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    Greetings Marauders! I know that in this clan we are of a widely spread Skill and Rank, and lets not confuse the two, because that would be our first mistake. But we all have room for improvement, and the best way to do that is not just by playing more, it'll help, but playing more while applying ourselves with an intent to learn, is going to be far more effective. I've listed below here, a few topics I think that are crucial to improving play for everyone. Shall we? Listen & Communicate Some of us are more outspoken than others, while others are more quiet. But when in a game, it's very important that what is said holds meaning for the current situation. It is in fact a very simple concept. If what ever you are about to say is important for the rest of the group to know within the confines of the game, by all means, say it. But what is important you ask? It's a good question, no doubt about it, but we can apply a few very simple rules to make it easier to answer. Is it a callout of an enemy position? Is it a call for assistance? (Healing, Shield, Focus Fire) Did someone just use an ultimate? Am I about to do/have done something that requires my team to know this? (Slept someone in our midst, Using an ultimate, etc.) Should we move to a different position? I'm sure more criteria could be added, to be more specific. But the repeating quality of these simple rules is, that your team can use this information to react. But there are certainly things that is not needed to be called out during a game and can be brought up when the game is over. Examples are "Roadhog hooked me through ten walls, across the map without me ever showing myself, omfg what a lame bug", "Come on! That was just shear dumb luck by that Widow!" and other similar outbursts of frustration. If you still need to let this slip after the match, it most certainly was memorable, if you don't, it probably wasn't that important. What we strive for, is clean, crisp and accurate communication to help us act and react to events in the game, rather than being bombarded by information that holds no actual value during the match. Once the output has been filtered down, it makes the other aspect of communication far more enjoyable. Listen! It won't be nearly as mentally taxing, but rather something than can help you elevate your play. If you know what to act upon and react to, you'll find yourself in far better positions throughout the game. Awareness & Positioning This is something everyone should always be practicing. Being aware of their surroundings. It's a very crucial aspect of many games, shooters in particular. But how do you "practice" it? It's a rather good question with few good answers I think. But I do consider it to be something that goes out the window when you start focusing too much on one small aspect of the situation. Causing you to be blind-sighted and caught off guard. Who hasn't caught themselves in a situation where they thought there was only one enemy that they where chasing and suddenly found themselves dead, surrounded by enemy players? But something that does tie into your awareness very directly is your positioning. But how do you know where to position yourself? Through awareness. Gee, what a help I am. But honestly, learn the maps, know where flankers will come from most commonly, and place yourself to either be safe from it, or in a position where you can deal with the flanker. Each role should take a moment to consider how to position themselves as they head into the fray. Are you a support? Your primary role is to keep your team alive and offer utility. Position yourself so you are not directly exposed to enemy fire while still in a position to heal / shield / Crowd Control / etc. If you are a tank, your position should be at the front or guarding a flank, depending on your toolkit. That way you can cover your teammates, giving them ample opportunity to apply their toolkit to the situation. But remember, that you are not immortal. Dps, wether it's a flanker or a core dps should follow similar rules to Supports, but with a focus on applying their toolkit. Not much point in a soldier hiding around the corner in the back out of sight of the enemy. Use your teams position and movement to stay safe while hurting the enemy. Though there is one very important thing to consider as a dps, what's your effective range? Should a reaper stand twenty meters back shooting pellets at the enemy from afar? Should the widow engage in close quarter combat? If you don't know this, try it out and see how well you are doing. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. If you are in a good position, the likelihood of you dying drops down towards Zero, while the likelihood of an Enemy dying goes up, helping to secure the elusive victory. Callouts & Shotcalling This ties in with the first part of this lengthy post and comes down to a few very important aspects. Enemy position Did you see an enemy and where? Some maps have very specific positions that are used during callouts in regards positions, but mostly "Soldier, top right", "Reaper, on the left", "Sombra behind us!" works well enough to call out enemy positions. Add in what character you saw. So the right person can react to it, rather than have half the team turn around potentially exposing the entire team to enemy fire from the front. Ultimate used Did someone just use an ultimate? Call it out, it's important information. Things might go unnoticed while in the fray, so rather safe than sorry in this regard. At times, a position of it is required, sometimes it isn't. Widow's ultimate doesn't exactly need a position call to go along with it. You died! Now hold yer horses boys and girls. You died, you need to tell us. "I'm dead" Will do in most cases" or "Ana, you are solo heal" to let your fellow support know that you died and they need to work a bit harder for a bit, until you return. To reiterate, we do not need to know that you died to some ludicrous boop from Lucio that send you flying off a cliff in to a spectacular death of heroes Shotcalling? A shotcaller is someone that dictates the movements of the team, when to engage, when to disengage. When to drop the wombo combo that secures the win. This is a mantle that not everyone will find themselves comfortable filling and it takes a great amount of gamesense and understanding of the ebb and flow of the game. Usually this role is held by a support player like Lucio or a Tank like Reinhart. Some teams will have more than one shotcaller and can be very beneficial in certain situations, say if you have a dive comp, or you are splitting the team to push from two angles. Role & Applying your Character Know your toolkit, know what each and every ability you have does, and how to use it. Go to the practice range and mess around if you are in doubt. Practice using it under fire in quickplay or in the arcade. That's probably the most important aspect of this. If you don't know your kit, you can't fill your role or apply your character to it's full potential. While doing this, you'll get a better understanding of what other heroes can and can't do. If you are in doubt, play a few rounds as that character to get a basic understanding, so you know if and how you can counter it. You wont always have the best character for the job, but that leaves you in a position to evaluate and react. Pull away from said fight, call for assistance or dive in, depending on how well your kit can deal with the opponent. Apply your character, it basically translates into being efficient, know what you should be dealing with and know what someone else should be dealing with. Ana isn't a tank killer, should she then focus on killing tanks? No, she should be healing her own tanks. Is Reinhart a ranged dps? No, he's a tank, he should shield his team as his primary role. Certainly we all know the pain of a firestrike or a hammer to that weak french jaw. This ties in with positioning and knowing your effective range. If you aren't within your effective range then you probably aren't applying your Character effectively. Be critical of yourself But don't be hard on yourself. Take a moment during a brief pause in the game to reflect on what you did right and what you did wrong and what you think can improve your play in the next round of combat. Take the good, throw away the bad and move on. It takes just a few moments because chances are, you remember that 4man ultimate you just did that killed 2 / 3rds of the team, or you know that you got caught out of position and got hooked to your death byy roadhog. There aren't many secrets here. If you can't find anything to improve, then why aren't you on a Pro Team rocking the Pro Scene, Krusher99! I may not be a master of this game, or even a spectacular player, but I hope that someone can benefit from this, even if just to a minor extent. Limit, out!
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    Took a lot of Christmas colors, but I finally got it.
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    My Garrosh Build As a Warrior main I pride myself in being able to carry on a warrior in HL. I played a bunch of games on Garrosh and I have found what I believe to be the likely meta build. I think Garrosh will enter top 3 tanks in the meta and continue to push the meta away from immobile back liners. At max range his Q-E combo can displace you as much as a full range stitches hook. Both being useful on their own also ensures that he always has a tool available to control the fight. The build linked is designed to maximizes it. He oozes CC and is deceptively tanky. Kit: Q: This is a basic AOE hook posing as damage. While it helps clear waves it’s really used to initiate and control fights. W: This heal is actually really weak most of the time. Its cooldown is too long to rely on it to sustain during fights and it’s damage is not noteworthy. The best way to use it is by waiting til you are low then use it on a hero to maximize the heal. Given the armor you get this is a good way to bait enemies into thinking they can kill you. E: The “Steph curry” CC is your bread and butter. It’s utility is great as it functions similarly to diablo’s flip, but with greater distance and greater control. So this makes him much like the Alarak to diablo’s kerrigan. Decimate: Lower cooldown, longer range, AOE body check. Just makes him even better at forcing a fight and keeping people in fights. Taunt: Not as good as decimate generally but very strong against heroes with strong mobility/dive. If your team has the ability to kill the target and/or follow up with addition CC it can be very dangerous for these heroes to dive you. I’ll be talking about the build linked above and why I believe it will be regarded as the stronger build and a little bit about the other talents. Lvl 1: Warbreaker quadruples your Q damage which is great but that’s not the main reason you take it. You take it to make your Q have a 5 second CD. The more opportunities you have to pull people the stronger your CC. Other talents: Body check got a lot of hype for it’s design and it’s follow up talents. But the ability itself barely justifies 1 talent let alone 2 or 3. You have to be in melee range, you’re not mobile enough and with your kit you have enough CC to not need it. The CD reduction on Q is way too valuable to give up for such a mediocre talent. Unrivaled strength is just bad and you should feel bad for taking it. Lvl 4: Indomitable gives you the ability to be safe in the front. You will often start fights and then be the most forward tanking. This self cleanse gives you the ability to pre-cleanse stuns as well as shake off other CC when you need to back off. Runner ups: This talent tier probably has the most contention. In for the kill has potential when on a map like infernal shrine for the potential resets. But only if you won’t get any value out of indomitable. Otherwise it isn’t worth it. Thirst for battle would be useful if the heal wasn’t so weak. Like I said earlier your best use of this is when you are low and if you need it again in that time it’s likely you’ll die before you can get the CD back up. In order to get consistent value out of it is if you spend it at 50% HP (where the heal isn’t all that great) and then get the CD up again when you are low (before you die). Not a terrible talent but being unstoppable is way too important for a hero with such low mobility. Lvl 7: Into the fray is another E, for allies but it’s on a separate CD. It can be used to save teammates as well as enable them. I find this most useful when enabling a melee assassin or another warrior. Should read “give nearby ally a gap closer/escape”. It has a lot of uses that E has which includes tossing minions at enemy heroes to slow them. Runner ups: Intimidation can be useful against certain heroes. It would need to be really effective in order to outshine the utility of into the fray. Illidan is the one hero that comes to mind since he could just jump on the hero you would try to save. You don’t need to pull with Q just hit him with it. Oppressor may be useful against heroes that rely on ability damage and are melee. But other than that it just not as useful as into the fray. Lvl 10: see above. Lvl 13: Given the reduced CD from Warbreaker, defensive measures is the better choice. If double up had a lower CD I could see it being the better talent but it’s too niche to rely on. Your Q is constantly up and the shield doesn’t effect your armor passive so you’re constantly getting value on it. The shield from Defensive measures gives you close to if not more Net HP as Bloodcraze but without reducing your Armor. So long as you can land pulls the shield nets out much higher. Runner up: Bloodcraze is dependant on your W which is not a reliable consistent sustain option to be putting talents into. Maybe with the CD reduction you can get good use out of this talent since the extra heal isn’t based on missing health. So I can see this being useful only if the CD at 4 is taken. But again, it's competing with indomitable. Lvl 16: Mortal combo: imagine if stitches hooks were on a 6 second CD. This talent now allows you to start a fight with a Q-E combo and then have both up with 5-6 seconds. After the initial combo, the rest of the fight becomes so much easier because you can throw the target back again, flip a new target out of position, throw a threat away or redo your combo mid fight or again if the original target was saved. The window the enemy had to not worry about being flipped just shrunk by 60%. Runner ups: The slow on Q is useful but flipping them farther back is generally better. Earthshaker would be useful if it was able to be combined with the CDR. But it’s not. Lvl 20: Ult upgrades, they make them better but decimate is easily the biggest upgrade out of the 2. So when you have the opportunity to take it you should. Runner up: Throwing 2 people isn’t exactly a good idea especially if you’re just giving their front line a free initiate. The strength of your Combo is you isolate a single hero and spending a combo to potentially put 2 people into your back line to then have no way of stopping them from just initiating seems like a bad move. Hope you enjoyed my run down. Let me know if you have any feedback and questions.
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    @Inten or @League Bot could probably provide some insight into this
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    I didn't know where to post this but I had to share. ;_; We all called solo in lobby and just went with it. Five-man ganked their solo at 30 seconds. Made their Cu Chulainn ragequit. Chaac was our split pusher as we 4-man roved the map the entire game. Then we won by rotating tanking the titan. I love Smite. https://i.imgur.com/DLPZk5d.png
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    UPDATED AS OF 08/16/17 Do to the above average of deaths I seem to sustain due to friendly fire I have decided to keep track for the pure comic golden entertainment of it. I believe I have a very high average compared to anyone else for these deaths. I'll start posting ones that happen as of now, I don't remember all of them in the past so if you have killed me please post the hillarous circumstances and you can be honorific member of the...... JESTER85 DEATH SQUAD! As a rule the kill will be veriefied by me to count and MUST BE RULED ACCIDENTAL! So please be a good sport and don't try it just to get in the club. Pointless titles, ranks and awards will be given to members of the JESTER85 DEATH SQUAD that will serve no purpose but may make you feel special Ranks will be updated as well as an award list. Every member will have their post updated as need be to reflect current rank and awards. CURRENTLY ATTAINABLE RANKS Will be expanded as people progress. PRIVATE (E-1) We all make mistakes and yours was enlisting into this outfit. PRIVATE FIRST CLASS (E-2) Okay I know I said we all make mistakes but the plural part was not meant to be taken literally. CORPORAL (E-3) Your a special kind of stupid aren't you? SERGEANT (E-4) Your level of dumbassery and fuckery is catching up with you. With your promotion now you must be responsible for other fuck ups in your squad.....congrats GUNNERY SERGEANT (E-5) Still can't figure it out huh? Seems like the best part of you ran down your momma's leg a long time ago.... MASTER SERGEANT (E-6) Wow....Your now a Master of Fuckery. "To hold the magazine while firing is like holding the scrotum when taking a piss; you have to expect a certain spread." SERGEANT MAJOR (E-7) .....7 times now, wow you just went full retard. I can still see the coat hanger marks on your skull. WARRANT OFFICER (?) I don't know what to say...Your one step from being stupid enough to be a butter bar. Just stop while your ahead, at least right now everyone is as confused as you are as to were you sit in chain of command or what you do. 2ND LIEUTENANT (O-1) Congratulations...You attained a new level of stupid that other stupid people recognize as leadership. 1ST LIEUTENANT (O-2) I thought when you got your commission you would get smarter.....Guess I was wrong. CAPTAIN (O-3) This is going no where, I'm making you a part time desk jockey wait till you see the paperwork for weapon & ammo requisition MAJOR (O-4) WTF!? Okay for my own safety you are now a permanent desk jockey. The only shooting your gonna do is some waste basket basketball in your office. COLONEL (0-5) ......What did you use!? A stapler?.... or was it a massive paper cut? Seriously!? SITH LORD (TOO FUCKING HIGH) Only someone truely evil is capable of this many "accidents" on there so called "friendlies". Current attainable awards listed bellow. (As people get creative with killing me I will be constantly expanding the list.) CURRENT BADGES HIT'EM WHEN THEIR DOWN BADGE Awarded for already being down when i received friendly fire as the killing blow. COMMUNICATIONS BADGE Awarded for friendly fire death after being warned shortly ahead of time about: My movement, Your firing angle or position, my position, shooting across vehicles etc..... BALLS DEEP BADGE Awarded for 100% friendly fire knock down and kill by you. COMIC RELIEF BADGE Awarded for obvious reasons (whatever it was you can be sure it was funny) CURRENT RIBBONS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON Awarded for friendly fire death due to physically hitting. IT'S WAS JESTER'S FAULT RIBBON Awarded for friendly fire death however I recognize this incident was more my fault than yours. VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER Awarded for friendly fire death due to being run over by a teammate.
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    How does a 23 destroy a 34 in combat score.
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    I just thought of this idea now and I think it would help the new members if they were able to have an easy place to type their main game in their profile so people from that section can start playing with them before they are accepted. This may encourage those new members to stick around, causing more members to join. It also helps if you can't find any posts a player has made in any games so you know what games they actually play if you want to play with them. Thank you for your time.
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    Oh boy.. This is a long topic/list. Been/still am busy so can't comment on this now, as there's so much on this, but League Bot covered a lot of the basic points. His last point on limiting your champion pool is correct, though you should ideally know what all the other champions do as well.
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    Me too *-*
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    @Serene There's no problem ^^ It's lucky that today's game night is on a weekend night, otherwise I would not be able to join. So we will meet tonight and hopefully will chat "in person" too.
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    @Cablenerd move slowly, you'll have to adjust to the idea that most of your day won't be managed by another person or group of people. Best advice is to try to remember how you lived your life before the military and maybe tweak it a bit with what you learned from the military, nothing wrong with making your bed each morning.
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    Change of plans, this week's games night is actually happening! Please try to make it everyone. I want to note that it is unlikely that myself or @OriginalJoker will actually be able to join you without being at 600-900 ping, but we will log everyone who comes so you can grab those marauder clan awards obtained from attending games nights! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango
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    @Booyah Garrosh meta for a week. Apparently no one understands his kit yet. Just like Diablo, you don't walk up to him unless you want to be thrown. Just like Kerrigan, just sidestep or backstep the pull. Why is this so hard to figure out?
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    Quite the opposite. I think they should be allowed to. There is no law that states a company can't say they will not, in this instance, bake a cake for a gay wedding. In fact, you could argue that the US actually acknowledges this exact situation and calls it legal based on the fact that it is perfectly reasonable within Free Market economics. If I don't want to use a certain service, it's my right to not to. If I don't want to sell my own services to a certain individual or group of individuals, it's also within my right to not to. My point with my previous post is that you can't make arguments at a state level using religion or a religious bias. Nor can you make arguments at a religious level using state laws as a basis for the argument. Laws can change, but individuals cannot be lawfully punished if they break no laws. Now, situations like these are legal, but it doesn't mean they are morally right. Personally, I'm just all facts so the law is the law. Looking forward, I'd be on the side against making this a law because it's completely counter-intuitive to the concept of our economic market. I'd have to do a bit of research to check, but I'm fairly certain that congress CANNOT make it illegal to refuse service even over equality issues because that impedes on the refuser's rights. What can be done, though, is individuals can make the situation known and the organization could financially suffer as a result of their refusal of service. This in turn would cause them to rethink their stance, have to expand their business to maintain the needed revenue, or close business altogether.
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    Can't both be true?
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    First member of the day goes to @JAyJUHL CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE FIRST CLASS AWARDS: COMMUNICATIONS BADGE HIT'EM WHEN THEIR DOWN BADGE Just before crossing the bridge from military base I specificaly Called out on teamspeak to not shoot across the vehicle and watch cross fire on when we cross the bridge. 15 seconds later while sitting front passenger seat I received full automatic fire from the seat behind me knocking me down and out of the vehicle. The enemy hadn't even shot me yet lol. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir Jay of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. For doing it after being warned specificaly ahead of time you will receive the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD... COMMUNICATIONS BADGE. UPDATE: 08/07/17 3 HOURS LATER Promoted to Private first class Awarded the HIT'EM WHEN THEIR DOWN BADGE Was already down when i received friendly fire as killing blow due to bullet spray from UZI.
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    @guacgaming @merkcury @Adventurous Joe Its done mates.
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    My name is K1tT3n and I am the Smite Section leader. Before I begin, I would like to welcome you to the clan, and give you guidance on what to do. The first thing you can do is join our Teamspeak 3 server using the ip marauderclan.com and set up your UUID, and the welcome message gives you a link telling you how to do that. Feel free to message anyone if you want to play with someone, and look for any smite players hanging around in the Teamspeak (there will be a smite icon on the right of their name to tell you this) and ask them about the section. If you run into any problems, you can message Me @K1tT3n, @OriginalJoker, or @Zarkete. If you don't see any of us online at the time, you can look for @Booyah or @Serene if the question is about how the clan itself works. The next thing you can do is add yourself to the smite roster, by replying to the Smite Roster post which is pinned in the Smite section of these forums with your IGN, NA/EU, Level/Rank and your preferred role. I will then add you to the roster and the smite in game clan, where you will be able to see if anyone in the clan is on Smite. If you are already in an in game clan, don't worry! You are allowed to stay in that clan if you wish and I will just add you as a friend instead, and show you where to go next to play with other members. There are also forum games and discussions, and you can start your own discussion about something if it isn't already there! Another thing to note is that you aren't locked into the smite section, as you can play multiple games at a time and even change your main game if you wish to, so don't feel like you have to play Smite all the time. If you want any kind of coaching, you can request it in in coaching sub-forum of the smite forum. Make sure you read the how to request coaching post and use the template when you request it. Currently, we have one coach that is EU, and if you want to coach, you must apply to all the requirements in the how to become a coach post and use the template in your application. I hope you found this useful and feel free to ask questions regarding this post below. Have fun! K1tT3n
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    I am convinced that trap damage is calculated in the score, in shield defense missions in my Stormshield I am easily 3-4X more damage than everyone else but when helping others I am more even or lower in that category do to my more supportive play style, and dare I say tactical mind. I mostly tend to only shoot problems that won't kill themselves on traps, like lobbers and propane tank throwers, etc... Shooting a regular husk in most cases with a properly constructed base is a waste of ammo.
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    FIRST SOLO MOTHERF***************************G CHICKEN DINNER. FINALLY. I tried to screenshot but my button didn't work :c I'll grab my stats page later if that's ok.
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    If you're running with a constructor that is going to be doing a ton of building or has already built a ton, it's a welcome gesture to drop them a stack of resources.
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    Topics to add Issues First: Attempting to grind out specific XP (Schematic, Survivor, et cetera) is rather difficult as you progress into Canny Valley due to the lack of players in that area. One of my biggest gripes is the base amount of XP received from completing missions at that level is way too low. If I manage to go through a level 54 mission alone and somehow succeed I'm rewarded with 1000 XP since I couldn't do all of the bonus objectives, get extra combat, utility, and building badges and what not. When I can hop into a level 23 mission solo and save 15+ survivors and get 3k XP as a reward, but go into a level 56 mission and get 1k XP as a reward, you can see where my issue is. I would like to group up but the matchmaking throws me into 60+ missions quite often that I have no impact in the game or that people end up leaving from more often than not. While I'm on the topic of experience players are not rewarded very well for playing back with friends. Let me explain. I talk a friend into getting Fortnite and they start up the game. I'm Homebase Power 31 and want to help them through the game by grinding out a few levels with them. After each match I'm rewarded 0 Skill Point XP. The materials I'm mining in the missions aren't useful to me, the missions I need to complete are level locked and therefore stuck on a level my friend is weeks away from and essentially I'm being punished for talking a friend into playing the game. Along with materials received when I'm in 40+ missions why am I finding so much Copper and Silver ore and weapons? It more or less just bogs down inventory and punishes me for searching making the only viable playstyle to speed-run through missions after clearing out every mine of each piece of valuable Malachite. (Which when split between 4 people is hardly good enough to upkeep weapons at this point) I don't know if that is an intended drop rate or if it's a bug but it's one issue I'm having with "Mid Game" Play. Possible Fixes: More level specific drops If a team can get a T6 chest from a level 50+ mission they should definitely receive some great rewards for their time. However that being said I would suggest leaving the "Build A Radar Grid" mission where it is since it is quite honestly the easiest mission to complete regardless of homebase power, player skill, or schematic level. But the missions that require defenses, and the "Destroy Encampment" missions should give much better rewards since even a decent stack of players going forward into the encampments have difficulty cleaning up 2-3 super encampments without dying repeatedly or without really good callouts, etc. Rewards for helping out lower levels. If someone parties up with someone much weaker than them, perhaps they should receive a free boost for later, or stacked experience bonus for a later time. Maybe a minimum amount of XP you can receive or even the ability to use your Tier 3 weapons and abilities so you aren't 100% punished for playing back to help out friends. Another possible fix for this would be a mode in which you can Q with someone that completely scales you down as intended, but then you receive these things. The ability to make that tier (based off where you are) of weapons/traps of your schematics so you're not stuck wasting precious malachite to kill weak mobs Normal experience, no buffs or bonuses, for the missions as if you were the intended level (which really isn't much when you're that far ahead Or A special kind of XP (maybe a currency) you can trade in for things such as Schematic, Survivor, Hero XP or even crafting materials you receive from each successful mission with the person you are aiding And the last fix is relatively simple. I would remove any and all building materials and weapons of that tier from missions as a player would progress from at least one Tier off of the current mission type. Explanation: Playing in a T3 mission (Canny Valley) only items from Silver+ can drop. Playing in a T4 mission (Twine Peaks) only items from Malachite+ can drop. It isn't very fair that you can get hundreds of copper from missions and still receive no crafting materials from T4 missions in Canny Valley. So my other fix idea would be a possibility to receive copper, but also a similar possibility to find shadowshards or obsidian.
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    Name: August Newsletter Category: Reviews Date Added: Author: Serene August Newsletter
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    @Booyah I feel like Butcher got buffed on this. 5 stacks vs 25 stacks for heroes certainly encourages Butcher to be drafted as a ganker now. You can get 8 heroes and finish your quest Hell a decent team fight and you can get half way done. He instantly becomes way more attractive against heroes like Murky and TLV. But I think he lost the ability to play from behind even harder since the new completion is so much higher.
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    @Spazz Prefer later after 8pm EST, but can make do with some afternoon practices depending on day schedules etc. I can play any roles, highest characters are KT (34), Ming, Naz, BW
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    HTML in anything is restricted to certain people as it can be abused.
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    Not really, because then you'd have to deal with raidbots and shit permission controls.
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    Voting closes at the end of the 24th (if i happen to have wifi) or the earliest I can after that! We will be doing the top 2 voted gods - in alphabetical order - which currently looks like Anhur and then Ah Muzen Cab (Anhur is likely the one we will be doing the first discussion on!) Please make sure to vote since we won't be doing hunters again until we've done some of every other class as well! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @AysonJade, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @Talos12, @SilentWolf251, @Erllic, @Progenetor_li, @Nethernaut, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @Tohoru, @LeftyLuffy, @Juhlel, @SpireEU, @slipperybanana, @dtmc16121, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @xDoomknightx, @herostyle, @Parat0xic, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @dyl4n93, @Raolan, @Pindep, @Nairfon, @OriginalJoker, @Chopstx, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Rothrak, @patrickx33, @Drcoolb3ans, @Verticom121, @yogiyogabear, @Tabby, @Turtle McTurtleson, @pickell, @DatDivine, @Iceheart105, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango
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    @Fraejix added those emotes just for this post. I'm just chillin like a villain. Playing some games. Watching some streams. Working 2 days a week for now. Napping. Living the Life.
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    Wait... he said Paragon towers, if anything, do more damage than towers in other MOBAs. That's a load of bologna. I'm not complaining about our towers, but they sure as hell are weaker. Especially in early to mid game...
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    Only interested in Shadow of War (it sucks that they moved the release date -_-). What a hint xD
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    My main right now is Ninja but is just a Rare Fleetwood Ken. Working on leveling up my Epic Soldier and Constructor which should become my main Heroes in the next couple days. So they would be what I'd be playing in survival. Enjoy using the Constructor the mose since it is a Power BASE Knox. I love making maze traps to not shoot any Husks unless I have too.
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    Update: Thirst for battle at lvl 4 and Bloodcraze at 13 synergize very well. So my stance on these talent brackets have some what changed. Indomitable at 4 is now a talent I recommend IF the enemy team has a lot of lock down/blow up.
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    Well so far I have yet to actually knock down a teammate with friendly fire so I dunno. I guess I get a promotion to the squad when I do it.
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    Hello Smite Section, Since Silent left, there had been a gap in the section that needed filling, and today I am filling this gap. So starting today, I will be your new section leader for Smite. I will be pushing you guys to be more active, and change things around to try and revitalize the section to its former glory. If you have any questions or requests for the section, please feel free to message me or one of the 2 JNCOs; @OriginalJoker and @Zarkete and we will be sure to take your voice into account. Games nights should be starting up again at the beginning of next week when we have sorted everything out and found our footing again, but in the mean time, play the game! Invite your clan mates and just enjoy playing Smite together, and if you have an amazing game you want to tell everyone about, make a post about it! Until then, have fun. K1tT3n @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango
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    Another game night coming up? Who's gonna be a square and not show up?! @Galoubet, @SilentWolf251@Viscus1197 @HeathCliff @guacgamin @Nebulon@Serene
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    you shouldn't not go. So you should... Just beware of the dihydrogen monoxide.