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  2. Looking for anime

    I have only watched Death Note (psychological), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (psychological with fight scenes and cheeky jokes) and Girls und Panzer (funny anime you don't take for serious with tanks). Hopefully helps, although unlikely.
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  4. My new kill record in squads

    Holy shit, @TheLindeN. Save some for the rest of us!
  5. Looking for anime

    I'm looking for anime like Clannad as in feelings and stuff. Can someone tell something like it? Edit: It's a pretty vague description but I'll take anything as long as it somewhat falls under that category
  6. Jester died somewhere at the beginning so i could kill some people. (He got few before he died too so we can expect him in Valhalla)
  7. K/D 43 (better than most cheaters )

    Misspelled username. Clearly a side-effect of all the hacks. Reported.
  8. Mage/Ranger for me.
  9. Marauder Team League

    I'm all for multiple play times in any given week. While it'd be nice to always have the same team, even just a 4 or 5 man of any Marauder people on voice chat would be a huge quality of life improvement over solo QM or Unranked. I suggest we set a consistent play time each week when lots of people have availability, e.g. a Fri or Sat evening. Life happens so people will make it some weeks and not others, but if we always have people gathering at the same time each week, we should be able to consistently get games going for those that are able to attend.
  10. EU4 Campain V2

    MASSIVE EUROPA UNIVERSALIS SESSION BEGINING MARCH 23rd, 5:30-8:30, EVERY FRIDAY, TO LAUNCH OFF THE START OF RULE BRITTANIA The rulings to this will be similar to last session, no GP, Near-GP, or a nation that can quickly and swiftly become a GP. Small nations, Start small, go tall. This run will emphasize on learning the new DLC mechanics, as well as the new map overhaul and system. Like previous games, player alliances are allowed, but so is PVP. so no crying if your nation get's destroyed. also no raging or giving up if you lose one war. comebacks are very possible Come rules a nation, watch it fall, watch it rise, watch it form strong bonds, This session will be a full run, are YOU gonna be the next naval super power? or the mainland revolutionary empire? YOU DECIDE! All members and non members allowed! everyone invited! Start Date: March 23rd, 5:30-8:30 Rulings: No picking great powers or borderline great powers. No custom nations. No picking a potential pu of another player (e.g don't pick Aragon if someone is playing Castille) unless both parties agree. This is both pvp and pve, anyone can be a target. Be honorable, e.g do not refuse peace requests when you are at -%100 warscore just accept the terms. Player treaties are acceptable, you may come to alternative means of peace outside the game mechanics. No Exploits, no glitches. Should you be eliminated you may swap nation, to any non great/ borderline great power. Sessions will run every Friday barring the alpacalypse, if you can not attend the ai will run your country, should the ai run your country completely into the ground fixes can be made but no minor issues will be resolved this way.
  11. Marauder Team League

    Which server? By the way, Belauldar is are trying to start something similar. Several people are in it, although there are some issues with organizing time (situated around EST afternoon)
  12. Marauder Team League

    @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Clint, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20, @StellarJ
  13. LF Team

    Looking for a team to play ranked games with on the NA side
  14. LF Marauder team

    Looking for a Marauder team to play with, i have been playing for a while so i am good to go for ranked gameplay, let me know if anybody is interested in adding me to their roster
  15. Marauder Team League

    Anybody want to start a Marauder team for league games?
  16. Darwin Project - game suggestion

    Nobody interested....i am suuuper surprised....
  17. Game Night's Logs

    Which Game was this for Game Night: For Honor How Many Players Attended: 3 Names of Attended Players(SCREENSHOTS NO LONGER ALLOWED): Nebulon, McApple, FishyPixels Duration of Game Night: ~5 hours Person in charge of said Game Night: Nebulon
  18. Daytime Team League

    going to play today if anyone is around
  19. For Honor Game Night


    sorry for asking but i cant remember the teamspeak password. Could someone remind me please? nevermind
  20. Daytime Team League

    I’mma bump this as we need a couple more still 😁👍
  21. Sparring

    I'm interested. Here is my uplay ID: McAppleJuice556 Friend inv me and we'll play whenever I can.
  22. For Honor Roster

    UPlay I.D. McAppleJuice556
  23. Darwin Project - game suggestion

    I am creating this topic to suggest a new game to be added to our list, Darwin Project by Scavengers Studio, i played both betas and it destroys everything that Fortnite and PUBG stands for, absolutely amazing gameplay and the community is superb, any chance we can add this? I will be streaming this game as well as try to recruit for the Marauders Let me know what yall think
  24. Daytime Team League

    We could still use a couple more if there is more interest. 3 of us made the first day, we had a few good games 😁👍
  25. LF Team League

    Looking for a team to play with, i am a flex player, silver atm, Vortex#1438, i am usually on from Monday to Thursday from like 6:30 PM CST to like 9:30 PM CST, let me know if anybody is interested in adding me to their roster or making a team
  26. Lookin to start a Silver/Gold Team

    let me know if we are still doing this?
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