next year for the game . They have playable demo of the game at pax west this year and it's looking like its coming along nicely . Many members in this clan helped kick start the game . Steven was my guild leader in Arch Age and owns the company who is developing the game . He is very passionate about the game and wants to make sure there's something for everyone while cutting out the pay to win bullshit that other games feature.
  6. Divinity original sin 2 can help you pass time while you wait for some of the big game realeses . There is plenty of us playing in it the guild . Also Guild Wars 2 and Star wars battlefront 2
  7. Still considering buying it I just been balls deep into Divinity but maybe
  8. I forget who has the game but we are starting a CO OP TAC to beat the game who wants to join it just came out today
  9. Some good old fashion copy pasta for you guys to read ! The Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Beta Comes to PC By SledgehammerGames September 14, 201 SledgehammerGames Thanks to everyone for making the Call of Duty: WWII Private Multiplayer Beta on console a huge success. We received a ton of great feedback and insights that we’re applying across the game on the road to launch. We’re also thankful for the open and constructive dialogue throughout the course of the Beta. It meant a lot to every developer who was actively reading comments on Reddit and our social channels. And best of all, it was great to finally be able to play Call of Duty: WWII with the community. Now, the Multiplayer Beta is coming to PC as an Open Beta for all PC gamers. Together with Raven Software, we’re excited to share that the Call of Duty: WWII Open Multiplayer Beta on PC will kick off on September 29th and run through October 2nd on Steam. The PC Open Beta is just a small part of the full Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer experience coming to Steam in November. This test is a critical step on our road to delivering the best possible online experience on Steam at launch in November, with the following key goals: Stress test core gameplay systems and online backend infrastructure at scale Provide PC fans with their first hands-on experience of the boots-on-the-ground combat coming in Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Engage with the PC community to fine-tune and optimize the PC experience for November Here are the minimum PC specs you’ll need to play in the Beta test. Please note that these specs are for the Beta only. In our next update, we’ll share the recommended PC specs for the Beta, since we’re finalizing this part of our testing as we speak. Min Spec: OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 3225 or equivalent RAM: 8 GB RAM HDD: 25 GB HD space Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 @ 2 GB / AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 @ 2GB or better DirectX: Version 11.0 compatible video card or equivalent Network: Broadband Internet connection Sound Card: DirectX Compatible These specs could change following the PC Open Beta, so we’ll share the final specs closer to launch. We’re just getting started here, so in the days ahead, stay tuned for pre-load information as well as a rundown of planned content and features coming to the PC Open Beta. We’ll share the list of resources for information and troubleshooting, as well as any updates you’ll need before the Beta goes live. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @SHGames, and @CallofDuty, and when the PC Open Beta gets going, we’ll be looking for your feedback in our upcoming Reddit thread and Beta Web Survey. If you missed our updates from the console Private Beta and would like to get up to speed on what we learned, please visit the previous Reddit feedback threads: Exciting days ahead and there’s more to come soon! On behalf of everyone at Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software, and Activision, thank you for all your support and encouragement! We’ll see you online soon!
  10. It is reported currently the first raid takes 6 hours to complete . https://www.vg247.com/2017/09/14/destiny-2-leviathan-raid-guide-castellum-royal-pools-pleasure-garden-gauntlet-defeat-calus/
  11. So PUBG has banned 150,000 cheaters sense the game has gone into early access . They have banned over 8000 players just in the last 24 hours . Just more reason to love the devs they understand the importance of fair play in a game like this and are doing there dam best to keep the game fair. Yes they can't catch everyone but they are currently working with Microsoft via the XBOX deal they landed to enhance there security and anti cheat for both PC and Console . @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary
  12. Well @Serene this explains everything from last night . I bet they could hear us talking the whole time lmao cuz we deff heard them . @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary clicky the linky https://www.vg247.com/2017/09/14/a-battlegrounds-bug-is-mixing-up-voice-chat-so-players-are-hearing-their-prey-alongside-their-team-mates/
  13. Yea im way behind lol think my GS is like 850 lol but I been staying up late grinding out my quest and trying to get some gear . Think I just got my dps weapon to lvl 50 . I think within 2 weeks ill be set to go
  14. You will be miss greatly !! Best of luck to you
  15. Yea my buddies got me back into playing im currently working on re spec to Havoc DH because Vengence is no longer good for mythic raiding and I really only am playing to raid . Was seeing if anyone wants to join me . Ill be playing seriously until destiny comes out but ill probably stick with it through that .I been jumping around games like crazy so I am glad to have something to focus on for the time . I have friends who are helping me out right now I would be willing to include anyone who wants in .