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  2. revoking does seem fun
  3. No you'll revoke the privilege and get 30 Vassals, by 1799 you'll have conquered the world. 😙
  4. selling my acc for 60 , got it when the game first came out and played for abit but havent had time for it and well wouldnt be playing it when destiny comes out so wondering if any1 is interest in buying it
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    @Trojan404 took minutes
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    @Fraejix do we have meeting minutes posted somewhere? Don't see any
  8. woh woh woh venice, calm your shit or maybe i'll just make a PU swarm instead of a dutch nation
  9. Battletag: Hellraiser#12352 Player Name: Hellraiser Region: NA
  10. Give me some time to eat Scotland and England then maybe I can help
  11. The Blob can't blob this game. 😀
  12. Support me in dismantling the HRE and I promise Gumbo dies
  13. If you'll support me and Scotland against England I'll support you should your vassals start getting uppity again
  14. you are 100 percent a-fucking-right
  15. I'm not drunk I swear! I believe your exact words were "Fuck you Castille!"
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    i'm at work i can't
  17. -northern island neighbour is a drunk building up an army- -southern neighbour is a pasta-loving canal-boating empire eating at the turks- meanwhile i'm dealing with one of my own subjects being a rebellious asshole, and not only that, my strongest one, which seriously puts me at risk... goddamn spanish bastards supporting independnce
  18. You're both south of me and shhhhhhh you started with good development
  19. @HawkEyeT @Fraejix @Trojan404
  20. OK so I just want to check and see if Fornite PVE is officially no longer supported by this clan. I ask since there are never any leaders or other players other than me & Wulf. Other new players that I have tried to recruit have come and gone since they do not seeing anyone on.
  21. Actually everyone left Fortnite WAYYYYY before PVP came out. Also Fornite has not switched to PVP they have added PVP but the PVE is still alive and well with new stuff coming out all the time. Them leaving had nothing to do with PVP just they burned themselves out or whined about not getting things they wanted from RANDOM lamas. Lvled to a point were very few players were so had no one to play with. I have stuck with the game and have no issues at lvl 62 getting pug's to play with at higher lvls now since most have caught up. People leaving sucks since I only joined this clan because of the fornite player base & it seemed like over night all the top players bailed. Leaving the rest of us hanging. But if you want players to play with just add me HawkEyeT I'm stil on all the time just not here on teamspeak since its dead.
  22. Name: 1 Category: Misc. Games Date Added: 2017-10-22 Submitter: Nebula 1
  23. im sorry, im confused, what exactly am i putting into the unique id? Edit: sorry i figured it out
  24. *only one of us is a Southern European* *has the highest developement of all of us* The best defence is a good offence
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    Sorry, didn't know about it. Was picking up my son from my mom's house.
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