1. Upcoming Games for the Clan   

    By Booyah, 06/04/2017

    Destiny 2-
    Release Date: September 8th, 2017
    The Only Solo Game: Middle-earth: Shadow of War-
    Release Date: October 10th, 2017(Day after my bday)
    COD: WWII- 
    Release Date: November 3rd, 2017
    Star Wars Battlefront II-
    Release Date: November 17th, 2017
    Escape from Tarkov- 
    Release Date: Beta in 2017
    Ashes of Creation- 
    Release Date: Late 2018
    Star Citizen- 

  2. Interview: BrosephStahlyn   

    By Serene, 06/03/2017

    Interviewee: BrosephStahlyn
    Interviewer: Serene
    Month/Year: May 2017
    Recording Length: 30:26
    Hey everyone, I’m Serene and we’re in the Marauders Teamspeak and I’m here with BrosephStahlyn who is my interviewee. I’m just going to start off by asking why did you pick the Marauders? I saw that you joined back in September 2016, so what brought you here?
    Well I played Paragon and at the time I didn’t really have a team outside of the people I played with in real life. I stumbled upon Aardvark. He and I had played against and with each other in matches and I think over time we had gotten to respect each other’s skill and I know Aardvark that hung around another person who may have been Sindog, but I am not certain. But Aardvark had invited me to join the Marauders, so I took a chance on that. Never been a part of a clan outside of my father’s clan, so here I am. I’ve been a member since September 3rd. Unfortunately, I have been absent for a few months because of PC issues but I am glad to be back and participating with everyone that I’ve met. For the most part, the Marauders have been very welcoming and it has been a great experience to be here.
    Well, I am glad to hear that. So, looking at your gamer tag, is there any specific reason how you got your gamer tag? It is kinda out there.
    So, originally when I started gaming, one of the major games that I gamed on was Unreal Tournament 1999, and I came up with a name of DKiller and DKiller evolved into the name Nard and then over time as I matured, BrosephStahlyn came along. You’re probably wondering how I came up with the name BrosephStahlyn. (laughs)
    (laughs) Yeah.
    Really there isn’t much rhyme or reason to how it came about. What is unique to my name is the spelling and I know that because any game I try to put in a username or account ID it is never taken because of the specific spelling. I played a game called Borderlands and when you play Borderlands there is a corporate called Dahl. Dahl Corporations has certain weapons they produce and I like the AHL spelling. I took Broseph as an homage to Joseph and I added Stahlyn to that specific way of spelling thinking it would be unique because I didn’t want to have a direct correlation to Joseph Stalin because there is a bit of a stigma about Joseph Stalin in general.
    I wanted it to be unique in my name because I think that regardless of what you think of Joseph Stalin in general, he was a leader, he put together one of the most ruthless armies known to man. I like to think of myself in some aspect as a leader and I think Broseph is kind of a social aspect of my name and the last part is just sort of for show. So, that is how my name is made to be. I don’t know if it will ever evolve but I’m happy with what my name came to be. And from this point in time I continue to keep that name in any game that I play.
    Well that’s awesome too when you have a name that is unique and when you type it into a game you know not someone else is going to have it which is really nice when you have that. Do people comment on your name a lot?
    They do. Not only do I get a lot of comments in games I tend to promote a lot of streamers that I’m a fan of and they tend to think my name is funny and incredible and they enjoy the spelling of it. And they can say it right off their tongue if they aren’t entirely stupid.
    I think it is fun to have and at this point in time I have no reason to change it.
    Yeah Definitely. So, being a part of the Marauders, you did talk about how you joined for Paragon. Is that still considered your main game right now?
    For a matter of fact, I would not consider it my main game right now, but in one point in time it was. I would say between the months of September to early December Paragon was my main game and anyone who is listening to this right now knows during that time Legacy existed still, the map. We no longer have the Legacy map. One of the fundamental features about Legacy was Fast Travel and with Fast Travel you were able to enter into a sprinting mode which was different than any other MOBA that existed out there. Over time they wanted the game to be more competitive so now we have Monolith. With Monolith, the overall speed at which the character moves is the same throughout everybody, everyone has the same movement. In Legacy, everybody had the same mobility, but what happened was, after a 3 second period without being in combat you entered into a sprint mode. But back to what I was saying, Paragon is currently not my main game but is a game to me with the Marauders that I still hold close to my heart and I want to continue to cultivate my skills and becoming the best I can be at Paragon because Paragon I think has been a big contributing factor in the Marauders Clan and everyone who has been a part of recruiting, leadership, and even the members have done a fantastic job at doing what they do and it’s a staple game that exists within the Marauder games and some people whether you play it or not, you may overlook it as such. So, I just want to put a shout out to everyone who is playing Paragon and has contributed to the scene, you’re doing a great job and I wish you a continuous successor doing what you do.
    Yeah, definitely. I’ve really seen it grow. I haven’t been here as long as you, but it’s always nice to see sections get bigger and bigger and you know that people are enjoying the game. It’s nice when you come on teamspeak and just start playing with people, you don’t have to find people and I think that is a lot of reasons why a lot of us join gaming clans is because we want those people online and you were talking earlier about your father and I think you were in clans and things with him. But I think at some point you move out of that and you need to find groups for yourself.
    Yeah, so if I may comment about that, the aspect of being in a clan. I’m not sure if we talked about that in the interview, but I would like to talk about that. Growing up I used to sit on my father’s lap, in his bedroom when he played the game Doom. And I watched all of that unfold. I watched him play it from the beginning to the end and I think that for me, being born in 1992, and the game coming out in 1995, if I’m correct, that for me is what entered me into gaming, was my father. As I grew up, my father was a part of a clan called Old Farts and they played Quake, the original Quake and that was on one of the old modems that was like 56, I couldn’t even tell you the specs of the modem they were playing on, but sometimes it took them hours to get everyone online together and correctly. Regardless, I had the opportunity at a young age to actually go to LAN parties with the clan that my dad was a part of. It was in Michigan. I’m from Ohio and the LAN parties were in Michigan and I went there for my first time when I was 12 years old. I was finally old enough to be a part of that adult scene because there were other kids. These people were older people who also had kids who played games, so I was invited along. I probably met 40 different people who were in the range 30, 40, 50 year olds that played Quake, Quake 2, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, at the time Quake 4 had just came out. This was around 2005-2006. My dad had been going to these LANs for a long time and the guy who was the clan leader, his name was 😊. And 😊’s name was literally just a smiley face. He brought all these people together that weren’t hell bent on winning but just wanting to play together and have fun and that was the premise of it. Half way through the life time between 1994-1995 up til about 1999 there was actually another Old Fart’s clan. That Old Farts clan merged with 😊’s clan who was the leader that my dad was with and it just created this amazing community where all these gamers who were hysterical, some were just there to have fun, some were amazingly skilled between the ages of older 20s all the way up til their later 50s who just got together and played games. To me it was very nostalgic. I remember going to this LAN party when I was 12 years old and when you are younger and you play as many games as you are allowed to, I did pretty well against them. In a sense, I kind of frustrated them, but they loved playing with me. In a sense, they saw me as a small little prodigy gamer that was looked up to. I don’t think they looked up to me, but I was good and they invited me into their clan and I want to continue my dad’s legacy as being a good gamer, as being a responsible gamer, a respectful gamer to any community that I involve myself in because truthfully clans are rare these days. Clans that stick together, clans that build a following. It is not as common it is more community based as a far as around streamers, as far as around games itself. You don’t have clans anymore that are just around a specific set of people that just want to meet other people and have fun. Because I was exposed to that so early on, I have mad respect for that because a lot of us want to cultivate a relationship with a group of people who share the same passion with us. Sometimes you can’t cultivate that relationship just by talking to someone over the web or the game anymore. Some people may say that clans are outdated, clans are irrelevant, everything matters around community based discord or a streamer or a particular game or reddit or maybe some random website that promotes games. I don’t like that. I want to get to know people because we all have struggles in our lives, we all put ourselves to play video games because it is our joy. We want to have human interaction with who we play with. I think we do establish real connections with people that we do play with. I’m always there to talk to people about not only game issues, but real-life issues. It is important to me being at where I am in my life, being a 25-year-old, I want to cultivate those relationships with other people because this is a hobby that I enjoy and I know for some people this is the only hobby they enjoy and for them to be dedicated to a team, is important. When they put forth the effort it is noted. I know I’m going off on a tangent here and it is a little longer answer than what was anticipated, but my dad was a heavy influence on me being a gamer. He was a heavy influence on me playing the games I do today and I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t without him and I wouldn’t be probably as skilled as I am without him. So, hopefully it was enough to answer your questions.
    Well, definitely. Don’t worry about saying too much. I think it is great that you have this foundation built for gaming and how it started. You’re right, I still love the community and the clan and the sense of it but people don’t really LAN anymore, so it is a different interaction, but I love it because you can meet so many people here. Being a part of the Marauder Clan we have so many different games and different people you can meet and different countries of people here. So, I think that is really great too because you get to meet so many new people, if we were just LANing you wouldn’t particularly meet. So, I think that is a really great thing.
    Absolutely, yeah. We have people come as far down south as Florida up to Toronto, Canada and we met in Michigan. We were all there together and it was a passion we enjoyed and played together for 2 days and 😊’s family was nice enough to cook for us, and let us stay the night. My mom was invited to that and it’s kind of funny because you kind of want to know what the perspective is outside of someone who games, their husband or their spouse, or whatever is invited to that and you want to know what their perspective his of how they see that. My mom loved it. My mom used to kind of dislike how much my dad gamed, but when she went to the LAN, a couple of them, she really felt welcomed and was able to communicate with the other wives that were there. It almost felt that what we were doing was meaningful. Gaming might just be a selfless hobby, but what I like to say is, if you enjoy spending time on something that is considered wasted to others, it’s not wasted time if you enjoyed it. Gaming for me is not wasted time. I’m sure there are other things that I could be doing but gaming is something that I love to do. It is something that my father used to love to do. Unfortunately, my father no longer games and that is something I hope to at least bring back just a little bit.
    I think it is harder when you get older too, my father is also how I got into gaming but I feel after some time you just fall out of it. Not that you don’t enjoy it but you have other things going on in your life and that makes sense. But I’m sure he would love to do it sometime because people love to game. I love to game. (laughs) So, if Paragon is not your main game anymore, then what is?
    So right now, I’ve been playing Playerunknown’s Battleground. There is a friend that I know in real life, his name is Cameron. He told me about the game and he came from H1Z1, which is similar. It is a battle royal game. I had never had a whole lot of experience to those type of games. And if you are unfamiliar to what a battle royal game is. It is pretty much the same along the lines of each different one you play which is a battle royal. You spawn in a world, with nothing but the clothes on your back. You need to find whatever materials and items that are necessary for you to defeat your opponent. Whether that be first-person or third-person view. The end goal is to be the last man standing. If I were to talk about my experience thus far, in Playerunknown’s Battleground there are 3 types of modes. There is solo, duo, and squads. I’m just taking a guess on what I have done. In solo, I have won one time. Out of 100 players, I have survived all the way through and killed the remaining player to be the crowning victor in solo. In duo, I have won at least twice. Where I have partnered up with someone else and we have pushed ourselves all the way through to try and survive until the final circle and kill our opponents. In squads, I am proud to say that most of my victories come from the people who are in Marauders. I just to give a shout out [email protected]`, also known as mippins,[email protected], he is a great player,[email protected], another great player as well,[email protected],[email protected], I’m trying to think of others right now,[email protected], Toro_Naro, [email protected] The reason SirPie became a member because the very first game that he and I played together we won. I thought right then and there that this guy was suitable for our clan. He trusted in my abilities to lead us to a victory and he assisted in that victory that we had together in a squad match. I’m proud to have him here with us today and I would probably say that SirPie, even though he is a young gentleman, might be a little better than me. So hopefully I can be better than SirPie someday as I cultivate my skills. His reaction time is a little better than mine, but I’ll get there.
    That’s okay, we all learn from each other too. That is a nice thing too is that you can play with people here and we always have coaching which is really nice too. Being able to get help if you have a problem. I always love when people can give you good criticism that can make you a better player. Is there anything in the Marauder that keeps you here? You have been here sinxw September of last year, which is really great. Is there anything that stands out that keeps in our clan? Keeps you coming back for more? (laughs)
    It’s the people. I do enjoy the structure of what Booyah has laid out. Admittedly, I don’t agree with all the decisions that are made, but I understand why some of the decisions are made. And they are valid excuses on why the decisions that we make aren’t in place. Gaming is an evolving entity. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what we are doing. I know recently we had disbanded the Marauder discord. Not that my opinion holds much weight, I felt like we could have improved on the engagement of the discord. Overall, it has been the people. From what I know there is about 3,000 members in the Marauder Clan. You and I both know that 3,000 members are on teamspeak at any given time. You know we all have own lives. We all have things to deal with. People come and go. What’s kept me in the Marauders is the people and the interactions that I’ve had with the people that I game with. And you know what, you don’t have to be the best player for me to have a good time with you. The only thing I expect out of someone who plays a game with me is that you try your best. I want you to be open minded and I want you to learn. That’s the way that I play. I’m not the best player in every game I play. I could go into any one of these games and more than likely I will not be the best player there, but you know what, I’m open to constructive criticism and I think if you know how to give good constructive criticism by not bashing other members, by trying to coach them, by trying to point out their errors, they can be better. I think by doing that you create a better gaming experience not because you are creating an opportunity for them to win more or for them to perform better. What you are doing is you are showing that people do actually care. Whether it is a complete stranger that may live on the other side of the country, they do care because you’re interactive with this community that you can be better. I find that to be very important and you don’t see that a lot in game. I’ll tell you what, MOBAs, I’ve played quite a few MOBAs and if you solo que by yourself in any MOBA, you make a mistake, there is going to be someone who tries to call you out on it, bash you down, try to dehumanize you and try to destroy your ego and your sense of worth. I don’t believe in that. I believe that whether you are a clan member or not, if there is an error that you made in a game, if it’s a MOBA, a first-person shooter, a strategy game, a RP, whatever, the best thing you can do is educate one another. For this clan, this clan has done a very good job in trying to educate one another to be better gamers. As long as you have an open mind and allow criticism and allow people to give advice and recommendations you will become a better gamer.
    Yeah, I think all that you’ve said is very true with the beliefs of the Marauders and what we want to be. We want to help people. That is just the greatest thing about a clan is that we can all work together to help each other. And like you said, you go into a game solo, by yourself, you are going to get that hate from them and I feel like it is really great when you can have that group of people that you can group with and play games with and get better together and realize that if you want to give criticism you have to watch your tone and how you talk to someone. Don’t get mad if they do something wrong, even if they are playing with you for the first time, maybe they got something wrong, talk with them about it and help them and that is a really great thing to be able to help another person in the right way. We all get mad at times, we can all be a little salty in gaming, but you just have to know how to deal with your salt.
    Thank you so much for the interview and talking with us. Really glad you are still here because it is nice to have people who are more veteran members, compared to me because I’m not as veteran as you are. You keep coming back and I hope to be gaming with you soon as well as a lot of people here.
    Absolutely, and anyone who is listening to this, feel free to throw me an invite, add me on steam, connect with me. I want to be able to connect with everybody. From the time since I’ve been here in the Marauders I haven’t been able to connect with everybody and that’s because of a difference in game preference and that is okay. We all have different preferences on what games we like to play and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are looking to explore something new, or looking to invite me into a game and coach me on how to play the game. I encourage you to reach out to me. Serene has been an incredible interviewer, the time I have been speaking to her. That goes for her as well, I believe. All we want to do for Marauders here is I think, first and foremost we want to have fun, we want to have a positive experience with the people around us. I find that to be very important. As long as we can continue that, we will continue to have members who will stay longer, who you try to become leaders and will be the example of what Marauders is and what we strive to be.
    Yeah, definitely. Thank you again, BrosephStahlyn. For any of you that needed to hear his name again. (laughs) Thank you.

  3. LoL Reworks 2017   

    By llNumbersll, 01/31/2017


  4. Game Review: That's What She Said   

    By Serene, 01/30/2017

    Category: Tabletop Card Game
    Topic: That’s What She Said
    Reviewer: Serene                                                                                                     
    Month/Year: January 2017
    Word Count: 532
    Entertainment: 10/10
    Simplicity of Rules and Setup: 10/10
    Originality: 6/10
    Replay Value: 6/10
    Total: 32/40 = 80%

    As you see above, there are many innocent phrases that people say; however, they can be taken the wrong way. If your head is often in the gutter, I’m sure you have said or thought to yourself, “that’s what she said.” Have you ever played a game where each card is a twisted innuendo? No? Well, now there is an enthralling, new game where your reaction to each card should be, “That’s what she said!”

    If you couldn’t tell already, this newly introduced game is called That’s What She Said. If you have played Cards Against Humanity, then you would understand the concept of playing That’s What She Said, except there are a few differences that make it more enjoyable.

    The game starts with determining who is the kinkiest in group because they will be the first judge. While playing with friends, it is funny to determine who it will be, but with family members it is a bit awkward. In the case of playing with family, my group decided my mother would be the first judge since she is the oldest and probably is the most experienced. 

    Once the judge is decided, they will draw a red card, read it aloud for the group, and wait for everyone to choose the funniest white card in their hand. Once you pick a card for the judge, you get to discard one and draw two. I love this aspect of the game because sometimes you have that one card in your hand that you never use, so this way you get two new cards each round so you refresh your hand often. 

    One criticism I always had towards Cards Against Humanity was the fact that I sometimes wouldn’t have a card that went well with the card the judge reads. However, in That’s What She Said, as a player you are always included because you will always have at least have one white phrase card that will go well with the red card. This aspect of the game was stimulating and made me feel like I was a part of each round. On the downside, this game’s replay value is lower than I would like it to be because it does not have any expansion packs yet, but since it is a new game I am hoping in the future they add more to the game. 

    I know most of us are likely gamers that play on the computer or console more than card games or board games; however, it can be entertaining to play with friends or family outside of the online game world. And let’s face it, we all have a dirty side that needs to be unleashed at times. If you ever have the chance, and I hope you will, play That’s What She Said and be ready to laugh your ass off. 
    Here are a few examples from several games I played with family and friends. Sorry for the bad quality.


  5. Art of War: Red Tides Beta Review   

    By Booyah, 01/15/2017

    Art of War: Red Tides Review
    When you were growing up, did you enjoy the game of Tug of War? The rope sizzling the skins off your hands, people laughing while you cry inside but you can't let go to show your strength -- ahhhhhhh, fond memories.  Now you can play Tug of War in a digital format, only with hundreds of units that blow shit up and sizzle skin!

    For those who never played Desert Strike in Starcraft 2 (which this game is not just loosely based upon, but is a clone copy), you start out with beginner waves of a few units, and as you gain more resources from an upgrade-able resource collector you purchase more and quite often larger units. 

    The twist in Red Tides compared to Desert Strike is that you have a commander with unique abilities like -- oh, I don't know -- SUMMONING A FUCKIN DRAGON.

    Or bombing runs, or lightning towers that are the bane of my existence, all that fun stuff. There are 3 turrets on the map on each side. When those go down, a wave can quickly swallow up the remaining units on the field and destroy the opposing team's core immediately after, winning the game. 

    This is not a "main game." It's fun to play, but not something I can play a massive amount; however, it is on mobile, and you can link your mobile account to the game on Steam and play whenever you like. 
    Red Tides is currently free-to-play and in beta. While the free-to-play status may change, this game is only in beta for a couple months before a customary wipe occurs, so if you're interested here's the link Make sure you download as quickly as possible.