[Paragon] Patch Night!



This event repeats every week on Tuesday forever

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New patches for Paragon are pushed out every Tuesday. This can mean anything from new hero releases to balance changes to new content.

Our "Patch Nights" occur informally on Tuesday evenings on TeamSpeak. We group up to test new heroes and spend time discussing current and upcoming gameplay changes with our fellow members and our knowledgeable coaches.

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This is our game night we chose Tuesday as it is patch day to discuss changes, learn new hero balances, and discover any new advantages to win.  We can't schedule a Time for EU and NA so lets say this whatever time zone your in try to make it 5-9pm. Thx 

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Huh ok well weekends would have been better on my end because I mostly only have time on weekends compared to midweek.

But I'm happy anyway we got a day for this now^^

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