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  1. What's more important, the hero you like and have leveled or your particular skill at the game. I'm a fairly solid soldier butttt I may be a better constructor. We need to start preparing for survival mode's release end of this month/beginning of next. Generally you'd want to be at least level 30(assuming levels matter) and have at least 1-2 different types of minimum Epic level traps. That way you can mix/mash with others and their traps. You'd need a close, medium and long range weapon depending on the situation, and you need to make sure that you have secondary heroes that are placed into your squad for their bonuses at the minimum of 2 stars. I myself use 2 2star heroes for my bonuses but you lose health and shield if they aren't as leveled as your primary hero. For the start of survival and until we have more information I"m going to stick to soldier as it's what I've worked on the most, but in the background i'm gonna be working on building up my constructor sets such as making sure I have all the banner upgrades unlocked and leveling my secondary constructors up. Feel free to post what you're going to be doing for survival mode when it comes out so others can look this thread over and gain an understanding of what you plan on doing, serene and I will try to update this over time. Also you can post any questions you may have about the game in this thread and anyone who's been to the higher levels can break some things down about the game you may need to know. Thanks! @Zero, @Bravofoxtrot, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @Exsus, @Font, @Naero, @leviathanxx, @zeroclash, @xValdBaginax, @ChunkyRain, @Bhoosted, @Giddy Goblin, @Hawkens, @Aido Hwedo, @Zurmin, @Darrell5780, @GSkill, @Ninebreakr, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Nasty4Life, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Reznec, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE, @Oxydian, @MrSorry, @Tiberiumkyle, @GrenadeRacer222, @Buttfor Booyah: Main Soldier/ Side Constructor Linggrad: Main Constructor/ Side Ninja Tiberiumkyle: Main Ninja/ Side Soldier Serene: Constructor Font: Soldier, Outlander in the future Exsus: Outlander, sometime Soldier and Constructor XtopgunX: Main Soldier/ Side Outlander Ninebreakr: Main Ninja/ Side Soldier
  2. @SleepySheepy I only know it's been a much tougher season than last. I'm still not in Master and I hit master last season within a month.
  3. @Cablenerd move slowly, you'll have to adjust to the idea that most of your day won't be managed by another person or group of people. Best advice is to try to remember how you lived your life before the military and maybe tweak it a bit with what you learned from the military, nothing wrong with making your bed each morning.
  4. yahhhhhhh buddy, you got it before me this season.
  5. @Altiahad are you hopping on teamspeak? Generally that's how we meet.
  6. Added a visual loot guide
  7. LOL

    @Geck0 Fuckin outstanding
  8. @Geck0 I'm calling the current Meta the Butcher meta. Played a match against him and watched him 3shot almost everyone on my team, if you build a team around him just a little, he wins matches all day. @Zatch @ASDFChampion for your team strats.
  9. @Geck0 definetly feels like a bruiser and not a full tank. I've been playing with the talent build and tested both ults. While I think the slow is going to be useful more often, that taunt wrecked teams I was against when I had a burst team.
  10. @Geck0 he's very similar to grux from paragon legacy version, bout a .5s delay after popping Q.
  11. @vacuumebox Listen closely during the initial briefing and on the plane and emulate anyone around you who may have done it before. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't be the first or last to jump out if you can.