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  1. New Discord Channel

    Well that sure isn't what I meant What I meant was that using two voice comms will make then clan divided and that's not what we want!
  2. New Discord Channel

    Yep, not worth using both as it will create divination.
  3. Hello fellow members! I'm interested in knowing what you did for new years and what promises you made for 2018, if any! I can start by saying that I spent my new years stone cold sober chauffeuring my friends around due to having work on both new year's eve and day. I didn't make any promises because I don't want to break them
  4. Cannot post anywhere

    @Cloggedone Ah, no problem. I'll setup your stuff once I get home in roughly two hours
  5. Cannot post anywhere

    @CloggedoneHey there! As you've been a member before, you do not need to redo your whole application. However, I'd like you to fulfill this form and post it to the "Reinstatement" forum. Form:
  6. The Referrals List

    Updated. Last Application checked was:
  7. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    Unfortunately I got an urgent call for work tonight so I cannot attend the meeting. In other words, the meeting is canceled. I will return to the subject next year @Fraejix, @Trojan404, @XTopgunX, @Gumbo037, @Darkness, @Fishypixels, @BasicallyToast, @Lumi, @Nebula, @SirPie, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Manuelraa, @Squîshy, @Steptowalk, @Zarkete, @IamRevenant, @vacuumebox, @Galoubet, @He_162, @Nebulon
  8. Closed Moderated Hangouts Room (Music)

    But you could wait him in the game channels could you not? After all, that's where we kind of want the activity to be. Though I see where you're going with this, I personally don't see it used/needed. You could just write "Poke me" in your TS profile and people will see it when they click you
  9. Leader Retirement

    Earlier you said I interviewed you
  10. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    Welp, I think the time that suits everyone the best is 3pm EST/8pm GMT on Sunday, 17th of December. Be there. @Fraejix, @Trojan404, @XTopgunX, @Gumbo037, @Darkness, @Fishypixels, @BasicallyToast, @Lumi, @Nebula, @SirPie, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Manuelraa, @Squîshy, @Steptowalk, @Zarkete, @IamRevenant, @vacuumebox, @Galoubet, @He_162, @Nebulon
  11. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    Still waiting for your responses. I want to hear from you ASAP because this is pretty fucking urgent @Fraejix, @Trojan404, @XTopgunX, @Gumbo037, @Darkness, @Fishypixels, @Lumi, @SirPie, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Manuelraa, @Squîshy, @Steptowalk, @Zarkete, @IamRevenant, @vacuumebox, @Galoubet, @He_162, @Nebulon
  12. Practice Days - Poll

    When will the poll close and final date decided on?
  13. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    Because you seem to be in the recruitment team still
  14. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    Well shit. We'll see how next week fits for others before I go postponing this further