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  1. Completed Chatbox is broken... again :p

    I think not! sry had to do it...
  2. ARK Aberration Server Available

    27€ for me and im most likely gonna wait for christmas, most likely gonna be on sale by then, ifnot I'll probably have some money spare to buy it
  3. New expansion for Titan Quest AE

    I've been playing the main game for a while now, got a few characters going, my main is almost lvl 20 if I remember correctly Gonna level to max before I decide to buy the dlc or not
  4. ARK Aberration Server Available

    When I get the new expansion I'll most likely join in
  5. Silent/quiet mouse and keyboard wanted

    @Nebulon What would be your price range ? I never really owned a quiete keyboard, always a mechanical but not those very loud ones But I did hear some good stuff of Corsair, I know a few people who got a keyboard of theirs and they're happy with it
  6. file blocked, wont launch

    @Malicent do you by any chance have ReShade ? I think I recognize that error, and that is caused by ReShade If ReShade is the cause, try reinstalling the latest patch for it, that usually fixes it for me, otherwise its battleye just being a prick as it sometimes does, and only fix for that i've found for it is patience :s
  7. Overwatch Competitive Roster

    @Nebula, @hellraiser Well this isnt a thing anymore, since the person aka Guanyin that updated these, is no longer in the clan And im not sure if any1 else has access to these
  8. Destiny 2 Roster

    Well it is kinda confusing,every other topic called "*Game* Roster" has a list of all the players with the players ingame nickname ot add them to their friendslist and there they arent forced to join the ingame clan, guild, etc.. Im guessing atleast that is what floppy thought it was another list so people could add eachother and play with eachother throughout that list
  9. Desert Map

    I acctually looked at the size, and compared to the other map, its exactly the same size Removing the water and the desert that probably no1 is at usually, you get as a result of the island being bigger
  10. Overwatch Roster!

    Added! Added!
  11. Fortnite Anyone Try it

    Fortnite Battle Royale, to me, is the "arcade version" of PUBG
  12. Overwatch Roster!

  13. Overwatch Roster!

    Alrighty, added you to NA then and as Tank/DPS, let me know if you want that changed
  14. Overwatch Roster!

    Fair enough I dont mind and can still help out with things like these without a problem
  15. Overwatch Roster!

    @Fraejix Are you going to do this now, or am I ? I'll do it this time Are you EU or NA ? and what roles do you play usually ? Added!