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  1. What do you do for a living?
  2. 1. Because I believe caring and doing things for others is important. And if you are one of those amazing people your life will always be filled with joy because you have created joy for others. 2. it was my first attempt and I loved it. Thank you. 3. Core hobbies.. Well video games, reading, and I'm hoping to start hiking again. 4. Rum 5. Water 6. Love them. 7. I'm honestly not sure. lol
  3. I love the dive out of the window haha
  4. My favorite meal has to be my mothers homemade chicken. Never found anything like it anywhere else. It is amazing.
  5. @KilerGod I have no clue, just say they are playing together.
  6. Completed

    Let me know what time would fit for you.
  7. until
    Alternative Game Nights are welcome to anyone in the clan, regardless of what section you are in. I think it will be a great opportunity for all of us to get to know other people from different game sections. Each alternative game night will have a game that is multi-player and accessible to each person who wants to play. Some games may require you to make a log-in, but I am trying my best to make a good list of games that do not require one. If you have any ideas for a game, please reply below. On Friday, June 9, at 9:00PM EST we will have Cards Against Humanity! Please meet us on Teamspeak for the Game Night in the Misc. Gaming Channel under Alt. Game Night. After each alternative game night, we will decide on a new game for the following Friday, as a group. Please remember to follow all clan rules while participating in any game night. If you have any questions, please reply below. I hope to see you guys there!
  8. 1. What is your PUBG Username? SereneImpulse 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? Any coach available is fine. I know batman said he would be willing to help but I don't think he is a coach yet. 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. sniping, rural fighting, house fighting, driving, parachuting.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. I would like coaching in shooting/sniping. Specifically I want to learn more about each gun and the best times to use each one of them since each game is different and you won't always get the same drop . I also would like to learn about gun attachments and which compliment certain guns the best. I also want to learn how to to snipe from far away and how to aim with different scopes. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. duo, squad, streamed, video review.) I would prefer duo/squad but I am also fine with video review. 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? My short-term goals including wanting to be able to know what guns to use and how to quickly determine which ones to keep and when it switch to a new gun depending on if you run into one that would be better. Also the attachments so I don't have to take forever deciding and looting, which can get me killed. I would also like to be better at sniping by the end, even if just by a little. 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to build up a set squad or even go for tournament play? My long-term goals would be to be a better teammate to my squad/duo and to myself in solo. I would love to be in a set duo/squad if there ever happened, but I need to work on myself first. 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? I am available for coaching Mon/Wed anytime between 4pm EST til 12am EST. Tues/Thurs anytime between 8pm EST to 12am EST. Sat/Sun anytime. I am not available anytime between June 22-25.
  9. Lol not really my problem, @Fraejix wanted it
  10. Black and White Emma Stone Jennifer Aniston