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  1. Destiny 2 Roster

    1.Battle Net Name: Hvn87#2260 2.Destiny 2 Website Name ( so when u apply for the clan we know who u are): Hvn87 3. Is this your Main Game ( Yes,No this is how we know to change your section membership): YES, I stopped playing overwatch) 4. Main Class: Warlock 5.Hardcore or Casual Player: Casual 6. Do u wish to PVP ( If yes do u want to join a team?): Yes 7. Are u interested in world first and speed runs ( For hardcore players ): I am just not good enough for that , but if I get better I would like to. I saw someone added me to the destiny clan, thanks!
  2. EU Game Night on Saturdays!

    I will be there, had a lot of fun beeing back to overwatch yesterday, some helpfull advice too!
  3. OverWatch Roster!

    Forums: Hvn87 Bnet: Hvn87#2260 Server: EU
  4. Welcome to the forums Hvn87 :)