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  1. K/D 43 (better than most cheaters )

    Misspelled username. Clearly a side-effect of all the hacks. Reported.
  2. Me computer be dead

    So last night, just as I died at the end of a thrilling game of PUBG, my computer just died. Not bluescreen, no shutdown, just cut power and silence. I believe it's the power supply, but could be the motherboard. On the plus side, I now get to get a new computer, which means HOPEFULLY no more potato gaming! Except for the awful internet! It's not top spec, but i7-7700, 8GB DDR4 RAM and I can transplant in my RX 480 (which I really hope isn't the problem because if it is FML). Down the line I get an SSD and the whole world is puppies and sunshine. So yeah, see you on games in a week or so I hope.
  3. Leader Retirement

    Well I don't know if he'll see this but if not, pass on my best regards. Roughknite I believe was the one who interviewed me for the clan way back when and was my first department leader. Sad to see you go bud.
  4. Destiny 2 Roster

    Pfft, obvious propaganda by the MAN. It's in the chemtrails...
  5. Destiny 2 Roster

    @Fraejix but why the red wall. Why. I literally have no interest in this game.

    Go for it mi amigo.

    So after an extended absence on the forums and TS thanks to a more than significant amount of drama IRL, I am officially back from the dead. I'll be lurking around the graphics and art section if anyone may have any graphics tasks for me. I'm looking to build a portfolio so I'll be taking on some extra volunteer tasks. I'm going to make a post on that forum with more details on that. Also, I'll be back wupping yo sorry butts on all the games. ALL THE GAMES.

    FIRST SOLO MOTHERF***************************G CHICKEN DINNER. FINALLY. I tried to screenshot but my button didn't work :c I'll grab my stats page later if that's ok.
  9. Pointless Count to 10,000

  10. So this is not a victory post (even though I claim it as one) but myself and @vacuumebox just had the single most ridiculous duos game ever. We drop in Yas, north-east apartments. Halfway down we're told that we were meant to be waiting for BloodLust (I believe that was the name, sorry but I wasn't familiar with you!) and because of this, we pledged to do a kamikaze run and rush the guys in Western Yas. Long story short, they weren't there and we grabbed a Dacia and headed south to the circle, all the time just arguing about what colour the Dacia actually was. Arriving close the Eastern bridge, the Dacia suddenly decided it need to return to its people and leapt majestically into the air. After the blue zone and the triple car flip, we were left at about 2% health and next to a firefight. After healing up a fraction, I snuck up to within about 8 feet of a guy hiding behind a car who was under fire from the opposite side. I fire a Kar98k from that range and miss because it's me. Guy doesn't even turn. I down him next shot and sorta stand there for a moment wondering how it happened. The obvious progression was there to take our Dacia of undetermined colour and charge it straight through a firefight and off a huge cliff into the Military Island waters. We swim across the entire gap to get into the zone, then grab a boat and swing around to the cliffs on the western side. Got into a boat-to-boat fight, outran them, got to a cliff and scaled it (despite Vacuum's insistence that it couldn't be done). Just as we reach the top, the team we fought before pulls up to the opposite cliff. Then begins an epic firefight on an open cliff face where we won and I ended up getting revived and nearly falling off a cliff. Then the witchcraft starts. Surrounded by much more heavily armed teams we literally beeline to the circle, stopping to pick off one unfortunate guy behind a tree. I get hit twice, down to 10% health, then start zig-zagging while yelling SERPENTINE SERPENTINE SERPENTINE over and over, which naturally reroutes all the incoming bullets past me. After a little fight with unfortunate man's partner, I get revived for the 3rd or so time. The next rush to the circle claims Vacuum's life, because he didn't shout SERPENTINE enough. I did, a lot, and I made it to the wall next to a house. Last 5 alive. At this point I just assumed I'm blessed with eternal life. I throw a grenade into the house, knock one down and rush the other with a UMP and kill both. Finally, trying to get to the last circle, the last team of two pick me off. From all of that, and on a kamikaze run, we finished 2nd. Bloody amazing.
  11. Hello Graphics and Art!

    It's ok, I have one set done and ideas for most of the rest, I'm going to have one final push tonight/tomorrow night.
  12. Hello Graphics and Art!

    @Lazres If you'd like I can add it to the pile of graphics tasks! I just have to finish off the awards and I can take a look at this, although I'd need to necessary dimensions for the overlay. If you're good with Wolf's one though I have no problem with that. Also, if you have any experience with PS/GIMP I always need extra hands on the graphics team! *hint hint nudge hint*
  13. A Helpful Article

    So I'm pretty guilty of some of these things as well, but PC Gamer just posted a little guide for callouts for any new players or chatterboxes like myself on occasion.
  14. Artist of the month?

    As long as it's literally just 1 hour a month, I'm ok doing it.