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    I was playing earlier with @ASDFChampion when my ping rose to 1k. I thought eh typical. Kept rising and capped at 17000 ping. I have bad net(512kbps, No that's not a typo) so I get ill have lag when more than one device is being used... but ive never had a game go that high before. Does anyone know what/how/why my ping would spike so much?
  3. As mentioned informally, you're approve on my end. I don't see a reason for Gumbo to say no so I will add you to the list.
  4. 1. What is your battletag? Laz#1914 2. What is your current HL/TL rank and MMR? What is your best HL/TL rank? Please provide a link to your HotsLogs profile. Diamond 3 in HL, TL is still placements (5-0 atm) 3. What areas of gameplay do you want to coach? (e.g. basic tactics, positioning, shotcalling, specific heroes/roles, etc.) I will be happy to be an all around coach. I feel like I can teach it all! 4. Why do you want to be a HotS coach? Why should we accept you? I feel like I am a solid player, but I have things that I can work on. Teaching others will not only help reinforce my own play, but also help to make our community stronger. 5. Do you have any previous coaching experience? I coached in LoL and WoW areans 6. Can you be patient and understanding with players of all skill levels and learning speeds? I sure can! 7. Do you understand that this is actually a difficult job to do? Yes, I do, but I am willing to help out and do what I can! 8. What days/times do you tend to be available for coaching? I tend to be on in the afternoons/nights. I have two days off a week (which changes with the nature of my job) that I normally spend all day hanging around the computer. @ASDFChampion @Gumbo037
  5. Aww, I was hoping for tips against raider post buff, haha. So much feint, so much stamina loss, so much unblockable feint parry bait.
  6. I played earlier and tried out charging a heavy as a reactive block counter. It kinda worked. I got a couple of hits off but I usually left it a little late. I'll practice a bit more but, you're right, it's possible. Yeah, I agree. The cent and PK are the main ones to watch out for but other characters with feints can always use B (or circle or the equivalent keyboard binding) then guardbreak and it'll still be pretty fast. I haven't really tested it enough to say if it's too fast or not but it would be pretty hard to react to either way. Are you sure it gives that much of a boost? Haha. It always felt like the Lv1 charge only gave about 3-5 extra damage.
  7. Damn dude, let us know if you need anything brother!
  8. holy crap! are you alright????
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  10. well the shit happened so fast no alarms no nothing power lines down everywhere house next to me just burned down hole in the middle of the road down street from my house from a power line burning so badly and 4 transforumers in my area have blown up in past hour WHAT A DAY
  11. Brooklyn 99 is a pretty funny show, three seasons on netflix. That's if you want a break from the serious shows and opt for a comedy.
  12. Streaming some Destiny PS4 if anyone wants to visit. Forgot Link:
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  14. @BrosephStahlyn when you 360 Shoot gun them to the face when u should have died lmao
  15. i might be able to play here and there, i bought it when it first came out and liked it just didnt have someone to play with
  16. Attached is a replay of a comeback. This is pretty good. Players: @SleepySheepy, @Fraejix, @Gumbo037, @Darkness, @SilentWolf251 SUPER COMEBACK.StormReplay
  17. Hi Guys, I play ARK and Lumi has joined me, fun game and the PVP is great. Our unofficial server with high rates has room for 2 more people and with Steam Summer sale, I figured I would throw it out there again that its a great game and it launches out of Beta soon and will cost 50 instead of 14.69 during the Steam summer sale. Hit me up if you want a run down on the game!
  18. To expand upon what champ said-- More games than not I end up seeing 2-2-1s or even 1-3-1s. In HoTS, you really wanna make sure you are getting all that exp from minions dying. If you can set up to push buildings, they give great exp, but of course you risk overextending and letting your flank be open to a gank. Hero kills give exp too, but not really enough that you should focus on. The largest powerspikes in the game happens with talent tiers, of course-- since there are no items in HoTS like with other mobas, you really have to watch levels for everything. Anytime you try and fight or take control of the map (either with objective control or taking mercs in a risky spot that could turn into a fight) you want to check the levels and make sure you are a talent up, or atleast not a talent down. The biggest talents to watch out for are 10, 20, and 16. 10 and 20 are normally pretty easy to follow, picking up an ult is good, and grabbing your biggest baddest talent seems okay too. but a lot of players overlook 16. most builds are done at this point, and almost every hero picks up a HUGE talent at 16 that wraps up their build. Exp is great, and the huge power spikes are really strong. but once you hit level 10, you start to do better grouping than solo soaking. A few heroes still gain things by running along solo after this point, but they are pretty few. At 10, look to group as 5 and start to fight over building, camps, and of course objectives. Looking for picks and forcing the other team out of the map becomes the main goal at this point. Don't really try to win the game until 16 or better yet 20 most of the time. The death timers just end up being too short to push core.
  19. Here is the placement and the match history for the climb
  20. Thanks HoTS! I came back to the game earlier this year. I was pretty bad. I played a few games last season, was gold 1 in solo and team league but nothing too special. Thanks to everyone here for helping me, I went 9-1 in placements today for Hero League. I could not have done it without the support and teaching I've had along the way.
  21. @Booyah We have a duo and squad team 2 solos: Me And a guest called Krumme We will form the duo team "AH" Nd same with squad.
  22. Hmm when you get back on TS I have a ideal then we can talk about .
  23. @Darkness right now only the person who made the lobby can be a spectator is the issue.
  24. If there is a spectator mode I would be happy to do it for I use to do it for tournament's in the past . @Booyah
  25. @Rebel1705 nope, but people can feel free to stream while playing, encouraged even. If I can get my computer to let me stream it, I will.
  26. I can stream and shout cast if needed . I need a heads up though so I can let my team know I will not be playing .
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