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  1. Divinity Original Sin 2

    We are indeed still playing that campaign. I play this game like it’s my job I freaking love it
  2. I'll be buying both Destiny 2(but itll not be till the 28th so im gonna be behind) and Monster Hunter World which im honestly pretty pumped for
  3. Divinity: Original Sin 2

    I mean, im only in chapter 2 but seems like a pretty diverse amount that will inevitably get bigger as i get further in the game. On top of that people are already modding new classes and spells in
  4. Divinity: Original Sin 2

    I am playing this game like its my job. I absolutely love it, although i mostly end up playing alone so if anyone wants to start a game with me that would be awesome. Shadowsever is my steam name of course
  5. Divinity: Original Sin 2

    Strongly considering picking this up
  6. Borderlands 2

    Would anyone be down to play some borderlands 2? Was watching a youtuber play it and i really wanna play again!
  7. Interested in D&D

    I would also be interested in playing some D&D!
  8. Diablo 3 Season 11 Gameathon!


    Im coming to this! I need a teaaaaaaaam. Anyone need a fourth or want to start a group?
  9. Thank you Marauder Clan HotS

    I want/need the coaches. I want to be the next champ. Also gratz =)
  10. Figuring out how many 2.0 chests you get

    59 so far, playing a ton the next week to get that up!
  11. New Battleground and New Hero!

    OMG did anyone read the patch notes. Genji is already dead to me UTHER REWORK IS HERE
  12. New Battleground and New Hero!

    I mean hes weak to CC, but yea he seems pretty crazy. Nerfs incoming lol
  13. New Battleground and New Hero!

    I am pumped about this map however i think they may need to raise the core health maybe to 10 7 seems crazy low unless the payloads move crazy slow or something. About to watch the video, interested in how Genji is
  14. Request for Coaching - Shadowsever

    1. What is your battletag? Shadowsever 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? First available is fine with me 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. positioning, map awareness, specific heroes, etc.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. I need help making sure I am positioning correctly. I also want to work on my drafting as I don't feel like i always make the best picks and bans for a cohesive team. I also sometimes feel like i am indecisive on whether i should go to a team or push a lane and end up clicking back and forth and wasting time. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. custom games, QM, going over replays, etc.) I honestly have no preference here. 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to be able to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? By the end of my coaching sessions i would like to feel like i can make strong draft choices, and make smart decisions on the map without hesitation. 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to win more in QM, rank Diamond in HL/TL, place in tournaments, etc.? I am silver in HL, i want to raise that to Platinum at the very least but would love to get to Diamond. 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? Weekends are best but most evenings i am also available/
  15. Heroes of the Storm 2.0 and Cassia

    I think these changes are flat out fantastic. Loving the addition of loot crates as i probably can get everything i want without having to spend any money! Cassia looks great as well!