Vivaldi Browser   

By Viscus1197, 08/19/2017

I've been looking at new browsers since Microsoft Edge decided to keep breaking for no reason. I'm not really a big fan of chrome, so... I found Vivaldi.


Vivaldi is a very sleek  browser with features that other browsers don't have and allows extreme customization, such as:


  • Tab Stacking - You can drag tabs into a "Folder" that is on the tab bar, when you click it - it shows all the tabs in that tab folder. Essentially it cleans up tabs if you have multiple tabs. Easily allows organizing web pages of the same nature. 
  • Tab Tiling - You can view multiple web sites on one monitor, via something like split screen


  • Themes - Chrome and other browsers do have this, but Vivaldi makes it simple. You can change the accent / background / highlights, colors, etc. In real time.
  • Mouse Gestures - Vivaldi comes with built in mouse gestures, for example - if I right click followed by a left click, it jumps backwards to the previous page. The opposite goes for going forward. You can also close tabs by holding right click, and making an L on the screen. You can change all the gestures.


  • Web Panel - You can add a website to the side of the hotbar. Upon clicking it, it opens up a view of the web page and you can easily see updates. Works great for twitter / facebook.



There are other features such as changing the theme / colors based on time of day, privacy settings (no tracking) automatic history deletion, saving tabs, making notes for web pages, controlling with text commands, and a lot more that I haven't used yet. It does miss some modes that other browsers have such as incognito, extensions - namely for firefox / chrome.


I'd give this browser a try, it looks great and feels great. I haven't had any issues with it so far.