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  1. I say
  2. There we go! An opinion! This is the court case described in the New Yorker article link I provided earlier It will probably be a case to follow for civil rights activists.
  3. until

    Real life comes before clan shenanigans, @Serene! #makingthatdough If you are unable to make it then you might want to find someone to take notes for you, if you are going to be looking for anything specific or have a topic you want to discuss. We will be requesting updates from individual sections as well I believe, so plan on trying to have someone from Fortnite who is able to give us an update. Current plan atm is for Booyah to be leading the meeting, and I will probably be the one taking notes and recording.
  4. So both of your posts have tiptoed around giving an actual opinion, and just stating questions and facts... I am getting the vibe that you think that they shouldn't be able to?
  5. Here is an interesting resource on the topic at hand:
  6. @Trojan404 Current laws aside, should religious bakers, florists, photographers, etc. be allowed to refuse to render services to a gay wedding?
  7. Moved this to the Music Forum!
  8. @Geck0 Are we discussing what the current laws are, or are we discussing what we think they should be?
  9. IMO anyone should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt or harm anyone else. Therefore, I think a religious baker, florist, photographer, etc. has the right to refuse to render services to a gay wedding, as it doesn't cause any harm to them. Simply go to a different (maybe more expensive or further away) baker, florist, photographer, etc.
  10. until
    Leader Meeting - Discuss sekrit things @Roughknite @Booyah @Trojan404 @Zero
  11. until
    Hello Everyone! We will be having a member meeting on Sunday, the 27th of August, at 10 AM CST / 5 PM CEST Please try and open your schedules to be able to come to this meeting, as there will be a lot of important information we will go over! An agenda will be posted later on, please follow this event for any updates! Section Leaders, expect us to call on you guys for an update from your section. You do not have to give us your update personally, but an officer from your section should be there at least to give us an update for you if you are unable to make it
  12. until

    Le hidden wall of red (AKA Approved by Fraejix)
  13. So if I want my nose flicked I know who to call and what to call them
  14. @Mimi Great to have you in the clan! Do you prefer to be called Mimi or Marta? When I saw your answer to how you got your gamertag, I couldn't stop the song of American Pie playing through my mind