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  1. My Newest drawing and first commissioned piece

    @cynicLe thanks everyone, about 35-40 hours or so start to finish. felt nice to sell something... i was nervous about pricing... but I was more pleased with the reaction from the couple I drew it for than getting any money at all.
  2. New Drawing

    I like, very good work
  3. My Story

    Hey... I know you.... (well I do now). well written, thank you and welcome
  4. Interested in D&D

    @BeeNo I`m down... may need some walkthrough, maybe some hand holding, lol ... thanks @Fraejix
  5. Nice @Omninaut IX, I havent been on it much since I bought it... probably need a lot of updates. Glad to hear there is interest... let me know when you guyz are jumpin in and i`ll join ya.
  6. @Omninaut IX Star Citizen is 6th on @Booyah's list, I have the game already... it looks promising... very interested to see how its going to be when finally "released".... and whether or not the Clan gets in on it... it is an mmorpg sooo.... so maybe not... fingers crossed.
  7. Throwback games

    Oh sweet jeebuz.... Blades of steel... original nintendo.... CONTRA! up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, start... code for 30 lives almost 25 years ago
  8. A new campaign (3.5/Pathfinder)

    I`m down, I`ve played a little about 15-20 years ago... depending on schedules though... I`m also more than willing to learn, sounds like a good time.
  9. Artist of the month?

    Are we not doing this anymore? looks like we did it for a few months and now I haven`t seen anything about it since the May challenge. @Aftertoucher?
  10. Artist of the month?

    @CowardlyViking? lol
  11. Interested in D&D

    Never played, but it has always intrigued me... big fan of fantasy literature.
  12. Game nights?

    We not doing league game nights anymore? I`ve logged on the last few Sunday nights and people are around but no game night? not enough interest?... the few i was involved in there were at least 20 of us... just wondering if we are on a break? anyone running these?
  13. Game nights?

    No problem @Inten, was just wonderin.
  14. Clan Emblem

    This was my first shield. Wooden planks, linen, glue, metal rivets, shield boss, some leather, nails, paint.... ummmm... and love, lmao. The front has Odin`s two wolves Geri & Freki, Thors hammer Mojlnir with the Valknut at its center The rear has a leather "carrying" strap, a handle (hand carved), My sons name and the word shield In Elder Futhark Runes ...and a Battle Prayer to Odin
  15. Clan Emblem

    Ooooh... just made my first "real" Viking shield... sounds like a good idea... I`m making another soon maybe I`ll try the Marauder Clan emblem on it.
  16. Artist of the month?

    @Fraejix I noticed that aftertoucher had not been on since June sometime, but figured i`d ask. Thanks. I do not know how much interest there is, but I had fun doing it.
  17. League Bot= Thresh god????

    Lol, just watched this... good laughs... Suh-wing batta batta... I can`t talk I`ve missed more skill shots than i can count.
  18. Marauders Artist of the Month Poll, May 2017

    @Aftertoucher is this over? cuz i think ive recieved another vote even though i`m fairly certain it was over last week. Thanks @Scars for the compliment. How many of these do we need to win for a badge? lol cuz i don`t have any badges and i want at least one.
  19. looks like a good time... I want in! @Zulo thanks for the share... i`ll look you up in TS tonight... if I don`t see you... i`ll be keeping an eye open for you in the next while.
  20. God or No God

    I have some questions. .. if God really was all powerful & all knowing... why did he create an angel that could ever question his/her position in the first place? Cast from heaven? Why? God created it... Everyone seems to point the finger @ Adam & Eve... without the "temptation" none of this would've transpired... & if God was "all knowing" he/she would've known the fate of man/woman long before these events ever transpired... & therefore they are by his/her own design... flawed (which proves either that god made a mistake, or that he created us to fail) which can only point at a selfish, petty God... why create for the sole purpose of being praised & worshiped? Why does he/she need all this praise? We die... if we believe, we get to go to heaven where we get to live for eternity praising god? Why? Why allow people to suffer "if" you were all loving, why give people a choice? Lucifer said that not one person would believe in the end... why would an "all powerful" God be questioned or "tested" in the first place? Who does he need to prove this to? & why? And people say it was to give mankind a choice... there is no choice, it's believe or die... why give them an option at all? Ragnar said it best... "I don't believe in the gods existence. Man is the master of his own fate, not the gods. The gods are mans creation to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves". I say "show me" just like ghosts & big foot... show me unquestionable proof... a blurry photo or a testimony from a "healed" person prove nothing.
  21. Marauders Artist of the Month Poll, May 2017

    Cmon People vote! Artist of the month!
  22. Marauders Artist of the Month Challenge, May 2017

    Seriously am I gonna be the only applicant?
  23. Coaching

    1. What is your summoner name? Mudvayne 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? Any Available 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. positioning, map awareness, specific champions, etc.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. Objective management (how to decide where to go and when), I feel I play my main (Ziggs) fairly well but I can`t seem to climb the ladder without falling back down again... every time i win 5-10 in a row i tend to lose 5-10 in row right afterwards? I think my kda is ok, other than my autofill roles which I`ve been switching around trying to find what is best suited for me. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. custom games, quick queues, going over replays, etc.) Whatever works best... I have no idea because I`ve never done this before. 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to be able to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? Carry/win games 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to win more in randoms, rank diamond, place in tournaments, etc.? I want to climb 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? usually after 9pm EST *Also, I`ve changed summoner name from Mayh3mclown to Mudvayne & I do not know how to go about changing it on forums/website and Teamspeak if anyone can point me in the right direction or walk me through it... it would be greatly appreciated.