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  2. @Juicyxeno Took you off, have fun with your cottage visit! And no worries, Real life before games always
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  5. Im currently an independent/freelance 3D animator. Just sitting hours on end on one or two animations. Oh, and playing video games.
  7. @Rebel1705 Hey could you take me off? I had an unexpected cottage visit and I won't be back home in time to participate. Thank you Rebel, and sorry that I can't make it.
  8. That it is. Strangely enough, this is the first time I've seen an update in any game that I was more than 50%-ish in agreement with. How it'll affect the meta down at my rank, I don't know, but I can't wait to see what the pros do with it!
  9. This is a MASSIVE rework of the current system...
  10. Full notes here. TL;DR: F2 users rejoice; MULEs harvest gas now; Ravens redesigned; Mothership Core is gone; Chrono Boost reverted to HotS version; Infestors can't hit air anymore; Lurker Den is its own building now. Bullet Point Notes, which are still very long: Timing This is in testing, so it'll go into that section of the client like every balance update before it. Economy Large mineral nodes have 20% more minerals in them (1500 -> 1800). Vespene geysers now have 12.5% more vespene in them (2000 -> 2250). Terran MULEs can harvest gas (10/trip), but now harvest minerals 80% as effectively (25/trip -> 20/trip). Ravens totally redesigned. Now they have a mech-disabling missile, a repair drone, and a seeker missile that does less damage but shreds armor. Widow mines are now visible while they're reloading. Ghosts now start with cloack, 66% energy (75 -> 50), and the Moebius Reactor is back on the Ghost Academy (brings their starting energy back to 75). Liberators now get vision of their liberation zone, but no longer get increased vision around themselves. Mech upgrade: Smart Servos. Makes Hellions, Hellbats, Thors, and Vikings transform faster. Does not affect Siege Tanks or Liberators. Protoss Mothership Core removed. Chrono Boost reverted to Heart of the Swarm style: costs 50 energy, lasts 10sec, doubles work rate of the target building for the duration. Mass Recall: now on the Nexus, costs 100 energy, teleports units in an area back home (but stuns them during the channel). Nexus now has a shield recharge ability. Costs energy per unit of shield restored, can target structures or units, but only within 8 range of the Nexus. Stalkers hit harder, but slower, to allow a bit more stutter-stepping. Disruptor Purification Nova now has an instant-detonation zone in the center. An enemy unit colliding with that center makes it detonate early. Cooldown and damage both reduced. Colossus does less damage to most units (12 -> 10), but more to light units (12 -> 15). Range bumped (6 -> 7, which is the range of Photon Cannons). Thermal Lance upgrade now grants an additional range. Carrier's Interceptors cost more to replace (10 -> 15 minerals) High Templars now have a tiny auto attack, so that F2+Attack Move no longer gets them obliterated as easily. Mothership now builds directly from the Nexus, no longer has Photon Overcharge, but has the same Mass Recall ability that the Nexus does. Observer: Now can enter Surveillance Mode (immobilizes it but makes it see 25% farther, so that F2+Attack Move no longer sends it to its doom). Zerg Infestor/Fungal Growth: Radius up (2 -> 2.5), no longer hits air, only slows units that aren't on creep (still roots units that are on creep). Infestor/Infested Terran: Now benefits from ranged damage and armor upgrades, does less damage to ground (8 -> 6), now has an anti-air attack (14 damage@0.95, 6 range), spawns much faster when on creep Lurkers: Lurker Den is now a separate building from Hydralisk Den (requires Hydralisk Den to create), costs about the same, has an upgrade to reduce burrow time and increase movement speed. Vipers: Parasitic Bomb no longer stacks, but base damage tripled (60 -> 180) to compensate. Overseers: Now have Oversight (same as Observer upgrade - immobilize but see 25% farther, good for F2 users). Swarm Host: moves slower when not on creep (4.13 -> 3.15), on-creep speed unchanged (5.36). @Fraejix @Mr.Ken @Nebulon @HeathCliff @Viscus1197 @guacgaming @slayforfame
  11. No worries, life takes precedence!
  12. My main right now is Ninja but is just a Rare Fleetwood Ken. Working on leveling up my Epic Soldier and Constructor which should become my main Heroes in the next couple days. So they would be what I'd be playing in survival. Enjoy using the Constructor the mose since it is a Power BASE Knox. I love making maze traps to not shoot any Husks unless I have too.
  13. I'm always up for some normals too! IGN is Temeriere315
  14. For the most part, I find that there's ambivalence on what the pillars are and how many there are. Depending on who you ask, there's either 3 or 5. And even more, some individuals define the pillars completely different. Take this example for instance: 5 Pillars of Information Security Protection Clearly define what we are protecting, how we plan to protect it and its value to the organization Detection Breaches will happen, acknowledging that no protective measure is perfect and that there are vulnerabilities not known are key to success Reaction Disaster Recovery and how you literally respond to a breach event, perhaps it's capturing an exploit in it's raw form for legal documentation Documentation Identify patterns of events and what systems they impact. This results in the ability for predicative analytics in what you should focus on in your protective measures Prevention Implementation of lessons learned and knowledge gained during a breach event to avoid repetition of the same event in the future To me, Prevention is the most important pillar. This is the pillar that focuses on education and bringing awareness to the problem. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, though. One of the biggest problems that we face today is security, and most people are worried about it. But at the same time, people are more concerned that they don't have enough time. If it takes too long, it's not worth it. That's the "modern motto" that I've noticed. This leads into an email I sent to my mom the other day. She had brought up a program that my local chamber of commerce is holding to raise security awareness to small businesses. Take a read if you're interested.
  15. I'm 3 months off of my 2 years...
  16. I weep that we let you stay around that long jk jk, We love having you here Bravo!
  17. Read it and weep boys and girls
  18. TS3 is on the phone as well, it just costs on there What was going wrong with TS3 on your laptop? if Discord can run then TS3 should be able to as well. TS3 is a lot less intensive than Discord.
  19. I can only use discord laptop wont run ts3 nor do the have the usb slots for a mic.. that's why I use discord on my phone with headphones in
  20. Here is my current base in Plankerton. It is still a work in progress but I thought I would share
  21. Congrats! Whats it mean? What did it take for you to get Honor 4?
  22. We've tried it. Doesn't actually work Now, if you want to join a discord with them and convince them that we are worth the 1 minute to download and join in TS3, then feel free. If they aren't willing to spend a minute to get teamspeak, then I don't think they are going to want to join the clan.
  23. Our next member is myself! @jester85 CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WHILE ARMED RIBBON TheLinden was being chased on the catwalk in top of factory. I was on same catwalk the enemy was punching me through linden and lindens name display was mixed with the enemy. So I swung with a scythe Linden was knocked down and the enemy then finished me with another punch to the upper body. For downing TheLinden in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir Jester85 of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON (Awarded for friendly fire death due to physically hitting with a melee weapon)
  24. Thanks for keeping track of that Fishy! Thanks for the update Rider! Hope the house is remodeling without too much incident. Do you have pictures of the remodel? Hope to see you soon!
  25. Information Assurance, also known as Computer Security, has five pillars that is believed to keep your information and computer safe as long as all are being used. Confidentiality Only those who need so see the information can see it Integrity Both the Data (the information itself), and the source/origin (where the information came from) are correct. Availability The information is easily available to those who are set to be able to see it Non-repudiation Those who did something cannot say they didn't Authentication Confirm the identity of those and setting what they should be able to do What do you Marauders think? Should there be more points added to this list? Should points be removed? Also, anyone who wants to add more information to these points feel free. I am looking for a good discussion over this topic. @Booyah @Zero @Trojan404 @Roughknite @Darkness @Rider
  26. Sorry I couldn't be there cause I had some health problems :c
  27. So we're back with another god discussion and this time, you guys voted for Loki! So, like the last 2 god discussions, you can talk about opinions, builds, strategies, match-ups, pair-ups, funny things you can do or even skin concepts. Anything goes as long as it relates to Loki! Hack, you can even talk about how Loki's real lore matches to the one Smite has made for him. Have fun everyone! @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @Skazka, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @SilentWolf251, @Progenetor_li, @HolyElmo, @aipsylon, @slipperybanana, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @herostyle, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @dyl4n93, @OriginalJoker, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Verticom121, @DatDivine, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango
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