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  1. My new kill record in squads

    Holy shit, @TheLindeN. Save some for the rest of us!
  2. New Discord Channel

    Nope. You should be fine to join into the discord. The integration hasn't been setup yet, but for that all you will have to do is give your discord ID into the forums.
  3. This weekend there is double soldier and double weapon xp gains in COD WW2. Great time to play the game and level up!
  4. New Discord Channel

    Also another bonus!
  5. New Discord Channel

    I completely agree with you, but the majority of the gaming community does not. At least, it is not a big enough difference in voice quality that they want to move away from the newer tech - Discord. Either way, we will be moving over to it, and sunsetting teamspeak over the next month. That way people have time to switch over to Discord. We are also working on integrating Discord in with the website just like Teamspeak does.
  6. PTR Playground - Wednesdays
  7. PTR Playground - Wednesdays

    You are in the mention list. You may need to look at your notification settings.
  8. Pending Request for Coaching - Fraejix

    If you are looking to become a coach and more involved in the community, @ProReborn, hit @IamRevenant up with a PM
  9. Religion in School

    Let me rephrase that... In a biology class, they teach evolution as a part of the class. They also specifically talk about Darwinism in the class and what it is.
  10. Religion in School

    I think that is a great option @TheLindeN. Essentially a choice between learning about a religion and the morals within it, or a general morals class where it isn't religion based. I like that because the general class could also teach you how to form your own morals and follow them. @Malicent I agree with you that no one should be forced to follow a certain religion. Currently children are forced to take biology classes which are based entirely upon Evolution and Darwinism. I think saying: "You have a choice between these classes" is a good idea. Or even a generic religions course that teaches you what the different religions are, how they started, and what they believe in. Nothing that forces someone to follow a religion, but shows them the options they have so they can make an informed decision.
  11. Completed Broken Chatbox

    Fixed it. @Nebulon