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  1. I want to compete but Y U NO DOOMFIST?
  2. I'm european but I do stay up late almost every night gaming, usually when I play OW I will look in the team speak channel who's online. basically, when it's evening over there just hop on team speak. even if there's noone in the rooms, just wait a while and listen. Tonight I'll be on for sure, if I'm not I will be in not too much time.
  3. I will say we had some pretty good teamwork, at least people knew how to stay alive and we did the usual callouts. (which might already be more than the enemy teams were doing. The one thing I'd like to mention about the whole concept of meta is that these kind of things are looked at from a high end perspective. Soldier might be incredibly meta but in lower ranks people will often find it difficult to kill a good pharah main with soldier. I tend to pick widow as a pharah counter becaust of this. All in all, these general ideas of what the Most Effective Tactic Available should be is often only really true for the highest ranked playstyles. I'm not saying that lower ranks should ignore the meta, the meta comps are still technically better than off meta comps but it's mostly players in master+ that really know how to get the most out of this effectiveness.. In my opinion it is much more forgiving to pick an off meta hero in at least my bracket (gold) as long as it fits the general comp and isn't being hard countered.
  4. I would like to say that we have done very well defending numbani first point with a dive omp running winston, genji, mcree, junkrat, ana and zenyatta. (unfortunately no lucio but the zen was amazing) was just a group of randoms but we stuck together for 4 games all wins and all running 1 tank. (I believe we did have a second tank or one of the points on ilios, I'm in gold. And I'm not saying it's ideal but what I am saying is that I prefer to have people play their mains in a triple dps over someone being forced onto a role they don't like.
  5. as a junkrat main I have had no trouble killing doomfists really.
  6. I know exactly which site you got the strengths and weaknesses from haha, didn't bother to check the rest. I've been a moderator there for a while now ^^ It is good to have this in the forums, Good going Rebel.! Same as warimano, I have quite a bit of knowledge about the game so I can help you out if you want.
  7. so let's call the meta 3-1-2 like you said. I feel if you're running one tank it is gonna have to still be rein most of the time. obviously any other tank will do it's job as long as theres a good player behind it. For the dps I'd say one hitsan one reaper and one specialist is probably the way to go. for supports I find that lucio lost his touch unless you are actively diving in a coordinated way. other than that I feel ana lost a bit of power where zenyatta gained it. Mercy is still the go to healer. A special mention is to be made for symmetra who is a very prominent hero now. For counters, I tend to pick pharah to counter reapers and symmetra's as long as they don't have hitscan, otherwise I will usually pick junkrat or genji but this is just preference. I have fount that with more and more zenyatta coming up I tend to pick winston alot to get an eazy pick on him, same works or ana if her sleep is down and she's not a very good ana.
  8. A couple of points I wanna make. First being that the reaper change is a good one imo. The souls were fun but they were useless during an actual fight most of the time. They felt more like a reward for winning than a mechanic that is deciding during a fight. Reaper was in a bad spot before and this makes him climb closer to the top of the meta-dps list. Next up McCree, also a welcome change, the high noon was the only thing about his kit I didnt particularly enjoy. His ult just became more viable to kill squishies now. I have mixed feelings about the roadhog changes though. His total damage output is virtually unchanged. The main change here (with the changes to his damage and fire rate) is that it almost completely nullifies the hook combo. This makes him a bit less viable in 1v1 situation but I feel the change does not at all matter in a fight with good teamwork. Now onto the meta itself. I was honestly getting bored with 2-2-2. It started to feel stale for a while aleady. The changes made recently will introduce a less tank heavy meta. I have also seen loads of games where we only run 1 support (often in combo with symmetra who is obviously not a support). Against the reaper we still have 2 tanks I feel can do ok against him, that being zarya and d.va. winston's damage output is pretty much completely nullified by reapers healing now and hog will never be albe to land the hook combo on his own. I feel there's less and less death ball comps and more and more dive comps. Even on defence I'm seeing a lot of dive comps runnign zarya and winston along with two mobile dps and often a zenyatta for discord. I am happy to see the meta shift like this every now and again, I have also noticed that people seem to be less and less worries about niche picks like hanzo, mei, junkrat etc. Often they will run a hitscan combined with one of these specialist classes without too much trashtalk about it. (yay for me, the junkrat main). I feel that pharah mains are going to be very strong with reaper being such a pain. However the McCree ult is now particularly dreadful to her so if you're a pharah, always have a back up dps to counter him (or soldier I guess). Well, that's my take on it. Everything here is from the perspective of a gold player.
  9. I'm in I guess, Don't really have much else to do anyways
  10. For those who don't know, this channel has loads of mythbusting (and quite frankly, highly entertaining) videos for Overwatch. This one just came out and I thought I'd share. Soldiers dance was properly chosen by blizzard ^^
  11. tyty, I did my best
  12. Hello everyone, My name is Shine and I've been playing Overwatch since launch. So far I placed silver and climbed up to gold every season so you may keep that in mind when reading this article. Despite me being no Grand Master player I still feel like I have a lot of knowledge about the game. This is the reason I'm following Limitation's example by making an article that is helpful to players of any rank really. I've noticed a lot of teams immediately lose the first team fight because of bad position or map awareness. Seeing this problem more and more often I decided to share the tips and tricks I learned from watching high level youtubers and streamers mostly. High Ground is your friend. Let me start off by saying that in almost every case being on the higher ground will give you an edge. In high level play I often see teams fight to take control over the high ground while the objective gets little to no attention. Now, I'm not saying you should ignore the payload/point. That would actually be a very bad idea, but it's ok to have a fight somewhere other than the objective, if that's gonna secure you the kills you need to win a team fight. Now high ground is not everything. you will still need to position yourself in a way that you can easily retreat to a safe area while trying to keep good sight lines on your enemies. This is where map knowledge plays an important role. Map knowledge. Knowing your maps is crucial to playing effectively. This does not mean you should know all the rooms tunnels and alleys all by memory. What's important is knowing how the maps in general are made. There is actually quite a distinctive pattern to be found on every map of Overwatch so far. recognizing this pattern is easy and many of you will already have this obvious knowledge figured out. The pattern is there is always a main road and a left and right flank. This applies to any map but can be best seen on payload maps. Knowing your place is the most important thing here. An anchor tank for example (like rein or orisa) will generally always be taking the main route while flankers (like genji or tracer) will take either flanking route. This however can be completely reversed. Sometimes it is better to push with your team from a flanking route leaving your flanker to take another path. Knowing these routes is one thing but the real key is not knowing them, but keeping an eye on them. Often a healer will see the genji coming from the left flank before anyone else and in this case, it takes communication to know. But you can easily check these routes for yourself as a tank or dps. you don't need vision on an entire route you just need vision on one door to see most heroes coming. This trickles into my next chapter Choke points. I'll talk about both attack and defense here. Starting with Defense. When Defending a choke points, there are a few things VERY important that loads of people get wrong. Fist of all, YOU DON'T EVER GO THROUGH (disclaimer, there's exceptions to this.) The whole advantage you get from defending a choke point is the fact that the attackers are the ones that need to come through. As a defending team it is incredibly easy to take up a defensive position letting enemies come through. This gives you clear vision over the enemies and any potential routes they may take. Not only does this give you a clear vision to shoot the enemies, it is also very easy to see where the team is going. This way you can retreat to a more advantageous position if needed. A note to defending flankers here. It is ok to go for the supports that are on the attackers side of a choke, but make sure you don't get yourself into a situation where it is difficult to retreat. These choke points give you very good vision of the enemies but this applies the same way for defending flankers coming through. For attackers. The main gate is usually somewhat of a deathtrap. because of this you will want your entire team to make use of a short but crucial window to push through. In most cases (especially on most 2cp maps) you will not push mid but rather quickly get your team into a flanking route. The key here is when rein enters the choke with a shield up for example, the entire team pushes through as quickly as possible. Often I see one or two guys using such openings while the healers or other back line heroes stay at the choke. this separates your team and is usually detrimental. Instead try to communicate with your team. "guys, let's push left flank, I'll create an opening and we all push through in 3, 2, 1" is a simple but very effective line I often use when playing d.va or winston. The countdown is very good for the whole team to know when to go through and no one gets left behind. Over extending. O god, how often I've seen a person dies because he is overextended. often if the first 10 seconds of a game. It can be ok to do early poke damage, especially classes that want their ult quickly. Because of this you will often see a rein timing a firestrike for when the attackers spawn door opens. This is ok, but this rein will do his firestrike and IMMEDIATELY retreat to the defending position (behind the choke or on high ground obviously). As an attacking team, nothing is quite as satisfying as getting that early pick. Even a trade will be welcome to them. Let's say a defending genji overextends and kills a tracer. the genji gets focused down and both teams are 1 dps down. Now in almost all cases the attackers have spawn advantage meaning the tracer is going to get back to the fight much earlier than the defending genji. This genji could have done some poke from a distance without dying and will therefore be able to use his ult sooner that he would when dying early. These things win games. Over extending is a big issue and it does not only happen at the beginning of a match. often flankers will be in a position where they can't retreat easily and are not in line of sight of any healers. Recap Look for high ground Don't overextend Always know where you are going to escape to Don't use choke points the wrong way. Win games get sr Be a happy Overwatch player. If you think there's anything I missed, feel free to comment below. Have a nice rest of the day Shine
  13. I've been playing since launch and have been playing competitive since season 1 and this is the one main issue I have with comp. I don't particularly mind losing but I do hate leavers. There's this occasional guy that dc's and comes back (like I do) but those are much more rare. That being said, I (as a very active comp player) find these leavers no more that once every 15-25 games (silver/gold). this is obviously too much but still not as bad as people make it sound. When I compare this to quick-play, where this problem exists in another way, I find comp to be much more lenient. In qp when someone leaves, he will get replaced in a timely fashion. this in itself is good but it results in you joining a qp game greeted by the word "DEFEAT". This is the whole reason you probably should never look at someones win rates in quick-play. Besides that, I find the complete lack of motivation people have in quick-play extremely annoying. I get it, it's quick-play, you're playing a hero that you don't normally use in comp games, you don't care about losing sr. but does this have to mean every match has to be with completely stupid team line ups and with completely no regard for the game as an online teamwork experience. I'd rather take the occasional leaver in comp. When someone on your team leaves he gets two minutes to get back. If he does not come back after the timer expires. do yourself a favor and just leave the game as well. everyone's time will be over quicker. the enemies were already gonna win most like. And you won't lose sr as long as you wait those two minutes. By staying in a dying team you're only costing yourself sr. this is my take on the current issue in quick and comp games. I'd much rather play comp tbh.
  14. Ok, Count me in I'm LORDmeSH1NE#2151 but you can just call me Shine ofc. I've played quite a bit of support and am more than willing to main support in a regular team. I'll leave the tanking and dpsing for my private Overwatch affairs. These are my current support stats and as you can see the winrate is best or lucio and symm. I can and will play ana/mercy/zenyatta but I will need to work on some training for some of those, especially in a more oficial team capacity. I've been playing since launch so I can have some weight in shot calling / decision making as well as general advice for the game all round. Season 4 landed me on 2210 sr season high, with 1800 when the season ended. Career high was 2294 in season 3. Just chalk me up as your average gold player. One mention I'd like to make is that the hero I excel at in almost all categories is Junkrat for which I hold the most records on my profile as well as have the most passion for. for now my schedule is pretty much wide open assuming we practice in the evenings (europe). I have been a raidleader in WoW for over 5 years by now so I also have some experience in gaming teams in general, I pride myself especially in mediating arguements within the team. I also hate it when people don't show without notice because of this very reason. I guess that's it. Anything else you need know just gimme a call!
  15. I got my golden ana rifle just at the start of season 3 (I was 7 games short of getting it at the end of season 2) Not I'm in the same boat. I need 12 more wins for my next one which is gonna be junkrat's potato shooter