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  1. v43

    @Malicent Actually countess is in pretty rough spot right now. Her win rate is really low in high ELO. She is countered by simply too many things. She only thrives in low ELO where squishy heroes overextend frequently.
  2. v43

    The hype is real. I didn't get any work done today lol
  3. Hi again! I'm looking forward to some games this Tuesday after the patch.
  4. Happy to hear about gem crafting in the works and the card store (rep only) to be released soon. Visual update should be awesome. I hope they remove all of these aura stacking shenanigans at the same time and I'll happily start playing more.
  5. EPIC listened to the community and changed their ways! lol
  6. That's not true. You could buy Rep Boosts, but not flat out rep. They promised from the very beginning you would never be able buy cards with money.
  7. EDIT: They removed the chests from the packs Thanks, EPIC! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you guys think about this? I don't like this at all. The only thing stopping it from being pay-to-win is that the chests give completely random gems and cards (if crafting was a thing, these things would sell like crazy). Buying any of these on a brand new account gives a huge advantage. I'd say that they could avoid outrage by removing the chests and adding more mastery tokens, but they are already in the store and for sale. This really does make me uncomfortable...
  8. I found some cheap Destiny 2 PC codes. I wanted to offer them to my own section first because I'm a bro. There are 6 of them left and they are $30 each via PayPal. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  9. Paragon section is still alive and a few of us are still having fun (lul). Say something positive or post something fun you've done recently. Tell a story, post a clip, do whatever. Here's the cleanest shinbi kill you've ever seen:
  10. @IamRevenant Just put my iggy deck in! $$$
  11. Hi. As section head, I expect everyone to adhere to the 5 post rule. Thank you for your compliance, Paragon Section.
  12. To add your decks to the thread, click the link below. Add your name to the doc, and post your links below it. Add as much detail as you like. Your changes will be reflected in this first post. Have fun!
  13. until

    @Font How should we prove we earned the award? (I don't think there is an in-game game counter in the new UI). Also, do we have to play on our mains?
  14. Every Saturday at 8 pm EST! Check out the pinned thread "Paragon Game Nights" for more info.
  15. HOW IT WORKS: RANKS: Instead of 10 levels, we will now have "prestige"-like ranks. Each rank has 10 independent levels. Each rank costs a big chunk of rep (estimated between 100,000 to 300,000 rep, but rep "will be more plentiful"). LEVELS: Levels award chests (cards and gems only). It only takes "about 2 hours" to level up a hero (and thus about 18 hours to rank up). *This also means that the new system is "linear." It takes the same time to rank up to rank 2, as it does from rank 9 to 10. HOW THIS AFFECTS YOU: Owning a mastery now (spending 75,000 rep or 1,300 coins in the in-game store) will award you the first 10 RANKS for FREE, regardless of what level of mastery you have currently. Not owning a mastery RESETS your progress for that hero. Your current progress is translated to it's new, linear position. You will still be equally far from level 1 and from level 10, but your numerical status will change because the early levels are much longer and the later levels are much shorter. As a result, your "rank" will be lower than your current level (unless you are currently level 1 or 10). *Don't worry, all rewards from the old system land at the same "translated" position (same total xp earned), so you won't lose that level 7 emote because you are now rank 4 (see next section). credit to Raxiuss at /Paragon RANK REWARDS: You receive a large reward at each new rank (you start at rank 1 once you buy the mastery): 1. Challenger Skin 2. Challenger Crown / Visor / Horns 3. Emote (Old Rank 7 Emote) 4. Hero Shot Banner 5. Rival Crown / Visor / Horns 6. Rival Skin 7. Emote 8. Hero Concept Banner 9. Master Crown / Visor / Horns 10. Master Skin 11. Golden Loot Crate Key 12. Grand Master Crown / Visor / Horns 13+ (up to 99). Loot Crate Key