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    As usual running this Sunday, invite everyone! @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Kurtti, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @SoMuchSwagMan, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary
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    I am totally up for this if they are... but it sounds like neither of them like SC2 as they both mentioned here... so we may have to find another challenge :
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    Watch, enjoy the reel of new loot just in time for Halloween. That new Greymane skin... Damn that is nice. @Sandman, @Hiltzaile, @Shadow, @whosetheman, @Lansar, @Laftur, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @undecidedpie, @Zell, @Gutts, @Avalon, @mynd, @Carewzen, @ThePlug, @Valiant, @Bluntgutss, @Flipcyde, @Kingpetras, @Tiltedredman4real, @Anyonenormal, @Vind3x, @Krozber, @skylaar, @Arczeal, @Tanner, @Wosret, @OneShawt, @CTwizzle, @HushHush, @Zatch, @mathinis, @Elfiesan, @Tarsaric, @Droolo, @Anguis, @mrlewis, @Burntdbacon, @stuwey, @advenger, @Slightdawn, @ramtough, @SilentStorm, @Geck0, @Danisimo, @Smashthatbox, @Euthanist, @Penguinchacha, @Plumbit, @Minmaximus, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Ghostmg, @Bloodraven, @Diko, @zEnVy, @Maplesyrup, @EndlessPAIN, @Shadowsever, @Hazazer, @Th3D1rtSt4R, @Mark#13500, @Nemesis, @Agemendon, @KisinBombo, @Tsukami, @Steve_spam, @Astellin, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @GreyWolf19K, @xAlisterx, @granvaca, @Yendor, @Apple2694, @Lokius, @Drmcfluffy, @Bubzee, @Talamonius, @Caity, @Ragneroc, @RamenCrunch, @Fitzalici0us, @Kefka, @Tinho, @Jmarsh, @randomcuban, @Neffzilla, @Mimi, @chupakabras, @Alavard, @ManlyBiceps, @_San_, @Chely, @Phalanx, @Altiahad, @AlmostHappy, @Brentsmith, @Fraejix, @Vayonetta, @Omar, @Adherency, @Bard, @Nightwind, @scorpidlight, @LoliYens, @RSmove, @Magical8ball, @_Wyv, @Qfg Quitf33ding, @holiroller, @Amitii, @Aragoth, @QuartzTheOG, @bLing, @Diabeu, @Krudi, @Ariex, @Spazz, @Ghostbear, @Cathedral, @Belauldar, @FatePawn, @Omisery, @Fayte, @Discount_Bob, @Zaltharas, @Niptonium, @GrimmL0ve, @Dblaze, @Darien, @Brette, @Clayborn, @Bws Knives, @MandoFresh, @Director, @young1ove, @Reep, @Sir_Spike, @GhostWalker, @Roki, @diablo8121, @TheMightyLevon, @MezsiaH, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @Sparks, @Ansatz, @Zeratul, @MisterMoskau, @Hadvik, @Metaprime, @teea, @Ultrabueno, @defqonsix, @Defstrikes, @SubMediocre, @Dionysis, @Halbeardy, @Harkonin, @defenestratr, @pattycakes1981, @stevenonce, @Pspman, @Cruelalloy, @VORTEXWARE, @Algida, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Shaz, @Dexxterrr, @Disconnected, @MsBehavin, @garyhots, @Miserchild, @LuluGont, @Ventris, @Sirea
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    I was surprised when i saw it because i don't even care about rank and i do stupid shit all the time. @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary
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    Hey there everyone! Seeing at how popular D&D was at making a campaign, i'm thinking of making a EU4, otherwise known as Europa Universalis campaign! if this gets lots of interest, i'll plan out a weekly timing for people to group up! For those of you who do not know what EU4 is, think of a game of risk, that is historical, dynamic, and all about diplomacy! Look it up as well! If this get's a lot of attention ( I know Fraejix and ASDFChampion you're automatically in) then we'll setup like a weekly timing to play a campaign over the next few weeks
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    Hey everyone, I hit GrandMaster in overwatch! Woot! https://www.overbuff.com/players/pc/Qwerty-1375?mode=competitive . After I hit gm I decided to join a team. I am currently playing in ESL Open and ARG weeklys. It's is an amazing experience that wouldn't have happened without friends I've made along the way from this clan. If you have any questions or want some tip on Tank (my role) add me at Qwerty#1375 or on Discord Qwerty#5427
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    @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Kurtti, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @SoMuchSwagMan, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary I recently started recording so here they are; two back2back chicken dinners with Vaccumebox and IamRevenant https://youtu.be/iO0F4dzLVfk https://youtu.be/WB4Io4zHSQY PS: I know I am slow at looting so don't judge.
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    I got through the opening mission for destiny 2 open beta this morning and it felt great . Now just a heads up anyone can go download and play the beta today you just need a battle.net account . The game feels great on PC almost as it was almost specifically design for pc . Even in beta the port is one of the best I have ever seen and I applaud bungie for delaying the pc release to make sure the game was ported right . PC players get the chance to play a different map that was not available during the console beta so that's a plus also . I officially got my 100% completion achievement on xbox last night and im so hyped to get the section going for destiny 2 on release . The 4v4 pvp feels way more balanced then the old 6v6 . Yea it kind of sucks you cant have more friends join u but it makes everything just play so much smoother and tactical . I'm really excited that they said raids will not be pay walled behind expansion . Im currently in the process of making a destiny 2 video with gameplay footage for the news team if anyone is interested in helping me do so . I will be home around 11pm EST tonight if anyone cares to join me for some pvp and pve fun . Destiny 1 I was a primary raid leader and really enjoyed helping members get through the raids even If I didn't need to do them anymore . I also have been a died hard pvp player for destiny and it really sucked when I decided to focus on PC gaming because I really did miss destiny pvp . The true end game to destiny is fashion of course because who doesn't want to fight off thousands of enemies while looking like a bad ass . The beta gives u access to 2 different sub classes for each class and I was impressed that they opened that much up too us . Also the fact that we get a extra active skill outside the traditional grenade or super charge ability was awesome . I been playing as a warlock and I have this ability that can put a ring on the ground to boost healing or dmg dealt when u stand in it . The new air doge mechanic is pretty epic too . The guild system I just want to touch base on the guild system . So destiny never had a true guild system and im really glad they implemented one finally . It was difficult on console to run a guild for the game because you could only have so many people in chat and trying to get the right invites out for raids or if some one couldn't make it just kind of was a pain . Yess they did have a app but it still required extra work . That's why im super excited we can implement TeamSpeak for this game . Having multiple pve channels specific too what strikes are being done not to mention pvp channels and forming are own teams for pvp . Raids will benefit the most because we will be able to form and manage multiple raid groups and if one groups missing some one u can just ask some one in TeamSpeak to fill in . Raids can be posted on the clans forum calendar for reminders . Recruiting will be easy also because they have a system to teach raids to those outside your guild . If they have a good time they most likely will join =D . That means solo players can raid and guilds who need a last minute spot filled can easily do so! If you haven't checked out my destiny 2 video yet here's the link . This was my first video I ever made and the current one im working on should be much better =D
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    Haven't drawn in a long time, decided to draw a picture for someone on /r/RedditGetsDrawn while at work today. I think it turned out pretty well for just being a sketch/lineart (which is all I usually do anyway). Edit: The picture this was based on is here:
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    Hey there guys! I have absolutely no clue how to create a forum signature or a cover photo for the forum, I am trying to be more active around here and would love if anyone could help me out with those things. Mainly I would like that it has to do with the clan and Guacamole since I am the Guac and only. Okay I think my pun has taken enough of your time Thanks Guac
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    Destiny 2 - October 24, 2017 Call of Duty World War 2 - November 3, 2017 Need for Speed: Payback - November 10, 2017 Star Wars Battlefront 2 - November 17, 2017 Metal Gear Survive - Early 2018 Dauntless - Early 2018 Monster Hunter World - Early 2018 FarCry 5 - February 27, 2018 Ashes of Creation - Late 2018 Anyone interested in any of these games?
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    Check out the desert map y'all!!!! https://pubgmap.io/desert.html#2/-121.4/128.1 @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Neffzilla, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @IamRevenant, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Kurtti, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @SoMuchSwagMan, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary
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    no what he means is by is the mapmode that only highlights the players in the game to show how much land they actually own. i will keep that in ind
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    I KNOW! I am hoping this turns out to be a great multiplayer game as well... That way we can create a section for it in the clan as well
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    Let them play CS:GO ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) stoped playing it after 2500h because of to many cheaters
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    Double support. Her grenade boosts healing. We usually like her with a Rehgar or Lucio. Lucio mostly for speed, but if we have double warrior and Greymane or something than Rehgar. Khara isn't bad either for his Ws following a grenade. She's incredible when you get used to her. Her sleep dart is incredibly annoying, and is great at peeling.
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    im so hyped for destiny 2 and glad its released on a tuesday since thats my day off from college so im playing that from release till when its time for me to go to class which is um next day lol
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    I'd be willing to lend out my account for it
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    I am biased. I want to see two 0 reps fight each other in For Honor.
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    Our forum has been re-homed, but game night goes on! I've been in Teamspeak for half an hour, where is everyone?
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    Your way to heavy to get carried
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    ITS BEEN LIKE 2 YEARS, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP FAM?! HOW ARE YALL! I know yall missed me <3
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    IM THE GOAT, THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. I'm so cool most people forget about me in 24 hours!
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    I can finally edit blue circles to more specific settings! @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Kadabra5, @Masterpo, @Farney Von Cherokee, @twigonalimb, @onlykites, @njeyez, @Laafkillah, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @HeWolf, @Mr.Ken, @JAyJUHL, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Inimical_Karma, @Squid, @pingtoft, @Sypherblade, @PolishKaos49, @kreatinkaos, @DamnitNappa, @Volton, @Foxylicious, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @Rebel1705, @McLovinIM7, @LivingBloodLust, @Batman, @Souls-I-Create, @Darkness, @SgtJohnDoe, @jatt, @IamRevenant, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @shookwun, @merkcury, @Crux, @biglybeverage, @AppsTv, @pradeepdish, @TheLindeN, @vacuumebox, @W1ngflyer, @megapret1989, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @'Wuefler :3, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Donut, @jester85, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth, @Kurtti, @Dollaz, @ProReborn, @SoMuchSwagMan, @RacerDelux, @Cobra-D, @ElementalRose, @TheDrWind, @Prime_Force, @M3rc1nary
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    I am interested in trying it out sometime... You wanna play some tomorrow Rauzi? What time zone are you in? (I am CST time zone, and am free all day tomorrow if you wanna play some :D)
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    Umm... I don't know who you are either, Mr. @Goldmask99.
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    Ahem, fellow Americans, I am here today to receiving this amazing award and getting to see some of the most beautiful people out there, talking bout' you @XTopgunX , It is truly an honor to be back here and wouldn't have it any other way! See you guys next year! PEACE.
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    Forgot to mention Also Halloween event coming at the end of the month as well as the Horde Bash Event https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/a-storm-departs-a-horde-approaches There will be new heroes being released as well as weapons.
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    There is very little info out there unfortunately which is causing the salt to rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRzCzP-xyGY This guy gave me some much needed info and some good hope for the game. (first 2 minutes is a bit of rambling)
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    Alrighty folks! lookign at the interest we got, once i'm home from work, i'll be posting a poll for timings that would work best for weekly meetups and vote on it for a couple days
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    I do like this idea, but sadly from my experience with this game the only big tip you can give anyone is positioning, which is still based on RNG because of the circle. Most of the ‘mistakes’ I see in this game are based on split second decisions that can’t be accounted for because of player positioning relative to other players. Lots of players in this game love to sit in houses for full length games, and you couldn’t possibly account for people in buildings hundreds of meters away and enemies behind hills or in cars rushing rapidly your way. Sound helps yes, but one thing I’ve noticed is people here tend to point fingers based on situations that you cannot help. Here’s an example. You drop far from the circle, and play further back. You spend the game rushing toward the circle just for you to land in the circle and instantly get killed by a team already situated in the circle with superior weapons. Then the finger pointing starts and the “well, we could have gone another way”. Nobody could have accounted for what’s ahead, especially while running away from gas. This is a prime reason why I don’t try to assess the gameplay of others, because in reality, I hope you learn by yourself with your own mistakes. Your playstyle is yours, and you’ll only learn in this game by yourself. Others can point you in good directions, but overall you teach yourself the absolute most. Judging from the gameplay, most of the “mistakes” you made you couldn’t really account for and tried your best to deal with a instant situation. Honestly, that’s probably the beauty of this game. It’s about the split second gunfights you can’t account for, and how those are handled, and a good amount of times, it’s down to the gas. Nobody expects someone to come sprinting out of level 3 gas while in a gunfight, or some person randomly popping out of the tall grass. Regardless, good game, and happy learning!
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    It would take a while before you would die in this game. There are HUNDREDS of countries that others are competing against as well as you.
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    Just came on here to make sure someone mentions this =)
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    I think it was maybe 2 or 3 days ago that me linden won 3 in a row. 1 duo and 2 sqaud.
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    Edited topic to show the times and days for all. Meant to do that before. They are also on the calendar as well.
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    1. What's your real name? My name is Rasmus, i hail from Finland 2. What's your gamertag? Rauzi 3. How did you decide that this was the gamertag for you? Rauzi is a result of long chain of changing and modifying my username over the years. Starting with rasseli and ending up with Rauzi. 4. What is your maingame and why did you choose it? My maingame is Smite. I ended up choosing it after a friend of mine got me to return to the game few weeks ago. 5. What kind of gamer are you? Ex: Strategic, reactionary(quick reflexes), Casual, Hardcore. I'm a semi-casual, emotional gamer. I tend to main support roles but i also have a tendency to be a jack of all trades, master of almost none. 6. What do you feel is the most important part about being in a clan? Community, being able to easily find people to play with and hang out with. 7. What was the first game you can recall playing? First game i've ever played was Super Mario Bros. for NES. 8. What is your favorite game to stream or watch? I don't have a favorite game on either situation. When i used to stream, i usually played single player games that i felt like was enjoyable to stream and to watch. When it comes to watching a game, the streamer makes the stream enjoyable for me, not the game. 9. What was the worst game you have ever played? Worst game huh? Not entirely sure, there's been some totally horrible games but nothing specific to mention. 10. What is your current occupation? Currently i'm a cook in a hamburger restaurant owned by Finland's Top Chef winner. 11. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? The first dreamjob i remember having was an ambulance helicopter pilot. But it soon got changed to cook, which i ended up becoming. 12. What brought you to The Marauders? I was brought to Marauders when i was just searching through internet for a group/community to play with, especially Smite, but other games as well. I found a Marauders thread on Smite forums and after a quick look, i thought that this could be the community i've been looking for.
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    Well I'm back now You better get used to it
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    Whose all ready for an adventure while stealing treasures and killing Nazi soldiers? The game will be released on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. There's still time to purchase the pre-order offer. For more information, please go to: http://www.raidworldwar2.com/ See you guys on the battlefield!
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    have a nice list of players to bad we don't see 90% of them on
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    Well my recipe against getting tilted, is I play music while I play a game, so I can focus on the music when it happens to me. Seems to help me.
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    I disagree with you on many points here. Watching videos and replays helps you no matter what your skill level is, if even just becoming more comfortable with the game in general. Same skill level doesn't matter. You can be gold because of one reason and the other person gold for another. Combined could be a diamond player (or a bronze if we are looking at cons). Having another person with a different mind is going to NEARLY ALWAYS find something you didn't.