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  1. Battlerite

    Me and Smalls have been playing it for the past few days. We want to do a 3's team to get GC to get the cool warlion.
  2. What's your favorite NHL team?

    them detr0it redwongs
  3. Vivaldi Browser

    I've been looking at new browsers since Microsoft Edge decided to keep breaking for no reason. I'm not really a big fan of chrome, so... I found Vivaldi. Vivaldi is a very sleek browser with features that other browsers don't have and allows extreme customization, such as: Tab Stacking - You can drag tabs into a "Folder" that is on the tab bar, when you click it - it shows all the tabs in that tab folder. Essentially it cleans up tabs if you have multiple tabs. Easily allows organizing web pages of the same nature. Tab Tiling - You can view multiple web sites on one monitor, via something like split screen Themes - Chrome and other browsers do have this, but Vivaldi makes it simple. You can change the accent / background / highlights, colors, etc. In real time. Mouse Gestures - Vivaldi comes with built in mouse gestures, for example - if I right click followed by a left click, it jumps backwards to the previous page. The opposite goes for going forward. You can also close tabs by holding right click, and making an L on the screen. You can change all the gestures. Web Panel - You can add a website to the side of the hotbar. Upon clicking it, it opens up a view of the web page and you can easily see updates. Works great for twitter / facebook. There are other features such as changing the theme / colors based on time of day, privacy settings (no tracking) automatic history deletion, saving tabs, making notes for web pages, controlling with text commands, and a lot more that I haven't used yet. It does miss some modes that other browsers have such as incognito, extensions - namely for firefox / chrome. I'd give this browser a try, it looks great and feels great. I haven't had any issues with it so far.
  4. Name: Vivaldi Browser Category: Reviews Date Added: Author: Viscus1197 Vivaldi Browser
  5. Help with Message to the Devs

    Remove all energy cost from skills. There's a cooldown for them anyway. Ninja should get 10% life steal on melee / kill, remove fall damage. Add unlimited sprint outside of combat, would make the games progress a lot faster.
  6. Fortnite Game Night!

    I work too much so it doesn't matter.
  7. Fortnite Roster

    Viscus 1197 / Viscus 1197 / Thunder Dome
  8. Game Night - Saturdays at 4PM Eastern

  9. did i get kicked or ban from the ts

    I bet that discord server is looking real nice now... kekekek.
  10. Warframe - Join if interested

    At some point in the near future there will be a warframe section, do to the increased interest for the game. There is a person applying to get the section up and running. As of right now, we have approximately 9-10 people in the in game clan right now and are definitely looking for more. Once we hit 15, anyone else that would like to join will have to wait until more people want to get in. Upgrading the clan in game goes to 15-30, etc. Each upgrade means all the research/crafting for the clan gets progressively more expensive, that being said - I'd like to see at least 7 more applicants after we hit 15 in game, so we can still achieve researching things in game relatively easy. Let me, @Darkness, or @vacuumebox know and we will get you in. @[email protected]
  11. Can I just ask

    Team speak is pretty cool.
  12. Potatoes.

    Russet potatoes are the best.
  13. My HardHat from work

    sexy hat
  14. tacos

    cool ranch