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  1. ARK Aberration Server Available

    Flying dinos can ruin a bit of the balance of aberration, as I am now experiencing lol. I went back to my personal server because the difficulty 1 was killing me might be something to look at to change if others are also interested in it. But I set up a SE server for mine and just having a flying dino really breaks the flow as now you can go anywhere with no risk especially into the more dangerous areas. The danger of aberration is always having to be on the ground so you can't escape easily from seeker or nameless swarms.
  2. asdf

  3. ARK Aberration Server Available

    I'd be down if it's still up. I've been playing single player on it to just try it out and it's rough lol
  4. Finally achieved honor lvl 5

    Haven't been playing much lately, but just got mine as well.
  5. Developing a modpack?

    Noah and I set up an FTB lite server with some modifications and were testing it out last night and it's pretty great. Here's the Twitchapp import file to set it up (I think this will work properly?) To set up: then select it.
  6. Battle Royal

    Hard to compare flaws of Fortnite to those of WoW. I can hop on WoW and play to my heart's content and progress without paying more than the monthly sub ($$ or even in game gold). With Fortnite, you hit a wall where your progress is so excruciatingly slow that you just get stuck without any good RNG. Missions are very hard to solo and if you get bad random teammates you don't progress at all. But Llamas "fix" that by injecting a bunch of RNG quickly. You can still get garbage when buying, but without buying you get next to nothing. Makes it hard to stick it out. I don't tend to get burned out on games very fast. The games I play I play heavily. I think I have over 1.5 years of collective hours into WoW even. 1200 hours into Ark, 1500 into DD, burnout isn't typically a thing with me. Fortnite burned me out not because I played too much, but because the amount I played netted near no gain and I could have played another 100 hours and it would have amounted to nothing.
  7. Battle Royal

    I've actually stopped playing it entirely for the same reasons. Grind as much as you want and you still barely make a dent towards any goal. It's a cash shop game at its heart and it seems more and more games are taking that route because they are extremely profitable. It's sad because it was a pretty decent game concept that has been tainted by the method they chose to make money. There are other, similar games, that also do some sort of base defense (even tower defense ones) that accomplish similar things without micro-transactions and are still loads of fun. Hell, I have like 1500+ hours into dungeon defenders alone. Trendy's horrible choices aside, the game still went on for years by an indie dev without micro-transactions and is still played today. Fortnite is still in EA and is going to dwindle before its official release even and is backed by a massive AAA company. First zone of Fortnite was fun because you just pushed forward and everything you found helped you do that. Once you hit Plankerton though, it no longer is enough and the difficulty gap that encourages you to spend 20 hours a day or lots of $$ in order to get that RNG chance just kills the joy of the game. I tried to explain all that in Fortnite's discord way back but the fanboys that thought RNG games with micro-transactions are good overshadowed me. Wonder if those people think this battle royal addition instead of fixing existing problems is still a good idea.
  8. World Of Warcraft

    I don't play right this moment, but I do sub for every expansion and usually play through most of it if not all of it.
  9. Irma I'm kinda hoping that projection is at least somewhat accurate and it becomes a cat3 before hitting here. A cat3 off the coast isn't so bad.
  10. Irma

    Anyone in FL (or other areas)? I'm situated around Daytona, FL atm since I just moved here a few weeks ago. Nothing like a cat5 immediately after moving. The projection is that it'll be a cat3 or lower 4 by the time it hits me so I plan on weathering the storm while the rest of my family evacs to NC. If anyone else is nearby maybe we can have a hurricane party before it hits lel.
  11. Anyone here plays FFXIV??

    I'm actually leveling up from when I used to play on release. I'm 52 now, trying to get to 70 some time soon.
  12. "60% of those go out of business within 6 months" are there statistics to back that up? Sounds like fear mongering. A good security setup is only those who need access can obtain access and everything is done through secure channels. That means no using your neighbors unprotected wifi to access the admin credentials on a site/server and if you don't need those admin credentials to begin with you don't get them. Unfortunately the second one isn't controllable as you are trusting the people you grant access to do things properly and laziness or ignorance may prove to be their enemy.
  13. HTML in anything is restricted to certain people as it can be abused.
  14. Worth it

    It's good, but it has quite a few flaws. I would recommend against spending too much on it until it has a clear vision of what it intends to be. Right now, much of the progression is locked behind obtaining llamas, which is extremely slow if you don't spend money.