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  1. Approved

    I think its a good idea, the only concern would be the financial aspect of it. It would be entirely dependant on whether or not we can support it and how often.
  2. Now, what you don't see is the other side of it, which consists of me screaming "GET AWAY FROM ME." And "THE ZODIAC KILLER IS HERE RUN AWAY." And "He is MIA. He is bot side. I feel it in my bones. OMFG FLEE."
  3. You would be correct. We vet anyone who expresses interest in the team by asking for their personal stream links so we can take a look at how they run their channels. If they dont meet the criteria their request will be denied. I strongly disagree with allowing people to stream for the clan if they are not on the team. If they dont make it on the team there is a specific reason for it. I understand there might be reasons preventing you (or anyone else for that matter) from joining the team, but I don't personally believe we should accommodate for that. We can certainly give the community a shot if leadership deems it has merit. But otherwise until we have the stream team up and running fully I won't be devoting much attention to it.
  4. Its actually possible, however, the account that's making it has to have two step verification, so I'm pretty sure only one person can run it. Even if that weren't the case, making it possible for anyone to do that via the community defeats the purpose of having a stream team in the first place. I dont forsee any reason why someone would want to stream for the clan but not want to join a team we are building to do exactly that.
  5. I'll add you to the conversation
  6. Approved

    Let me know when your available! Going to be sending out a pm today with infor, I'll put you in too! We just finished a marauder overlay I'll put in there too.
  7. Welcome to anything and everything media! Post your streams, advertise your videos, and discuss anything video media related here!
  8. Approved

    https://www.marauderclan.com/forum/106-the-media-forum/ This is what you're talking about yeah? Making sure before I start posting there.
  9. Approved

    Cool, I'll work on it when I get home
  10. Me too. I personally hate the way 10 runs and feels.
  11. Approved

    I'd be willing to mod it yeah
  12. Approved

    Hi! I love your enthusiasm! My name is Komaynu, and I run our twitch. I personally love the idea for a separate forum for general discussion. We have a separate hidden forum for those who have been approved to see it regarding social media specifically (including twitch) but something everyone can see to go and discuss would be cool. As far as who decides to allow people to stream on our clan twitch, that's a desicion made by me and leadership. I've been working on things in the background like a rule set and streamer prerequisites as well as a schedule for the stream, and now that the dust has settled on other changes happening in the clan and the new month is here things will be ramping up for the twitch side of things. Whether the separate forum gets approved or not (as that's not up to me), I'd love to speak with you and the group interested regarding some of the ideas you have.
  13. Anyone have a Samsung Edge? What are your thoughts? Upgraded to one yesterday because they didn't have the note I was looking for. Personally I think the feature is meh so far.
  14. Your love inspires me, I hope I get a wedding invite from you guys.