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  1. I'm only technically in school. I WISH I was back at school. Waaaaay easier.
  2. Game night tonight everyone, in 5 hours from this post time! (I give up on time zones) Come along for wacky hijinks and excitement for rocket-powered cars of all ages!
  3. @Always Can I suggest the works of Joseph Campbell? Not strictly about only Greek mythology but about shared human mythology. The Hero with a Thousand Faces is one I would recommend if mythology is your thing.
  4. If you're on the Rocket League section list you'll get a message, if you like I can ask @TheGuanyin to remove you from it. I have no idea about the double message this time, think it's a glitch.
  5. 62
  6. Entry number two in the terrible beginnings to my Rocket League career! Ah the memories...
  7. Name: Viking's Early Rocket League Adventures 2 Category: General Rocket League Date Added: 2017-06-07 Submitter: CowardlyViking Entry number two in the terrible beginnings to my Rocket League career! Ah the memories... Viking's Early Rocket League Adventures 2
  8. Very simple. Baccano! if you want something more cerebral, Seto no Hanayome for something to piss yourself laughing at. Also I'm very depressed that no-one has mentioned Cowboy Bebop.
  9. Hey ho all, it's that time again! Tomorrow night we have our weekly game night. We are going to be running something a little unusual tomorrow. This is a personal idea, but I was thinking of having a mini Rocket League Olympics. Essentially, we'd be alternating between things like Hoops, Snow Day, Dropshot and all the other bits and pieces. Since we had such a formal tournament last time, I thought something a bit lighter was in order! Start time is 8pm, no sign-ups needed.
  10. Suuuuuure just let me get my wall- OH wait no I need food.
  11. I feel like the kid who eats bugs, looking on from the outside while all the cool kids play PUBG.
  12. If you want an achievement, I can give you an award for 'Member of Most Teams in One Tournament'.
  13. Was discussing that with Guan, we weren't sure exactly where to log tournaments.
  14. So I'm happy to announce we have our first winners for the revived monthly tournaments! Congratulations to @StillAFox and @Remstone who walk away with 3 keys, Chakram wheels, the Octane Distortion decal and the Dominus GT skin each! In second place are @Oracle and non-member LowRisq who each get a key for a very well played tournament.
  15. Starting in under one hour! Please arrive in good time before so we can go through the rules. @[email protected] @yiturtle123 @JoeyB @Remstone @StillAFox @Lukas @Whisp @Oracle @Rebel1705 @TheDivineWaffle