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  1. @IamRevenant Just put my iggy deck in! $$$
  2. Hi. As section head, I expect everyone to adhere to the 5 post rule. Thank you for your compliance, Paragon Section.
  3. To add your decks to the thread, click the link below. Add your name to the doc, and post your links below it. Add as much detail as you like. Your changes will be reflected in this first post. Have fun!
  4. until

    @Font How should we prove we earned the award? (I don't think there is an in-game game counter in the new UI). Also, do we have to play on our mains?
  5. Every Saturday at 8 pm EST! Check out the pinned thread "Paragon Game Nights" for more info.
  6. HOW IT WORKS: RANKS: Instead of 10 levels, we will now have "prestige"-like ranks. Each rank has 10 independent levels. Each rank costs a big chunk of rep (estimated between 100,000 to 300,000 rep, but rep "will be more plentiful"). LEVELS: Levels award chests (cards and gems only). It only takes "about 2 hours" to level up a hero (and thus about 18 hours to rank up). *This also means that the new system is "linear." It takes the same time to rank up to rank 2, as it does from rank 9 to 10. HOW THIS AFFECTS YOU: Owning a mastery now (spending 75,000 rep or 1,300 coins in the in-game store) will award you the first 10 RANKS for FREE, regardless of what level of mastery you have currently. Not owning a mastery RESETS your progress for that hero. Your current progress is translated to it's new, linear position. You will still be equally far from level 1 and from level 10, but your numerical status will change because the early levels are much longer and the later levels are much shorter. As a result, your "rank" will be lower than your current level (unless you are currently level 1 or 10). *Don't worry, all rewards from the old system land at the same "translated" position (same total xp earned), so you won't lose that level 7 emote because you are now rank 4 (see next section). credit to Raxiuss at /Paragon RANK REWARDS: You receive a large reward at each new rank (you start at rank 1 once you buy the mastery): 1. Challenger Skin 2. Challenger Crown / Visor / Horns 3. Emote (Old Rank 7 Emote) 4. Hero Shot Banner 5. Rival Crown / Visor / Horns 6. Rival Skin 7. Emote 8. Hero Concept Banner 9. Master Crown / Visor / Horns 10. Master Skin 11. Golden Loot Crate Key 12. Grand Master Crown / Visor / Horns 13+ (up to 99). Loot Crate Key
  7. Check your favorite streamers and youtubers for v42 gameplay and information!!! Official v42 patch notes: Base stats and scaling have been adjusted for all heroes: For basic info - For detailed info - Monolith Magazine (by EPIC games): (I really have no clue wtf this is) Also, one of the streamers accidentally leaked a thumbnail for a new hero: Thanks to @JayZeee for this pic:
  8. I liked watching you die. hehe x^D
  9. Glad to have you around, man. Welcome to the community.
  10. The links to the screenshots of the cards and gems are all broken now. I replaced them with links to where all the information can still be found.
  11. What is the focus of this division? In alignment with our Clan Mission, our section is made up of "mature" gamers who want to get good at their game(s). Our Focus is to become better players. And how our members do that is up to them. There isn't one, decidedly best way to do it. Here's a non-exhaustive list of what people choose to do: Solo Queue and Bot matches practice micro mechanics (aiming, last hitting, hero mechanics) test heroes test cards Watching high-tier replays Watching your own replays Watching/reading informative content - reading patch notes and hero guides, watching hero gameplay and overviews Theory-crafting decks Grouping Up try-harding - playing with people at your skill level to practice and improve together casual play - playing with people you enjoy playing with smurfing - playing in lower ELOs for fun Get/provide coaching: apply for a coaching session hero recommendations card recommendations ask for an explanation for why a deck is good situational advice for in-game problem playing with a coach to learn macro-mechanics (rotations, shot-calling, map presence) Recruit players that can contribute to the clan -------------------------- I guess while I'm at it we can make a list of things I don't expect to see in our members: Immaturity Creating/propagating unnecessary drama Not being able to control your emotions (i.e. constantly having your "feelings hurt") Always being rude to another member (you can report this to me, directly) Holding grudges (Not @Grudge05 though, you can hold him if you like) Childish behavior Constantly complaining about rules Not listening to others' criticism of you Making demands (unless you are @Omninaut IX or @Booyah) Not taking "No" for an answer Unprompted vocalization of negative opinions of other Marauders - more or less: "talking behind someone's back" (see the section below) *Insert clan rules here* By it's nature, our clan is a community. We talk and play among each other. But we are primarily here to improve our skills. Do we expect everyone to be friends? No. Would we like them to be? Sure, but most everybody here is looking to get better, not establish friendships. So, naturally, people will gravitate towards members that best help them attain their goals. As for the unnamed coach... As Head of Paragon, I honestly have no issues with what our coach did (provided he was not harassing you). Each member has the freedom to play with whoever they want and have any opinion of another player that they see fit. On the other hand, I expect our members to be mature enough to be civil around each other, no matter what their opinions are of one another. Yet neither do I want to hear voluntary vocalizations of negative opinions of fellow Marauders. I choose my words carefully here because opinions may be given when asked of one another, or when prompted in many ways (e.g. asking why someone won't play with someone else). In this event, the opinion should be measured out to fit the question, and shouldn't be emotionally charged. I expect maturity from both parties when such occasions arise (it's okay to disagree, and sometimes that's the easiest way to move on). Lastly (concerning the Coach), it is not the duty of a Coach to play with people. Coaching takes MANY forms (see above list). So unless you submit a "Request for Coaching", they are only expected to help you on trivial matters like recommendations and advice. So as long as you weren't being harassed by him, then he was not in error.
  12. From the first paragraph in the full PDF: "Hello. Today I noticed a drop-down box on my launcher called “Paragon Event”. It installed the game again and I pressed play. After logging in I immediately noticed I was on the V.42 build. I had no invite to this test therefore I am under no NDA. Below you will find everything I came across in this version. After logging out I have since been unable to enter the game, so everything here is what I captured. Please note: It is very doubtful this is the final V.42 build so expect all of this stuff to change by the time it releases."
  13. HOLY SHIT GET HYPED Full PDF: v42leak.pdf HIGHLIGHTS: Deck Building: Max of 12 cards per deck (min of 3). 2 affinities per deck. Any deck can be used on any hero. Cards: Death - Growth - Order - Chaos - Knowledge - An EPIC employee said that leveling up cards only affects PvE modes, and will have no effect on PvP play. Both coins and Rep can be used to level up cards. EQUIPPING CARDS: Gems: When you are in game, you can spend 1000 Gold to level up either Agility, Vitality or Intellect. At levels 1, 7, 13, 19, 25 it activates your selected Gem. Each attribute gives you bonus stats, e.g. Putting a point into Vitality will give you +1 HP Regen. You can select a total of 6 Gems. Example: 5 Agility Gems and 1 Intellect Gem. You can skip tiers if you wish. *The old links are dead, but you can find the information at Masteries: Masteries cost 250,000 Reputation or 500 Coins to unlock. Masteries cost 250,000 Reputation or 500 Coins to unlock past Rank 10. Rival Skins: unlocked at mastery level 6 examples: Chests - It seems like we will be getting some kind of compensation reward for our materials and cards we owned through ‘Veteran Chests’. Chests contain 14 Cards and / or Gems. Iggy rework: SEE THE PDF AT THE TOP FOR EVEN MORE STUFF: "Crowns, Horns, and Visors" "Hero Mastery Progression"
  14. Wait... he said Paragon towers, if anything, do more damage than towers in other MOBAs. That's a load of bologna. I'm not complaining about our towers, but they sure as hell are weaker. Especially in early to mid game...
  15. Considering she was designed for the new card system, I think right now she will be underwhelming. But in a couple weeks I expect her to really come alive. Maybe a card that scales health regen with you mana regen, or cards with mana and resistances. Or more cards that buff mana and utilize your mana pool in interesting ways. We shall see!