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  1. Destiny 2 Roster

    what if others would prefer to be in a clan with their friends instead of the clan's ingame clan but still want to play with people from inside the clan is the point im trying to make here.
  2. Destiny 2 Roster

    well sorry for misunderstanding the purpose of this topic is there a separate post somewhere for if players in the clan just want to party up and do some raids
  3. Destiny 2 Roster

    fair enough i understand that i just diddnt want people to feel like they had to join the in game clan ya'know
  4. Destiny 2 Roster

    i wouldn't pressure people into joining im not going to just because i prefer to go solo and i got a small group of friends im going to be playing with. i filled out the thing to see if any one might want to play with me at somepoint
  5. Destiny 2 Roster

    1.Battle Net Name: Teckz#21224 (brought it on my sub account instead of main XD) 2.Destiny 2 Website Name ( so when u apply for the clan we know who u are): floppyfish16 3. Is this your Main Game ( Yes,No this is how we know to change your section membership): no, but will be playing alot of it 4. Main Class: warlock 5.Hardcore or Casual Player: hardcore 6. Do u wish to PVP ( If yes do u want to join a team?):not really but for raids i tend to stick to small parties but will fill a space 7. Are u interested in world first and speed runs ( For hardcore players ):yes i am on xbox i took part in some of the first taken king boss fights so im going for firsts
  6. destiny 2 stream

    i am going to be streaming the destiny 2 open beta right now on my twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/floppyfish16 come and watch and join the fun
  7. Game Night's Logs

    Which Game was this for Game Night: overwatch How Many Players Attended: 7 Names of Attended Players(SCREENSHOTS NO LONGER ALLOWED): gravity,manuelraa, worrior, novanerd, k1tt3n, tobbensol, floppyfish16 Duration of Game Night: 3 hours Person in charge of said Game Night: floppyfish16 Overall evaluation of it (How'd it go): it went well even though i was an hour late just played mostly quick play with me on the enemy team.
  8. so you were drunk last night, it explains why you kept coming up to me and @McLovinIM7 laughing XD
  9. Up For Civilization 6

    i think we have some civ 6 players in the clan but im not sure who but i am sure that we have quite a few civ 5 players and im always down for a game of civ 5 (only because i cant afford civ 6 XD)
  10. Pointless Count to 10,000

  11. Pointless Count to 10,000

  12. Project Ozone???

    i dont really mind what mode its on id prefer normal but others want kappa then we will play kappa
  13. Pending Worldmap with Markers for place of origin/residence

    i have revealed where my place of living is currently and this is pretty awesome