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  1. I'm definitely interested in Destiny 2 and CoD WW2. The only problem seems to be my computer being a cheap shit so unlucky for me. PS. I haven't really liked COD since Black Ops but I'm so hyped aboot getting a new WW2 game! It's been so long since one was released. PPS. Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks cool and interesting but I've heard it's going to be a bit of a pay2win. Well, more like pay2get-ahead-before-f2p-catch-you-win but you get the point
  2. Uuuh, I should have them still. Maybe I'll take a stab at editing them today and tomorrow
  3. I didn't get it fixed, I got it solved though. My PC is way too outdated. Impossible to maintain a section if I can't even play the game longer than 10-15 minutes... Also, the playerbase plummeted after a recent patch. Went from 7-8k to 70-80 players a day. I don't see a favourable future for that game in the near future, maybe in a year or so the playerbase is larger. But now is not the time for Lawbreakers.
  4. Hey guys I'm looking for a new multiplayer game to start so fire up your recommendations! It can be a MOBA, shooter or anything in between. Doesn't have to be a clan main game Currently I'm playing League of Legends most but I want to replace that Overwatch and MMORPGs are out of bounds
  5. Aw poor @Rebel1705 Well @Fraejix, looks like you're tied to Overwatch once again
  6. Well I'm back now You better get used to it
  7. Fuck yeah Finland! It's been ages since I last saw a Finnish person here. Welcome!
  8. Gotcha, I'll try get it fixed somehow. It could be just some cooling problems, I don't really know
  9. Nevermind, crashing started again. I guess my GPU can't handle it at all as it has crashed twice today. I was able to play one game smoothly and after that I was back at the starting point
  10. I can happily inform you two, @Darkness and @guacgaming, that locking to 75fps and updating the drivers fixed the crashing!! I'm going to use Razer Cortex as a performance booster to avoid all further possible fps drops and crashes so it should run like a dream
  11. So would our plan be that we'll co-start it and you'll take the lead of it? Then when you want to give the lead over or I get out of army I'll start leading it?
  12. Yea I hope I can fix it as well. I could probably lead it once my military service is over (30 days)
  13. Hmmh, then I'll try that as well. No need to be sorry, thanks for your help
  14. I have it locked to 71, so I'm not exactly sure that would help. I'll try updating the drivers first and the if that won't do it I'll set the fps limit to 75