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  3. Marauder US Group

    added, look me up anytime, more are welcome
  4. New Discord Channel

    My Discord ID: Vortex#2955
  5. I love it. So, you're gonna buy one for all of us right?
  6. 0 Deaths Uther Quickmatch

    If you want some laughs, just add this replay to your pile and have fun. Try not to feel too sorry for the other team, no one forced them into QM, lol. Flawless Uther.StormReplay
  7. War Thunder General Chat

    hi guys n gals ive been playing war thunder for a few months yet no where in the game controls can i find anything about getting the chatbox up during game play and communicating with other players anyone help with this info
  8. HotS Roster

    North America Morcalivan MMorcalivan#11181 Bronze 3
  9. Max Punish List

    Muchas gracias, didn't realise lawbringers parry -> zone is actually quite helpful
  10. Max Punish List This is very very good. Has things missing from the sidebar in competitive sub reddit.
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  12. New Discord Channel

    Nope. You should be fine to join into the discord. The integration hasn't been setup yet, but for that all you will have to do is give your discord ID into the forums.
  13. New Discord Channel

    I have a different username / email address in Discord. Is that going to cause issues?
  14. Overwatch Roster!

    Vortex#1438 NA
  15. Marauder US Group

    I am usually on from around 6-10 PM CST, i am always looking to play games with guildies, post your battletag if you play in the afternoon and want to meetup on a daily basis on Discord to play some games, QM, ranked it dont matter, let us know Vortex#1438, look me up on Discord i will be in the HOTS channels, Monday to Thursday from 6-10 PM CST
  16. Marauder in game channel

    Do we have an official Marauder in game channel by any chance, if so can someone post the name so i can join, thank you
  17. New Discord Channel

    I really like this, Discord is super solid, see yall in game
  18. Nobushi Discussion

  19. Request for coaching - VIIIXI

    if you would like to just message me on discord at IamRevenant#6496 also before we start coaching I'd have to have you put in an application to become part of the marauderclan
  20. This weekend there is double soldier and double weapon xp gains in COD WW2. Great time to play the game and level up!
  21. Request for coaching - VIIIXI

    Hey @IamRevenant ive got no idea how to PM you lol
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