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  1. We unfortunately don't really have a very active Fortnite group. We started off as a Fortnite PVE group because that is all the game was and now it has switched over to PVP more and not many of our members enjoy the PVP aspect. If you are interested we could look into recruiting more for PVP but I know that many started off as PVE.
  2. I believe Fraejix removed anyways access who wasn't a leader or on the admin team to review them. I may be wrong though.
  3. @Chrif1992 I do not think we do. Not that I have seen, Sorry!
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    Game night soon! Hope to see you all there! @Zero, @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Bravofoxtrot, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @Swimmerdude50, @Exsus, @Font, @Naero, @leviathanxx, @zeroclash, @xValdBaginax, @ChunkyRain, @Bhoosted, @Giddy Goblin, @Hawkens, @Aido Hwedo, @Zurmin, @Darrell5780, @GSkill, @Ninebreakr, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Nasty4Life, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Reznec, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE, @TwoTonRampage, @Nedisa, @Oxydian, @MrSorry, @Tiberiumkyle, @GrenadeRacer222, @Buttfor, @Sparrow-717, @Selemar, @Traxellus, @EZLIVING, @Rizzo Mason, @Kaggy, @Chrif1992, @HawkEyeT, @sevinic, @Lost, @Suidicii, @ThePhantomSprite, @Purple Garnet, @Ready4War, @Jonett, @WulfthofenGaming, @MonkeyBoySte, @Svinehund, @OakWisdom, @Monkeyfuup, @NinjaKisses
  5. @Zero, @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Bravofoxtrot, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @Swimmerdude50, @Exsus, @Font, @Naero, @leviathanxx, @zeroclash, @xValdBaginax, @ChunkyRain, @Bhoosted, @Giddy Goblin, @Hawkens, @Aido Hwedo, @Zurmin, @Darrell5780, @GSkill, @Ninebreakr, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Nasty4Life, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Reznec, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE, @TwoTonRampage, @Nedisa, @Oxydian, @MrSorry, @Tiberiumkyle, @GrenadeRacer222, @Buttfor, @Sparrow-717, @Selemar, @Traxellus, @EZLIVING, @Rizzo Mason, @Kaggy, @Chrif1992, @HawkEyeT, @sevinic, @Lost, @Suidicii, @ThePhantomSprite, @Purple Garnet, @Ready4War, @Jonett, @WulfthofenGaming, @MonkeyBoySte, @Svinehund, @OakWisdom, @Monkeyfuup, @NinjaKisses
  6. Fortnite came out with their Battle Royal as free to play today! If anyone is interested in trying it out you should! Here is the link if you have any questions or feel free to ask me below.
  7. For Game Night more people voted for Thursday Nights instead of Wednesday because those are the night I can host. Like I've said before, if there is someone else who would like to host a game night on another night and is interested please contact me! I don't really play any games at all with how busy I am, I do apologize for that. Still interested to see how things go in the game.
  8. I think you just have to use the one you think will have the bigger impact. Try each for a few games and then determine which you like more. @OakWisdom
  9. @Chrif1992 Thank you for sharing! I'm excited to see the new things coming to Fortnite!
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    Game night in an hour! @Zero, @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Bravofoxtrot, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @Swimmerdude50, @Exsus, @Font, @Naero, @leviathanxx, @zeroclash, @xValdBaginax, @ChunkyRain, @Bhoosted, @Giddy Goblin, @Hawkens, @Aido Hwedo, @Zurmin, @Darrell5780, @GSkill, @Ninebreakr, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Nasty4Life, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Reznec, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE, @TwoTonRampage, @Nedisa, @Oxydian, @MrSorry, @Tiberiumkyle, @GrenadeRacer222, @Buttfor, @Sparrow-717, @Selemar, @Traxellus, @EZLIVING, @Rizzo Mason, @Kaggy, @Chrif1992, @HawkEyeT, @sevinic, @Lost, @Suidicii, @ThePhantomSprite, @Purple Garnet, @Ready4War, @Jonett, @WulfthofenGaming, @MonkeyBoySte, @Svinehund, @OakWisdom
  11. Yes it would make sense but I currently can only run one on Thursdays since I am free. If someone is willing to run one then yes we could have more than one
  12. until

    Game night soon! Join us for some fun! @Zero, @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Bravofoxtrot, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @Swimmerdude50, @Exsus, @Font, @Naero, @leviathanxx, @zeroclash, @xValdBaginax, @ChunkyRain, @Bhoosted, @Giddy Goblin, @Hawkens, @Aido Hwedo, @Zurmin, @Darrell5780, @GSkill, @Ninebreakr, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Nasty4Life, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Reznec, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE, @TwoTonRampage, @Nedisa, @Oxydian, @MrSorry, @Tiberiumkyle, @GrenadeRacer222, @Buttfor, @Sparrow-717, @Selemar, @Traxellus, @EZLIVING, @Rizzo Mason, @Kaggy, @Chrif1992, @HawkEyeT, @sevinic, @Lost, @Suidicii, @ThePhantomSprite, @Purple Garnet, @Ready4War, @Jonett, @WulfthofenGaming, @MonkeyBoySte
  13. @Lost It is understandable for you to feel that way about the game. The game is still in early access. If you fall from our ranks because you don't have the post requirement and decide to come back when you want to play the game again you can always put in a reinstatement form. Join us whenever you want to play, or if you find a new one maybe you can find others in the marauders who want to play as well! Message me if you need anything!
  14. I worked so that is why I wasn't here, let me know if I need to know anything.
  15. @Lost Last night at our game night I talked to everyone who was there about potentially having a second game night. We would just need more staff in the fortnite section and someone willing to run it. Thursdays at 8pm is the time I am able to run it so that is why it is at that time. I hope we can get a second game night going.