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    Something came up and I'll be a little late, probably 10-15 mins. I'll try and hurry.
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    I see what you did there EDIT: Oops Accidently copied tags aswell... :S
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/179524679 Enjoy
  4. haha it's just the full version of the first Attack on Titan (anime) intro. I didnt even know it was a remake, I'll check it out.
  5. sure, I'm probably available tonight.
  6. Oh it's on, I'm pretty sure I'll nuke the living shit out of you with my main. ^^ I guess you should try and prove me wrong ^^
  7. Hey all, I've recently started editing videos with my highlights. I just uploaded the first one. feel free to like/sub at your leisure.
  8. I want to compete but Y U NO DOOMFIST?
  9. I'm european but I do stay up late almost every night gaming, usually when I play OW I will look in the team speak channel who's online. basically, when it's evening over there just hop on team speak. even if there's noone in the rooms, just wait a while and listen. Tonight I'll be on for sure, if I'm not I will be in not too much time.
  10. I will say we had some pretty good teamwork, at least people knew how to stay alive and we did the usual callouts. (which might already be more than the enemy teams were doing. The one thing I'd like to mention about the whole concept of meta is that these kind of things are looked at from a high end perspective. Soldier might be incredibly meta but in lower ranks people will often find it difficult to kill a good pharah main with soldier. I tend to pick widow as a pharah counter becaust of this. All in all, these general ideas of what the Most Effective Tactic Available should be is often only really true for the highest ranked playstyles. I'm not saying that lower ranks should ignore the meta, the meta comps are still technically better than off meta comps but it's mostly players in master+ that really know how to get the most out of this effectiveness.. In my opinion it is much more forgiving to pick an off meta hero in at least my bracket (gold) as long as it fits the general comp and isn't being hard countered.
  11. I would like to say that we have done very well defending numbani first point with a dive omp running winston, genji, mcree, junkrat, ana and zenyatta. (unfortunately no lucio but the zen was amazing) was just a group of randoms but we stuck together for 4 games all wins and all running 1 tank. (I believe we did have a second tank or one of the points on ilios, I'm in gold. And I'm not saying it's ideal but what I am saying is that I prefer to have people play their mains in a triple dps over someone being forced onto a role they don't like.
  12. as a junkrat main I have had no trouble killing doomfists really.
  13. I know exactly which site you got the strengths and weaknesses from haha, didn't bother to check the rest. I've been a moderator there for a while now ^^ It is good to have this in the forums, Good going Rebel.! Same as warimano, I have quite a bit of knowledge about the game so I can help you out if you want.
  14. so let's call the meta 3-1-2 like you said. I feel if you're running one tank it is gonna have to still be rein most of the time. obviously any other tank will do it's job as long as theres a good player behind it. For the dps I'd say one hitsan one reaper and one specialist is probably the way to go. for supports I find that lucio lost his touch unless you are actively diving in a coordinated way. other than that I feel ana lost a bit of power where zenyatta gained it. Mercy is still the go to healer. A special mention is to be made for symmetra who is a very prominent hero now. For counters, I tend to pick pharah to counter reapers and symmetra's as long as they don't have hitscan, otherwise I will usually pick junkrat or genji but this is just preference. I have fount that with more and more zenyatta coming up I tend to pick winston alot to get an eazy pick on him, same works or ana if her sleep is down and she's not a very good ana.
  15. A couple of points I wanna make. First being that the reaper change is a good one imo. The souls were fun but they were useless during an actual fight most of the time. They felt more like a reward for winning than a mechanic that is deciding during a fight. Reaper was in a bad spot before and this makes him climb closer to the top of the meta-dps list. Next up McCree, also a welcome change, the high noon was the only thing about his kit I didnt particularly enjoy. His ult just became more viable to kill squishies now. I have mixed feelings about the roadhog changes though. His total damage output is virtually unchanged. The main change here (with the changes to his damage and fire rate) is that it almost completely nullifies the hook combo. This makes him a bit less viable in 1v1 situation but I feel the change does not at all matter in a fight with good teamwork. Now onto the meta itself. I was honestly getting bored with 2-2-2. It started to feel stale for a while aleady. The changes made recently will introduce a less tank heavy meta. I have also seen loads of games where we only run 1 support (often in combo with symmetra who is obviously not a support). Against the reaper we still have 2 tanks I feel can do ok against him, that being zarya and d.va. winston's damage output is pretty much completely nullified by reapers healing now and hog will never be albe to land the hook combo on his own. I feel there's less and less death ball comps and more and more dive comps. Even on defence I'm seeing a lot of dive comps runnign zarya and winston along with two mobile dps and often a zenyatta for discord. I am happy to see the meta shift like this every now and again, I have also noticed that people seem to be less and less worries about niche picks like hanzo, mei, junkrat etc. Often they will run a hitscan combined with one of these specialist classes without too much trashtalk about it. (yay for me, the junkrat main). I feel that pharah mains are going to be very strong with reaper being such a pain. However the McCree ult is now particularly dreadful to her so if you're a pharah, always have a back up dps to counter him (or soldier I guess). Well, that's my take on it. Everything here is from the perspective of a gold player.