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  1. @HawkEyeT @Fraejix @Trojan404
  2. @CowardlyViking can I PM you a request with some specifics?
  3. I just try to have fun with things, if something doesn't work try another. If things really don't work I just take a break and come back a little later when things are hopefully better.
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  5. IT 8/10 Solid. Wonderful jokes, terrifying scenes and outstanding acting.
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  7. @Lost start recruiting EU Fortniters son. Problem solved.
  8. @EZLIVING you're not finding many people at the zones you're in?
  9. I read that it's the last few days to signup for the Closed Beta that comes out tomorrow. Signup there while you can fellas. It's a legit game.
  10. @Nebulon unsure
  11. @Nebulon If you don't buy on steam or through their own launcher service, your game will get cut off from their servers as they consider it hacking i.e. don't use G2A like I did. I lost my level 40 I was still working on.
  12. until

    @Fraejix I should be there
  13. @jrsimplex yah, but I've learned to have fun with em. Still not Dragonballs level
  14. @jrsimplex Naruto is garbage until about the 3rd season, then they grow up a bit and once it hits Shippuden it's fuckin legit.
  15. Now I'm not very smart, I'm hoping @Font can break this down a little bit more