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  1. So, how does one actually get better?

    @Inten or @League Bot could probably provide some insight into this
  2. Unfortunately Im right there with you in the bronze dept
  3. Monthly Mega Reply Thread

    Clarity is bomb, wish we could still use it in regular games.
  4. How do you play your champions?

    The only champion I consistently go back to and mained for a long time is Nami. Her play style is versatile and smooth. Never has a champion clicked so well with me than she did the first time I ever played her. Other than that I usually play a lot of aram to try new champions. If I like them enough I usually buy them afterwards if I can. Im a support main in most games i play, but in league specifically I do it mostly because I get more satisfaction denying someone a kill than I do actually killing.
  5. Reminder to Streamers

    I kind of feel like this is an unnessesary restriction. If he specifies hes streaming I dont see a problem with him being in whatever room. That way people know right off the bat whether or not to join.
  6. Reminder to Streamers

    I think its a little bit of both tbh. Using the schedule can be hard because sometimes you just dont think about it before you go to stream. I haven't said much about it because you guys do an excellent job of working around each other. The drawback to this is consistency is the easiest way people remember the stream. If you stream game night every week without fail people start to remember that you are doing it and show up. Im wondering if it would be helpful to you guys to make the schedule public so people can look at it to know when to catch specific streams. What do you guys think? (A bit off topic, but since we're all here...)
  7. marauders streaming channel?

    Sorry for the late response, for some reason my email likes to send marauder related things to spam. Got back to you though!
  8. Changes

    I'm relaxing my stance on the overlays for the time being. You can use custom overlays, but because I still think things should still be semi uniform I believe the notification pop ups should remain the same, and all overlays have to be the color scheme of the clan, as in red grays and blacks. This will give you guys a little more freedom to work with in terms of a personalized experience while streaming. Any questions? @Warimano @BrosephStahlyn @ANDubbs @Lazres @Omninaut IX @JoeyB
  9. Approved Monthly Game Giveaway

    I think its a good idea, the only concern would be the financial aspect of it. It would be entirely dependant on whether or not we can support it and how often.
  10. Now, what you don't see is the other side of it, which consists of me screaming "GET AWAY FROM ME." And "THE ZODIAC KILLER IS HERE RUN AWAY." And "He is MIA. He is bot side. I feel it in my bones. OMFG FLEE."
  11. Social Media Roster

    Ill update this tomorrow!
  12. Welcome to the Stream Team set-up, rules, and how to! If you are seeing this it's because you've been accepted into the stream team! Here we will explain how we do things, how everything works, rules, and expectations of every member. Our twitch channel can be found here. Rules: 1) All clan rules and Twitch TOS applies to clan streams. This means, no banned words, flaming, raging, or elitism. If a problem occurs on stream you are expected to promptly halt the stream and deal with the issue at hand. Streaming will not resume until the problem has been dealt with. 2) In regards to above, all NCOS+ on the team are expected to refrain from discussing clan politics, anything in the NCO academy, or the Officers Club on stream. This is also true for non-NCOS. Anything regarding issues with other members, incidents that have occurred in the past, or ongoing issues in the clan don't belong on stream. This is how hearsay and unfounded rumors start. Answering questions about the clan and what we do is fine, but use common sense and your best judgment on what is appropriate and what isn't. 3) All stream members are expected to stream once a week. Game Nights count towards this total. If you cannot meet that requirement for whatever reason that week, you are expected to notify me. Any extended absences from clan activity still fall under the absences forum with Booyah. 4) All streaming done for the clan must be scheduled prior to streaming. You can input your scheduled times here. We do this to avoid accidental stream hijacking. If it is discovered that you intentionally hijacked a stream there will be consequences. Repeated offenses will result in losing your right to stream for the Marauders or worse. Scheduling is on a first come first serve basis excluding Game Nights, which takes priority over all other streaming. 4) You may use your own overlays for streaming, however, the color scheme must adhere to clan colors. This means red greys and blacks. The notification settings must be set up to the specifications down below so that the donation pop ups are the same. Exceptions to this are handled on a case by case basis. 5) Tobacco products are allowed on stream aka: vaping or cigarettes. Anything beyond that will not be allowed. Furthermore, if you will be drinking heavily your stream MUST specify this in your stream title. Ex: Drunk Tank: League of Legends. Failure to do this will result in disciplinary action. While we are more lenient on things said and done while drinking rules STILL APPLY. If you are drinking a beer or two, no title specification is needed. But if it's turning that direction, the title should be changed. USE YOUR JUDGEMENT. DO NOT by any means, violate the Twitch TOS which can be found here. Or our own community rules for that matter. OBS SETUP: Game Capture/Overlay/Webcam Open OBS Create a new profile for Marauderclan by going to Profiles then clicking New at the top. Add a scene by right clicking the empty Scene window (in the white) and click Add Scene, name that Marauders or whatever you want. Click your new scene to make sure it is selected. In the Sources window, right click the empty white space and go to Add > Game Capture > hit OK. Note: You will need to right click the game capture, go to properties, and select your game from the drop-down box at the top next time you open your game so it knows what game to capture. Add a new Source > Image > Select your overlay for the image. Add a new Source > Video Capture Device (this is your webcam). Click Preview Stream on the right. Click your game capture source and click Edit Scene to the right. Re-size the red square in the preview window to fit in the game-play area in your overlay. Click your Webcam, and the red square will switch to your webcam. Re-size your webcam to fit the webcam box at the top-right. Click Edit Scene again to stop editing the scenes. Click Stop Preview to stop the stream preview. CLR Sources Add 3 new Sources > CLR Browser. Name them Alerts, another Events, and lastly Chat. Use the following Imgur album to get the size information, and URL for each CLR source: http://imgur.com/a/pFByH Click Preview Stream and click on one of your CLR sources. Using the Album above as reference, move it to the correct location and resize it to be accurate. Click Stop Preview to stop the stream preview. Don't forget to go to click Settings... and setup all your encoding information etc. Here is some basic recommended settings. Encoding Encoder: x264 Encoding Bitrate: 2700-2800 Video Resolution: 1920x1080 Downscale resolution: 1280x720 FPS: 30 Misc Info: One of the benefits of the Stream Team is being hosted by us as well. If multiple people are streaming on their personal channels the hosting will be randomized. Under no circumstances is that to be changed by any of our editors. By being hosted by us it means we are backing your stream as a member of this community, so please keep that in mind while being hosted by us. PM me with any other questions or concerns you might have.
  13. Marauder Twitch Community

    You would be correct. We vet anyone who expresses interest in the team by asking for their personal stream links so we can take a look at how they run their channels. If they dont meet the criteria their request will be denied. I strongly disagree with allowing people to stream for the clan if they are not on the team. If they dont make it on the team there is a specific reason for it. I understand there might be reasons preventing you (or anyone else for that matter) from joining the team, but I don't personally believe we should accommodate for that. We can certainly give the community a shot if leadership deems it has merit. But otherwise until we have the stream team up and running fully I won't be devoting much attention to it.
  14. Marauder Twitch Community

    Its actually possible, however, the account that's making it has to have two step verification, so I'm pretty sure only one person can run it. Even if that weren't the case, making it possible for anyone to do that via the community defeats the purpose of having a stream team in the first place. I dont forsee any reason why someone would want to stream for the clan but not want to join a team we are building to do exactly that.