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  1. i am going to be streaming the destiny 2 open beta right now on my twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/floppyfish16 come and watch and join the fun
  2. so you were drunk last night, it explains why you kept coming up to me and @McLovinIM7 laughing XD
  3. i think we have some civ 6 players in the clan but im not sure who but i am sure that we have quite a few civ 5 players and im always down for a game of civ 5 (only because i cant afford civ 6 XD)
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  6. i dont really mind what mode its on id prefer normal but others want kappa then we will play kappa
  7. Pending

    i have revealed where my place of living is currently and this is pretty awesome
  8. @Noah is it possible if you could work your minecraft magic and make a non-kappa mode project ozone server for me and mabey some others in the mincraft section to play on
  9. god damn do those maps look epic
  10. so then as most of the overwatch section may know overwatch is having its one year anniversary soon in fact very soon as of the 23rd of this month an event will start until the 12th of june so i hope to see you guys there. if you want to watch the trailer its linked so knock yourself's out with that trailer: side note: dont forget the nexus challenge 2.0 to get the 10x loot boxes for overwatch it ends on the 22nd. @JalaBanjo, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @Renolts, @lukorepka, @Cablenerd, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @chocomallows, @omni., @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Shirien, @marineghost1, @OneManBand, @zefirinas, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Litanah, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @LimaOLima, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @Kanva, @floppyfish16, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @lovefist86, @QueenB, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @tobbensol, @Ozzy, @amp_, @Edir, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @Aqua, @akanostress, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @LastMeteor, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini
  11. what kind of things can you do on the server?
  12. i can host for anyone who still wants to come just meet me in the game night channel
  13. now who here likes chicken because i do, i love chicken please tell me what you think of chicken?