Interview: Rider   

By Serene, 08/12/2017

Interviewee: Rider

Interviewer: Serene

Month/Year: August 2017

Recording Length: 10:15







Serene: Hey everyone, I'm Serene and we are in the Marauder Teamspeak with Rider who is the section lead of For Honor.

Rider: Hi everyone!

Serene: So, recently I know For Honor has gone through a couple changes. Was For Honor the main reason you joined the Marauders?

Rider: For Honor was definitely the reason I joined the Marauders. I joined two days after the official release and just fell in love with the game, but I knew from the get go that it was more of a team based game than an individual based game. I looked for a clan and the Marauders really drew my attention more than others.

Serene: Was it also your plan to decide to volunteer to help run the section? Was that something you really wanted to do or was it something you felt like you had to do since you were the first one joining for it?

Rider: Well, I wasn't really the first one joining for it. This section was actually started by Malice at the time, now known as Fraejix. So, I got recruited by him and started to play the game. When I play a game I go pretty hard core into it, so I was around a lot. I was around a lot more than Malice and he will be the first to admit it. So, Malice stepped down and another member named FishyPixels and I were both in line for the section leader. I ended up being the section leader and he ended up being the JNCO.

Serene: Oh nice, that's great that you guys could work that out. With the changes that have happened to For Honor and I know you have talked about the decreasing of the player base, why do you continue to run the section if you see it getting smaller?

Rider: Okay. Well, there is no doubt that the player base for For Honor is getting smaller. I mean this game launched with over, well just on steam alone, not including consoles or people who bought it on Ubisoft, it started off with about 30,000 players. And now, on any given night, we are down to less than a 1,000. So, the game kind of took a header. The thing is, if you look at the reviews they are all awful but each review says that the game play is amazing. They just don't like the connections. They don't like bugs and things like that. Things that are fixable, so that game has tons of potential and I'm really excited now because they just made an announcement, the developers made an announcement the other day that ranked mode is on its way within the next few months and dedicated servers that no one ever thought would happen. Dedicated servers are actually coming to For Honor. This is the same company who did Rainbow Six, Ubisoft.  So, they had experience with games that weren't doing well then added dedicated servers and it really started taking off in popularity. 

Serene: So, you think the player base will increase after all of that?

Rider: That's what I'm hoping for. I can't say for sure, I'm not a psychic or anything like that but that is what really keeps me going on is that I think this game has a potential to be really, really big. If we set a good foundation for it in the clan early, then we will just have a step up on people when it actually happens.

Serene: Yeah, definitely. You will be able to have that foot already in the door and be able to bring tons of people here, if that does happen. Being hopeful is really good because you can't say something is done until you really know. And if the problems are just things that can be changed, then I'm sure if a lot of people see those changes then they will want to come back, if they have played the game. I think it will help recruit new people as well. 

Rider: Yeah, that's the hopes. Definitely. 

Serene: So, since you have been in the Marauders for a bit, what keeps you here? Is it the game and the section? Or the people?

Rider: It has got to be a little bit of everything. I've definitely enjoyed getting to know people and play some different games with people. I've played PUBG with people, and some Town of Salem. I played Diablo for a while. But just a majority of my time I am spending in For Honor since I am the Section Lead and that just kind of makes sense. Playing different games with different people and really getting to know them is what gaming is all about. Not just playing in your room by yourself, not really talking to anybody. It's a social thing. That is why the Marauders is a really good idea and a really good system.

Serene: Yeah, I definitely agree with everything you say and I feel like it is a big family here. Especially with the games. Like you said, you would be playing Diablo with people and other things. You aren't always just playing one thing, you are able to be flexible with what you play. 

Rider: Exactly.

Serene: It is nice that people play multiple games and you meet a lot more people around here.

Rider: That is definitely true.

Serene: What got you into gaming?

Rider: What got me into gaming? Oh my goodness. I've been playing video games ever since I was a little kid. My brother is about 8 years older than me, so he used to take me around, I was like 5 or 6, he would take me to the mall and he would used me to pick up girls. One of the things he would always treat me with was when we went to the mall, we went to the arcade. I'm an older member, I am 34, so this was back in the 80's. So, he would take me to the arcade. We would play video games there together for a couple hours, just about every time we went. So, that is really where my love for video games came from. From there I played on the original Sega. It was called the Sega Master system. My dad didn't buy us the Nintendo entertainment system. He bought us the Sega Master system, I don't know why, but he did. So, I was always off on the console that we had. It was pretty cool. I am a Sega fanboy, like everyone else grew up with Mario, I grew up with a character called Alex Kid. This was before Sonic or anything.

Serene: That is definitely a long time ago.

Rider: I don't know, I feel pretty cool about it, I don't know why. It makes me have a little pride about Sega and where they have been. 

Serene: Yeah, and now you are here and trying out new things. 

Rider: And now I'm here, that's right.

Serene: So, I just have one last question for you and it kind of goes back to For Honor. What would you to say to people who are looking to maybe try out a new game? Do you think For Honor is a good pick for anyone or maybe people that like certain genres? I don't know a whole ton about For Honor, but maybe there is something you think others would like in it or it would interest them.

Rider:  A lot of people who like For Honor are the people who like fighting games. They like medieval combat fighting games like Dark Souls or maybe the Elder Scrolls series. I really like the Elder Scrolls series that is something I really always enjoyed and fighting with swords and axes and things like that. That kind of game play has always been very near and dear to me. So, when they add a PVP aspect, and a game basically all dedicated to PVP, with that type of fighting style, I was very excited. So, this is a type of game that has not been done before. Would I recommend anyone out there to go out and buy it? That is a tough one because as a Section Leader I want to say yes, but in reality, I would say wait. Wait until the developers come through on some of these things they have said. We have gotten closer and closer to them, within the next couple months, we are going to have ranked modes. It is already on public test servers for tournament modes and things like that. The community is really enjoying it so, I think if you want to get a head start and take a little bit of a gamble, the game is worth it. The game itself is worth it and if you have a good connection then nobody ever complains about the game. The game itself is fabulous. If you don't really want to take that risk, and you want to wait for a little while and see what actually happens, I understand completely. It is just where ever you are at in your gaming life.

Serene: Well, that is really good advice. And thank you because I think that helps people see the kind of games they may like and maybe join it too. At least you aren't like, "buy it," you're like, "maybe wait." 

Rider: Yeah, exactly. So, eventually it might blow up. Everyone always goes back to Ubisoft's thing about Rainbow Six. So, the game started off a flop, basically. And then it really took off when they added dedicated servers. It is still not a top 10 game, but it is still a very popular game now. And For Honor, I think has a potential to meet and exceed those same kind of legacy and really be a big game for Ubisoft.

Serene: Well, I hope the game the best and I hope you the best in the section and its always great to see our community grow and grow, so I really hope it all works out. Maybe we will see something happen soon. 

Rider: Well, thank you so much and I appreciate it.

Serene: Yeah, and thank you for the interview. 

Rider: Oh, anytime. 



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