August Newsletter   

By Serene, 08/01/2017


Marauder Clan

August 1, 2017

August Newsletter




Player of the Month


Each month we nominate a group of people for one to be voted Player of the Month. In July, our nominees were members from the News Team. All members of the News Team volunteer their time to create reviews, news, and interviews for the clan. We thank them all for their hard work and the time they dedicate. Who did you decide deserved Player of the Month for July? The votes are in and it looks like Serene won Player of the Month for July 2017!


Head over to the Player of the Month forum to check out who the nominees are for August 2017! They should be announced soon!




Staff Changes


 Congratulations to Roughknite! He has been promoted in the clan to Leader due to his time and devotion in the clan 

 ✰ Darkness has been promoted from JNCO to Head of Recruiting  

  SilentWolf251 has said her farewell and has retired from being Head of Smite and Head of the Admin Team  

 ✰ Lazres became a JNCO for Heroes of the Storm  

 ✰ Merkcury became a JNCO for Playersunknown’s Battlegrounds  




Section Changes


  Booyah took over the Heroes of the Storm Section as Section Lead  

✲ Fortnite is our newest section in our clan that Serene started as the Section Lead 

✲ We are looking for someone who may be interested in making a Galactic Section 

✲ Silent stepped down as Head of Smite and we are currently evaluating who will be the new Head of Smite 




Open Staff Positions


✧ Head of Social Media (Minimum Rank of Officer) 

✧ Head of YouTube (Minimum Rank of NCO) 

✧ Possible Galactic Section Lead if anyone is interested in starting a section for it 

✧ We know some sections may seem quiet but with summer coming to close we know our numbers will start to increase. We are always looking for people to help recruit and grow our clan! You do not have to be staff to recruit but if you are interested check out the link below. 


Check out this forum on information on how to become a JNCO and help recruit! It also includes the template on how to apply for positions besides JNCO.




Teamspeak Channel Name Changes


We have currently been changing our Teamspeak Channels to fit the specific section, instead of seeing Room 1 or Room 2 around the whole Teamspeak. Each Section Leader gets to decide what channels they want and what they should be named. This makes sections have more personalized channels towards their game. We hope this explains any confusion anyone has when looking at our Teamspeak Channels.




Fortnite Giveaway

✶ This month we are doing a giveaway for the game Fortnite. If you do not already have the game fill out the form below to be in the drawing! ✶

✶ We will be giving away at least 2 copies of the game! ✶

✶ Winners will be drawn 8/4/2017 at 5pm EST in the Marauder Teamspeak. If you are not in the Teamspeak when names are drawn and your name is drawn, you will receive a message on the Marauder Website. ✶

You must be a member of the clan to receive a copy of the game.






Thank you to everyone who participated in our Gameathon for Diablo 3 and Fortnite. It looked like everyone had a fun time and we had a great turnout for both events.

If you ever have an idea for a Gameathon for our clan talk with a Leader. A Leader must approve of a Gameathon for it to be a clan event. 




Quotes from your Clan Mates


Here are some quotes from July!


"FUCK THIS GAME!" - Always

"Fraejalalalala" - Booyah

"Do you in the butt, butt, butt." - Booyah

"Don't knock it till you try it" - Serene

"You misspelled French Fries" - Vacuumebox talking about Fraejix's name.

"Big Dick Daddy Dark" - Vacuumebox


Check out the link below to quote your clan mates!






Here is the Leaderboard for the last month. Looks like TheLindeN got the most likes throughout the month!







Thank you for everyone who helped with the Newsletter! If anyone has any ideas for new newsletter sections for September please message me. - Serene 58fa3ad24a0cf_SectionLeader2.png.13b1a34e8566fe25e918b0c30b1a8f64.png