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    Marauder Clan June 1, 2017 June Newsletter ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Founder's Address King of the Marauders is coming everyone. For those who do not know, KOTM is a once a year vote-off for such esteemed positions as "Most annoying Clan member" or "Best MOBA Player" or even "Please stop admin'ing". Expect the first of two polls to hit near the end of the month. Booyah's back for those who don't know, I'm the Leader-In-Charge as Styker took a sabbatical. If you need anything, have ideas, have complaints or even want to start up a section, feel free to PM me and I normally get back to you within a day. I hope everyone is having a great summer so far, no giveaway this year due to not a lot of donations and even the website's breaking a little, but we're still having fun and winning matches which is what we're here to do. - Booyah ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Player of the Month In May, four of our Elder Members were up for nomination for the Player of the Month for their profound dedication to the Marauder Clan. So, who did you show your love to for Player of the Month? If you voted for Bravofoxtrot then you were a part of him receiving Player of the Month for May 2017! But let’s not forget about the other nominees, Snailey, XTopgunX, and Vindex. Through their time in the Marauders, they have helped the clan grow and help it become what it is today. They have stayed to support us and we thank them for their devotion in the Marauder Clan. Head over to the Player of the Month forum to vote for our nominees for June 2017! arCue, Wraith, Gutts, or Smalls! https://www.marauderclan.com/topic/9785-player-of-the-month-june-2017/ ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ A Note from Your Section Leaders Heroes of the Storm Hey, everyone! I want to shout out to our HoTS members for helping revive it and making it alive! Here is a shout out to the people who are stepping up, especially ASDFChampion for being my trusty go-to guy for things I need help with and being involved! You're doing great and I’m proud to have you with me. HoTS is growing and looking to expand and become great again! We have zatch who is looking to have tournaments become a big comeback, shout out to that and I hope more and more people show up to them! We are currently looking for people to step up and be some recruiters, like rokkdog, big shout out to him for stepping up, and game nights and so much more! With the release of 2.0, HoTS has a taken a turn, a turn towards greatness, which is my goal to make the HoTS section amazing and great again! I have plans that I hope to set forth in the next few weeks that will hopefully run really well! The real corp of the HoTS section, is YOU! So, everyone keep up the great work! You're all great players and onwards to glory! - Gumbo037 League of Legends Hello my League players! If you guys haven't seen him yet, Lumi is back! Steptowalk should be making an appearance any day now. His flight is schedule home on June 3rd! I know the past weeks we haven't really had a lot of people around, but I feel we are doing well and always had 15+ people for game nights! We are always looking to recruit more people and continue having fun. Thank you all for your time and dedication you have towards the Marauder Clan and in the League of Legends Section! P.S. I have not become your section leader. I'm doing this update because I have been helping run the section since Lumi and Steptowalk have been away. - Serene Overwatch The Overwatch section is still looking for a NA Game Night host so, if you or someone you know might be interested, you'd always be welcome! We are quiet low on members as of late. Remember, you can always help with recruiting some people in your spare time. You do get awesome awards at some of the milestones for recruiting! There is a new team within the Overwatch section, led by Warimano, that just started which is 9 members big, the team is very eager to start practices and getting Fraejix as a coach in order to improve as much as they can! They will hopefully be competing in some tournaments in the future! - Rebel1705 Paragon The Paragon section has been growing at tremendous rate since its return to teamspeak. I have been blessed with knowledgeable and dedicated people like Omninaut IX, apinkfuzzyball, TriShogun , and FresherThnFebrez. They have been active every day it seems. I want to thank ValentineX for his commitment to Marauder Clan Paragon recruitment. His door to door Mormon evangelist style of recruiting is effective and I hope he can find a partner to be promoted to JNCO to assist him. We have truly been improving everyone in the Paragon section's skill level and its extremely exciting. I love winning. Marauder spirit to me comes from family of competitive hearts that get a thrill out of winning. I play games to win and it’s exciting to me to see my friends win big. This has had a memorable impact and keeps people coming back to play with us. That is how we get guests to apply for membership and keep our members active and eager for more. Thanks everyone, - Sindog Playerunknown’s Battleground Aloha my PUBBY friends, quick congrats to Darkness and fus` for receiving the PUBG SS, both gentlemen proved they could lead in-game, take out multiple people and have shown themselves to be extremely knowledgeable of the game itself. The PUBG section elected fus` as our SNCO, congrats again! He's going to be helping with game nights, maybe a little coaching here and there, as well as managing our JNCO's. BTW are you interested in being one? I've got a few open slots as of the moment I write this, so try to catch me on TS. For those who do not know, JNCO's primary job is recruiting, but it's also helping with events like game night's and tourneys. Be on the lookout for more events in the section and I hope you all enjoy your chicken. - Booyah Rocket League Hey Rocketeers! I'm the new Section Leader of Rocket League! TheGuanyin. You can call me Guan, Guanicus, Guancamole, Guantanamo Bay or just Guanyin because that's my name. Shoes, CowardlyViking, ANDubbs and myself are going to improve our section. We have Game Night's for both EU and NA. EU Game Night is every Thursday @ 8PM CET and NA Game Night is every Saturday @ 8PM EST. We also have a monthly Tournament that alternates between EU and NA time zones but all players are welcome regardless of their region. Details on the next Tournament can be found the Rocket League Forums. We revived our coaching section as well. Need coaching? Git gud right here: https://www.marauderclan.com/forum/65-rocket-league-coaching/ Do you want to coach other players? PM ANDubbs. Check out our roster on the Rocket League Forums! Not on the Roster yet? Get over there and post your steam page, in-game name and country so we can add you to it immediately! Our section sends Game Night and Tournament notifications through our MarauderClan Steam group so you won't miss the awesome events! If you're not in it yet PM TheGuanyin to get access. If you have any other questions or suggestions related to our section PM TheGuanyin, but check the important information in the Rocket League Forums - TheGuanyin Smite Hello amazing Smite members! I want to thank all of you for making our Section a wonderful place. We have come a long way since starting in January, and I can't wait to see how much we grow as time goes on! A couple of notices: We have 2 JNCO spots open. As our EU section is growing more, I would love an EU JNCO to help with setting up a Game Night for our lovely EU players, as well as recruiting more. Although Zarkete is trying his best, we both have trouble making the NA Game Night as well, so another NA JNCO will be helpful! I'm currently brainstorming for our first Smite tournament! I'm open to ideas and feedback, so feel free to message me. Finally, I will be away from the Smite Section for the majority of July. I will still be active on the forums and a bit on Teamspeak, but I will be away from my PC the whole time. Anyone who needs an invite to the Smite in-game clan can be directed towards Zarkete or DareTheDemon/gtr811. Once again, thank you for making our section such an amazing place! I will see you all in the Battleground of the Gods! - SilentWolf251 Starcraft 2 The Starcraft 2 Section is now a thing that exists! It's in its earliest stages and looking for players new and old. The game is free to play for customs, AI, Arcade, and Co-op modes, so give it a shot if you haven't already. We're happy to show new players how the game works. Drop by our corner of the forums if you have any questions! - Galoubet ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ A Note from Your Department Leaders News Team Hey everyone! I am now the Head of the News Team! I’m excited to be doing this and I’m looking forward to the future of the department. Right now, we are looking for writers, proofreaders, interviewers, and guide creators. I am also looking for a few people who want to work specifically on newsletters, like the one you see here. Please message me on the forums if you are interested! - Serene Recruiting Team Hey, all NCOs! There will be upcoming changes in next week or two when I'm off work. Also, we are always looking for new team members to increase recruiting. - MrCruz Social Media Team The Social Media team its being restarted by me and I'm looking for enthusiastic Social Media Athletes to help advertise the clan with. I'm looking to expand the Youtube team with editors and cinematographers. Those who are interested can PM me for more information. - Cablenerd Twitch Team Twitch is going well. We are still looking for more streamers. The community has been set up, but under construction at the moment. - Komaynu ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Details on New Releases Check out the video below to get the details on Destiny 2, from Darkness, before its release on September 8, 2017. Check back here each month for more information that is released about Destiny 2 and other new releases! ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Most Recent News Articles ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Most Recent Popular Posts ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Upcoming Events Karaoke Night | June 2 @ 8pm EST Overwatch Game Night | Every Sat @ 2pm EST Smite Game Night | Every Sat @ 7pm EST Rocket League NA Game Night | Every Sat @ 8pm EST Paragon Game Night | Every Sat @ 9pm EST and Every Tues @ 8pm EST Playerunknown's Battleground Game Night | Every Sun @ 2:30pm EST For Honor Game Night | Every Sun @ 7pm EST League of Legends Game Night | Every Sun @ 8pm EST Rocket League EU Game Night | Every Thurs @ 2:30 EST ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Thank you everyone who helped make this newsletter possible. If anyone ever has any ideas of topics for the next newsletter please let me know. - Serene
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    Rarely will I ever mention the entire Clan for just one section, but this is a rarity. We recently gained access to the Custom Servers by @fus` filling out a bad ass application. Very few people were given this access for PUBG. As such, we'll be doing our first Custom Matches Game Night on sunday and we need as many people to show as possible due to the fact that we have to show we're actively using the ability to create custom matches. There will be standing's, there will be strange and interesting game modes like the below: Red Snipers....All Snipers...Constant Redzones Vehicular Manslaughter.....Cars and Motorcycles everywhere...Heavy Weapons and Melee Only So please show up tomorrow(sunday) at 2:30 EST(noted on the calendar description in case it looks weird...2:30 EASTERN STANDARD TIME), and bring any friends you like, we can hold up to 100 on a server and we can do teams of 1 all the way up to teams of 8 at a time. No limits guys, just fun. Sorry for all the mentions again, only time we'll ever do this clan-wide.
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    Here's the link for the final votes everyone. https://surveyplanet.com/59471a51ca25bd6dcc37f5e5 I tried to always take the top 4, every so often there would be ties so I'd just grab all those who tied. Malice/Fraejix and myself were in too many, so any where we weren't in the top 2 nominated I took out. Here's a breakdown of all those who were nominated. You'll also receive the King of the Marauders Nomination award. Booyah Fraejix Rebel Serene SirPie TheGuanyin Topgun SilentWolf Fus Lumi CowardlyViking Beeno Inten King Joker FloppyFish16 Omninaut Sindog Darkness LeagueBot Grudge Grantopolo Trojan404 Renolts Jacobia Komaynu Valiant Orosoni Norlands SlayForFame Zero Lazres Rider Limitaions Gumbo Font ASDFChampion Appstv Snowkill Ante Always Styker BrosephStahlyn Cablenerd Tsuvarskyei Tobbensol Valentine Vaacumebox Zatch Tanner Oracle Weener Holiroller Trishogun yiturtle Purplegoose Whisp StepToWalk K1tT3n Enjoy, 57 of you pushed onward. Enjoy the voting! This poll closes a week from tomorrow. That's June 26th 2017.
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    The top two awards for KOTM(King of the Marauders) is Top Player in the Clan and of course...King of the Marauders 2017. Some nominations will seem a little synonymous, but they all have purposes. Please only vote once so this isn't crazy off. You can put anyone's name even your own, but please only put one name. Rewards: Anyone who makes it to the final 4 round(second poll) receives a KOTM nomination award for 2017. You can only receive this award by making it to the final round after nominations and after we hand them out, the award becomes locked and can never be given to another person. The KOTM 2017 award is given only to the winner of the final category King of the Marauders 2017, they receive an award only for that one person. You win the award if you win the category, not nomination. The below poll will close in two weeks time. Once this is closed after a week to tally votes we'll open the final voting for a week. Votes can be done on desktop, mobile or tablet. Good luck to all! Link for voting: https://surveyplanet.com/593426972237ce4c313c86cb
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    Since it is a Clan event, everyone gets tagged @Insanity - Enjoy the additional tag.
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    @Roughknite got tired of him and the post got set to hidden. So everyone knows, blah blah The clan sucks blah blah poke fun blah blah Booyah told Guanyin to go fuck himself, move on.
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    Sunday June 25th 2017 @ 2:30 PM E.S.T. Format: Three Games. First: Solo Game- #1 gets 10 points, #2 gets 8 points. #3 gets 6 points, #4 gets 4 points, #5 gets 2 points, and #'s 6-10 get 1 point Second: Duo's Game- #1 gets 10 points, #2 gets 8 points, #3 gets 6 points, #4 gets 4 points, and #5 gets 2 points Third: Squad Game (3-4 players) depending on number of players, Scores will be dependent on how many show. We'll be doing one game before the tournament for warmups, it'll be something like You can't leave the city or Shotty Snipers. This will be continued by the three-game tournament and finally a few fun rounds. Teams: This will be a pick your own teams tournament. You can use this thread to form teams or send a PM to your potential team members. I personally will probably be filling in on teams who need it excepting Duo's. Game Modes: The tournament game modes will be normal, no changes. This tournament will be taken seriously. Rules: Don't argue with the tournament admin. If you d/c from a match, it's not our fault, you're done for that match. No teamkilling excepting by accident. In-game everything goes for killing opponents. No hacking/cheating/exploiting or anything that gives an unfair advantage that isn't related to skill. No Raging. Once a match starts, you can't leave unless you die. Don't fuck over your teammates. Baiting with player knock-downs is not a dick move, it's a tactic. Guests are welcome to join in this tournament, but are subject to Clan and Tournament rules during game nights and tournaments. Use of teamspeak is required. All rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the tournament admins. @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Viscus1197, @Masterpo, @twigonalimb, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Zookie, @Renolts, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Squid, @Sypherblade, @BrosephStahlyn, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @McLovinIM7, @Batman, @Darkness, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @Crux, @AppsTv, @vacuumebox, @Theron2290, @JoeyB, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth
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    @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Viscus1197, @Masterpo, @twigonalimb, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Charles, @RangerrDave, @Squid, @BrosephStahlyn, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @McLovinIM7, @Batman, @Darkness, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Crux, @AppsTv, @vacuumebox, @JoeyB, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @TerraDaddy, @Ashes, @He_162
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    Name: Upcoming Games for the Clan Category: Upcoming Game Preview's Date Added: Author: Booyah Upcoming Games for the Clan
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    Got my first win in Squads! I made it to #8 and then Joe pulled out the win by killing a remaining squad of 2.
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    Welp, looks like you guys decided to split off and start your own Clan. Best of luck to you. I've removed Guanyin, Purplegoose and Andubbs. Initially I just removed Purple and TheGuanyin as we're not okay with Poaching as they knew would happen, however after Andubbs sent the below message I've removed him as well. it's your choice Rocket Leaguers. I'll leave the section up but if enough of you decide that you'd rather just be in Pace and don't want to be here anymore please let me know in this thread and I'll drop you to Applicant. Otherwise it was a pleasure having you all here and for those leaving, best of luck. lastly, please stop lying to me calling it a team, they're called Pace Clan. @Tekkno, @Legyc, @Melone, @Junket, @TECHTORN@!!, @Uorodin, @yasspel, @Gjrud, @Roughknite, @Atlas, @The_Noble_One, @Justin Gordon, @Siege, @xetev, @eman4ever28, @Norlands, @GetFriends, @Zera, @Skiz, @SenpaiFx, @lukorepka, @LilJess13, @Araussi, @arCue, @Aftertoucher, @Zulo, @Bahno, @Kayo, @jckiller1989, @Razor_Mouse, @Snwkill, @Kjeelsoo, @SirSaint, @Slamwich, @AyrA, @Alodor, @Nurnenhavn, @Spoopy, @RiverQuest, @Kiri, @Shnooking, @FrostFox, @BlitzDotExe, @Inimical_Karma, @TheHickman, @Gabbellix, @Oracle, @bask3tcase, @Baguette, @AbstractArts, @Durkin, @Lukas, @Thekbeast24, @Jaccantic, @Ghostboy, @Ajvala, @gamingneeds, @Airflix, @ThunderWolf, @SplatAheadshot, @TopsFTW, @shkm, @Kuroko, @Vennith_D, @KLOKAN RL, @beard, @Austin, @Venereal, @DrivingWebster, @StillAFox, @itsjoshybhoy, @CowardlyViking, @Azakair, @Nofoodfoyou, @Dream-Catcher#AI, @GuardianDestroyer, @xxtman3, @Chili, @Auriferous Link™, @SneakySalmon, @NeonNeanderthal, @The Black Cat, @Doughboy, @Darby, @.ExquisiiTe, @Taco Corp, @Elementz, @nathanskingley, @Catatonic, @Draxense, @Peach Tundra, @rzero15, @Doctor_mic, @OMG!, @Wraox, @kwall86, @Swilks, @RaskullQuake, @AftershockBFD, @Deadshot, @flow, @An Abiding Dude, @Subversionn, @skillian, @Blade, @Cabalist, @Dedam, @jorsy, @sakrisas, @CaptainWaffles, @Denial, @Levil56, @pvtHenk, @Prodigy, @Nebula, @Panikkos, @Akiba, @RRAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR, @Ashawot09, @Guai, @stonewallgamer, @Zaadhaas, @[FTL] Legend | Fade, @bollejoost, @p1nal, @BargainBacon, @Mrhankmardukas, @Bob Saget, @Chayse, @MVSSIVE, @OhAye, @NeoRigel, @vett, @Dondochaka, @Takashiro, @Allstarpro, @ApBrown1298, @liqSTAR, @Oathkeeper, @Twag, @raz_al_cool, @Giant Pandamonium, @Phlegethos52, @Always, @PixelVolt, @Powah, @Sportsman225, @dr4xZ, @NanoFerro, @Aen0x, @Blurry, @TheDivineWaffle, @yugugy, @Achinoin, @shoes, @BaileyLlama, @CarCam, @T1CAL, @TheLindeN, @ainsleyharriott, @Sakura, @Jaf..., @Funky Fresh, @Ghost_toast, @flooff, @Thehate, @DeBuffMuffin, @Brandon Rocket, @Raqlore, @RuthlessGamerMLG, @MUREN, @Nipplinos, @TropicManDime, @Seven, @SaxonStar, @Steve™, @Danger, @False MK., @Doot, @Solykos, @Brucealawyer1, @Poglop323, @Honeybadger, @Olie, @LionRezz, @7Health, @Angarox-, @budross, @IAmSinglePlease, @zJordy, @Arturxxx, @Leem, @Bashi, @Catalyst, @-_-Jake, @Timmy, @MrODonnell, @sequeL, @Wibbs, @Ascenix, @EffinGDub, @TomBlakey, @Remstone, @slick_3D, @Mrfirekid, @KwikQuip, @Twig, @Rizzen, @Whisp, @Scars, @jumpBackLike32, @Mr_BrownStonne
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    This... This is because of all of you guys. For helping me along the way. I love you all. Special shoutouts go to @Kingpetras @Booyah @Zatch @Trojan404 and @Lazres who have all coached me at some point in time. Either formally or informally. You guys are the real heroes of the storm.
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    I'm going to hell for laughing at that xD
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    Hello The patch for Overwatch was released yesterday. Overwatch Patch Link List: Patch Highlights Hero Updates & Changes UI Changes Bug Fixes Whats your thought on it?
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    Battlefield 1

    Come join us for some Battlefield 1 Games! We will be starting at 6PM CST and going until we stop!
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    I can kind of see where you are coming from with this, As been said before discords is a nicer interface, but if it breaks up the community, Then there is no use for it, Thank you for your feedback though, Greatly appreciate it
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    most likely the release dates cuz it means if a new god comes out, it isnt as likely to mess the order up.
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    yaaas! i got to be voted for at least 1 thing!
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    Nominations Closed. I should have the Final Poll up this week.
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    I do want to state, that this is the slowest time of the year for the Clan. It's always slow on Teamspeak and the forums as people take vacations, go out and live life in it's splendor. Normally things don't start to calm down and get back to normal until mid August. People see video games as a release from their daily lives, doesn't hit them quite as hard during bright and sunny summer.
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    Found another useful resource! If you are into STATS, this site has LIVE tracker and shows your improvements in stats by matches. Increases and decreases by the matches as well! Let me know what you guys think of it!! https://pubgtracker.com/ @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Viscus1197, @Masterpo, @twigonalimb, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Squid, @Sypherblade, @BrosephStahlyn, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @McLovinIM7, @Batman, @Darkness, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @Crux, @AppsTv, @vacuumebox, @JoeyB, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth
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    You guys buying the game for the clan?
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    The title says it all!! Official Player Controlled Zombie Mode is in the works!! Below is a link to the PC gamer Article with PUBGs Twitter post with work in progress footage!! http://www.pcgamer.com/player-controlled-zombies-mode-coming-to-playerunknowns-battlegrounds/?utm_content=buffereb18c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Viscus1197, @Masterpo, @twigonalimb, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Charles, @ThiaZ, @RangerrDave, @Squid, @Sypherblade, @BrosephStahlyn, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @McLovinIM7, @Batman, @Darkness, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Always, @Crux, @AppsTv, @vacuumebox, @JoeyB, @Ahmateus, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @mokololo, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Ashes, @He_162, @slowmotionsloth
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    I don't know if I'm more impressed with the length, or the fact that it is 11:11.
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    Backboard things with @Remstone
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    Hey Everyone. It looks like a lot of people are interested in organizing some sort of groups. Since groups don't form themselves, I decided to volunteer some time to organize one myself. After talking to Sindog, he mentioned that what I'm looking for is not a team but an outfit. 1) As a family man, I don't have any desire to compete in tournaments for small pockets of cash. 2) If you aren't already master elo to play with the top teams in public games, there's no point is focusing on competitive games against those same teams and players. 3) I want to increase my skills and increase the chances of getting a good competitive game in public whenever I'm on. Therefore rather than focus on "professional" life, the focus of this outfit is on the cycle of improvement. Raise Skills -> Win Games -> Face Better Competition -> Raise Skills So get ready to try-hard and apply for.... OutfitName: Brokenhearted Motto: "Here we sit broken-hearted. Tried hard, but only farted." Practice Schedule: MWF 8:00 - 10:00 EST (can be adjusted based on team. ideally we have at least 4 hours a week to play as a group) Requirements: -General - Cool head. No tilting. - Accept constructive criticism. We are all aiming to improve. We will all make at least one mistake per game. - Watch the tape! You need to be involved in your own learning. Watch our practice games on the off days. Find 3 people in diamond/master in your role and watch their replays from agora. -In-Game - Each person needs to be ready to play one main role and one secondary role. - Each person needs to have min 5 characters for each of the roles - In our practice games, we practice drafting as well. Each person should be ready to counter pick, filling either your main or secondary role based on pick order to maximize our team comp. - 1300 elo on agora.gg (If you are not here, find me any off day and I'll play with you until you get there). Essential Skills (This is what we will focus on for practices. I will grow this list as the outfit grows): All Roles Dummy Warding & Ward Protection Last Hitting Map Awareness - Call-out Missing, Avoid Overextending Battles - Knowing how to initiate in your role and how to disengage properly Objectives - Buffs, Raptors, OP, Know the Clock, Estimate Time left from Minimap. Choose when to take and when to harass. Deck Building - Situational Cards for Counters, Multiple Decks for Enemy Composition Ending the Game - Push the Advantage and Don't let enemies back into the game Offlane Maintain XP lead over enemy carry/support Maximize Life of T1 Tower. Avoid all deaths, especially to the Enemy Carry. Create constant pressure on Offlane to draw enemy carry/support and advantage 4v3 fights in other lanes. Ward River from Objective Pit / Clear Wards for Friendly Mid/Junglers Ganks. Contest/Steal enemy gold buff Steal Enemy Jungle/Link when you know the location of Enemy Jungler Midlane Maximize lifetime of t1 tower. This is critical for map control. Establish river vision of buffs. Safely Take or Contest Rivers. In the new smaller map, this will often go to friendly jungler. Push forward smartly and aggresively to enable rotation out of mid. Make smart decisions between attacking enemy midlane T1 or rotating Communicate/Coordinate with Jungler for duo gank. Know the position of the front line and position well in team fights Jungler Get to level 3 and 70% health (or health + shield) by 2:55 to contest river. Take all river buffs or call out to mid for support Create pressure in multiple lanes to either take objectives or secure kills Create team CP leads by protecting friendly jungle and invading enemy jungle/link Establish presence and initiate late game as front line. Coordinate with team to select and isolate targets. Carry Economy, Economy, Economy (Get and Maintain CP Lead) Smartly and Aggresively poke offlaner to isolate offlaner from XP Know the position of the front line and position well in team fights With kill lead, protect the bounty on your head. Support Control vision for carry by maintain ward presence. Call out to protect carry from potential Gank. Sacrifice your Body to secure kills/escape for your carry Smartly and Aggresively poke the offlaner to isolate offlaner from XP Maximize Economy by rotating into lanes to soak up last hits. Know the position of the front line and position well in team fights Application: Name(IGN): Preferred Time (if different from suggested above) Primary Role: Primary Characters (5+ List in Order of Skill) List Your First 3 Skill Goals for the Primary Role List 3 Counter Picks (Hero + Card) you will prepare for the outfit.(Template: enemy picks X, I pick Y because... or friendly picks X, I pick Y because...) Secondary Role: Secondary Characters (5+ List in Order of Skill) List your First 3 Skill Goals for the Secondary Role List 3 Counter Picks (Hero + Card) you will prepare for the outfit.(Template: enemy picks X, I pick Y because... or friendly picks X, I pick Y because...)
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    Hey all, I found this interactive map on the PUBG subreddit page. I think it could be a resourceful tool! Let me know what y'all think of it! View the site: https://pubgmap.io/ Features High quality map imagery: The map image used for this is pretty high quality (8MP) which means you can zoom in pretty far without much loss in quality. Custom User Marker: Share a location with your friends! Right clicking anywhere on the map will drop a marker and update your URL. You can share this URL with anybody and it will show the custom marker to them as well. (Example) Measure Mode: Using this you can measure the in-game distance between two or more points. Travel time estimation: This will also tell you the estimated travel time so you know how long it will take you to get to a specific location. (Part of measure mode) Fullscreen mode: Click the box icon in the top right will make the map go into full screen mode. Great for referencing locations on a second monitor or using another computer. Togglable layers: In this map, all the layers are togglable. You can show/hide every layer including the location names and gridlines. Zoom/Pan/etc: It's an interactive map... of course you can zoom and pan the map. @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Viscus1197, @Masterpo, @twigonalimb, @TheBlackSwordsmman, @Charles, @RangerrDave, @Squid, @BrosephStahlyn, @Gathnannia, @p0xy, @McLovinIM7, @Batman, @Darkness, @jatt, @Sirzergsalot, @Crux, @AppsTv, @vacuumebox, @JoeyB, @Adventurous Joe, @fus`, @Roko, @37Beers, @Sergei, @Extol, @bbruins09, @SirPie, @Max (Pakayak), @Stavix, @TerraDaddy, @Charlie, @Ashes, @He_162
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    Alright, catchup time, @Renolts @Fraejix @BrosephStahlyn I'm unsure about the icon for PUBG, if somthing else is standard in the game, let me know.
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    @Booyah "There was nothing there!" When some1 else says it its bs ;D
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    My first solo PUBG game! I dropped at the ruins at Katrina (got that from darkness' guide, thanks @Darkness) There were 3 players including me dropping at the ruins, I went inside of the church there and saw a gun but he was quicker to the gun than me. So I took a crossbow which I couldn't use cuz the reload time is 10000 hours. He wasted his ammo (only hit me once), I punched him down in a fist fight. Took his pistol and healed myself. I went on the roof to find some more stuff, couldn't find any. After that I went to the houses south of the ruins ^^^^^^ Looted everything, I only had a pistol, lvl 1 helmet and lvl 1 backpack and some meds. I just camped in one of the houses because I was in the middle of the circle. After a few minutes I hear a motorcycle approaching. I knew it was gonna be gud. Pre aiming on the head at the door, as soon as the door opened I started shooting. Headshot. Got a S1897 and an UZI off him together with some ammo. I had one house left to loot so I went outside and saw someone just standing there. It was really weird, I could just shoot him. I think he was bugged or smth. When I looted the final house I was thinking about leaving for the city on the motorcycle, I found a Lvl 3 helmet by the way. As soon as I opened the door I got shot by what I think was an SKS, but I'm not sure. From that moment on I knew I had to be lucky with the circle to get top 10, which I didn't. I had to move with my shotty, uzi and pistol to get back into the circle whilst doing that I got shot in a small open field I had to cross But still #21/94 hell yea!
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    Im currently in the progress of getting my first tattoo. This is the design ive vent for so far. Any opinions? And what advice do you guys have?
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    Valley is my high school and this ball makes me drool, i'm getting one in a few weeks when my former coach gets em'
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    This section is on fire atm!!! Congratz @Booyah, @fus`, @Darkness. Great job! Insane how you guys created an awesome section for a non fully released game! #awardworthy!
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    So I'm happy to announce we have our first winners for the revived monthly tournaments! Congratulations to @StillAFox and @Remstone who walk away with 3 keys, Chakram wheels, the Octane Distortion decal and the Dominus GT skin each! In second place are @Oracle and non-member LowRisq who each get a key for a very well played tournament.
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    While that's great and all, wouldn't you want to live your life how you feel you should, rather than how other people feel you should? After all, if you're moral, fair, and just, if there is a God in the end, he will accept you even if you did not worship him because you lived your life the way he would have wanted you to. What sort of divine being demands worship in order for you to participate in an afterlife?
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    Sorry in advance. The video is uncut, so it has the setup leading into the games. But please check it out, watch the pay. If you played, see what you did, hear the casters talk about your teams plays and what was going on over the map and why. if you did not play, watch and see how your clan members did! Also make plans to be at the next one!
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    @Booyah I am getting pretty full from these Chicken Dinners!!! 4 Squad all alive - Adventurous Joe, Charlie, Masterpo, and Fraejix/Malice
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    @Sindog @SilentWolf251 @shoes ill start on it, if i need anything else i'll let you know.
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    I would highly recommend never touching a pc again and just becoming a low life Xbox Gamer... It might be for the best viking, farewell to you on your new xbox journey
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    oh my god. we have all been so blind. the answer was there in front of us all this time...
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    Pretty crazy play while scrimming with @shoes and @ANDubbs against another clan
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    Well, here we go ladies & gentlemen... my first entry... about 8 hrs on damn photoshop... my hand is all cramped up now.... lol hope its good enough.
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    The Poor Man's Burger start by mixing flour and water in a bowl add in a pinch of sugar 2 eggs whisk it to perfection now take a spoon and "whip-it" in random directions throughout the house now while you clean up all that crap checking every nook and cranny for spare change once you have suffient change go down and buy a burger come back and enjoy your burger like a poor man would~! Magnificence~
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    The whole "We created disease" thing causes me to be unable to believe the whole religion thing. Yes, according to religious lore, we brought the calamities of the current day upon ourselves by eating from the forbidden tree. First off, just think about that in your head. God wanted us to live forever with him, but created a means to rid himself of humans that he KNEW would be used. All-powerful, all-knowing, creator of all things including humans, how could he not see it? He did create the being that misled Eve to eating the fruit which means he knew it would take advantage of her knowing she would do it. This whole thing is a joke. The garden of eden was a paradise he intended to not last. How can I believe such a being exists that would intentionally invent our own demise then blame us for it? If you claim he did not know any of the things I listed above, then he's not all-powerful and all-knowing. That refutes his absolute authority in all things and means he cannot be the creator. At the very, VERY least, he'd be a lesser deity among greater ones. In which case, our worship does not belong to him and he is not the source of original creation. Nevertheless, sadly, none of religion can ever be proven. I am a very logical person. Show me a miracle happening before my eyes and I will believe it to be true. Claim God spoke to you in a dream, and have fun with your delusions. If God wanted himself to be known he'd make it so. 'Why should he have to constantly prove his existence?'. He wouldn't. He'd only have to do it every so often in a blatantly obvious manner that is irrefutable. He has yet to do that. Jesus does not count, because it was 2000 years ago and no proof of his miracles or divine existence exists. Stories passed down over generations are not facts. Scientology is a perfect example of what happens to stories over time. They were literally science fiction stories that over decades gathered a following and now has turned into a 'religion'. In a few thousand years, it may be one of the prime religions of the world like Christianity is now. Flying Spaghetti Monster has just as much claim to that over time as well. It's all made up make-believe. Throw time into the mix and the inability to prove whether it existed or not long ago is great material for a divine being of infinite power.